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Interview with Charles Green

The Dude

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im all in with this guy, he might not invest as much as fans would maybe want him too or release as much transfer money as we may want or even hold onto as many players as we need but at the end of the day this guy if the CVA is accepted will get us back on our feet financially which is The Most Important factor in this saga !

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Just watched the interview, and as someone who was willing from the start to give Charles G a chance to prove himself, he has just made me feel even more happy with what he is trying to do.

I just do not believe that he will be 'White mark II'. If White had been buying Rangers from the administrators, he would have been found out I am sure. I can also understand why many fans do not feel that they can trust anyone after what we have all gone through over the last few months.

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I like this guy and his interviews and doesnt shy away from any questions gives me confidence

he has come in and been committed and always positive.

He says it how it is in a true yorkshiremans style and pity he wasnt around our club sooner for me.

If he does the Ronseal advert says what he does on the tin and leaves ibrox as a saviour

and puts our club in a better place thats all we all want .

If he leaves with respect and as much a part of saving an institution on his cv .

Then that is a result for us and him.

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I can understand peoples mistrust and apprehension after what's happened in the last year. What I don't understand is the hatred and vitriol directed towards Green by people mostly on another forum to be fair. This fans representation on the board thing has seems to have blinded many to the situation we find ourselves in. Wherever Dave King is coming from I cannot see what opposing the CVA and not buying season tickets can possibly achieve.

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