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Fabregas Makes Pro-catalan Independence Statement.


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And he's only been at the Barcelona Corinthians of Parkhead five minutes :pipe:


Seriously though, footballers need to think twice before wearing something a fan throws at them. Abbiati was wearing a very dodgy, Nazi-style Aryan rune flag when Milan won the league.

EDIT: Who changed Sellick to Corinthians on the word filter? :lol:

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I always thought that Milan were the left wing club with Inter being of the right?

Traditionally yes but remember who their owner is. And it's Italy. Any support is going to have some groups of a fascist bent. Hellas Verona have a traditionally right wing support with some really far-right fascist groups but they also have left wing supporters groups too.

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Player from Catalonia in Catalonia flag shocker!

It's not just a Catalonia flag, it's a Catalan separatist flag. It's not an official flag of the region, it's a political symbol. He apologised on twitter and said he didn't realise.

The thread was tongue in cheek anyway, I have no view on Catalan nationalism either way, and I like Barcelona.

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