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Allan Mcgregor "i'm Here For Life"


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ALLAN McGREGOR signed his bumper new Rangers contract yesterday - and vowed to end his career at Ibrox.

As SunSport revealed exclusively yesterday the Scotland keeper has sealed a six-year deal worth a cool £26,000 a week.

And Gregsy, 29, said: "I feel part of Rangers and I hope I can end my career here. I just want to do the best for Rangers and I'm delighted to sign.

"It would be weird to play for someone else and it is not going to happen now.

"Everybody is different and other players have made decisions they think is best for them.

"I just didn't think moving was for me. Rangers wanted me to stay and I'm happy.

"I hope this is not my last Rangers contract. Hopefully I can stay even longer. It is a long deal and I'm happy with that.

"Craig Whyte made me feel wanted and his feelings were clear.

"I'm just delighted. We've obviously talked for a while and now it's done.

"Stuff was said about various other clubs being interested in me, but I didn't know if it was true.

"But I've always made it clear I wanted to stay, I never really thought about leaving.

"I've been here for 13 or 14 years now and I always wanted to stay."


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For me this guy is almost up their with the greatest players we've ever had.

If he continues to perform to a similar level for the next 5 or 6 years he has to be considered one of the greatest Rangers ever.

EDIT: I never gave this guy much of a chance at first, before I was even on here.

Not that it would matter to him or anyone on here but he's proved me wrong.

The greatest Rangers I can think of made careers out of doing just that.

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Gd to read, fantastic keeper and one of the key players that won us the league. Im not saying it was just a few players that won us the league tho the whole team did, however, it was his penalty save from samaras that kept us in the title race. He will become an absolute legend if he's not already.

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Just think we how differently things could have went for him if Le Guen had been in charge for longer.

Thank fuck PLG went.

Now Greggs is on course to be a Rangers legend, maybe already in a lot of peoples eyes.

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One of the very best keepers in the world and I don't say this lightly but Allan McGregor can go on to become our greatest ever goalkeeper if he can maintain the form he has shown the last few seasons. :clap:

Can't speak highly enough of the guy and I hope Ally makes him captain of the club he clearly loves this season.

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