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Favorite rangers eleven


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Pick your favorite eleven but with a twist, you can only pick players that you can remember playing for rangers, for example I cant pick laudrup because I was too young

Mines is;


Ricksen Amoruso D.Wilson Papac. De Boer Davis Ferguson

Mols Boyd Albertz

Some of these guys like Albertz and De Boer I can only vaguely remember...This isn't the best players I can remember there merely just my favorites, no doubt I've forgotten some but hey ho it's hard to think at 10 am, Sorry if I make a few of you feel old!

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I know this may seem strange, but for me it will always be.....................


Shearer Caldow

Greig MacKinnon Baxter

Henderson MacMillan Millar Brand Wilson

Ditto! ( surprise surprise eh?.....haha)

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Cuellar Weir Gough

Reyna Gazza Ferguson Albertz


Boyd McCoist

Feel like I'm missing someone out but not sure who. If I'd picked a 4-4-2 then right back would have been a struggle and I'd probably have went for Cleland, left back would have been a toss up between Numan and Robertson, another couple of subs would be McGregor, Davis, McCann.

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Stevens Gough Butcher Numan

Steven Gazza Albertz


McCoist Hateley






Cooper(was my favourite as a kid but as i was born in 79 i can vaguely remember him in a gers top can more mind him in a well top)


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