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Scotland tonight special - Rangers: the downfall


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It was cracking (tu)

i just never seen that way mate.They editor showed as much footage of Beggars glory days than ours and for me they must of looked out some of that footage to embarress us ..... ie the fans talking about not signing a tim

the chat has been bit better..

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She's a bit of a honey.

What she said was right technically though.

Acht she's no bad, for me its just the way she's putting her points across she seems to be fairly happy with the situation. To be honest im probably just on the defensive with this programme from the off because the motives are clear, rake up the muck exploit our grief and cast shadows on our future.

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What did he say?

He touched on Walter and his backers not wanting to be stained as the people to bring on liquidation as a possible reason for the lateness of the bid and was also talking about the Ian Harte situation.

Things that are public knowledge/popular opinion but as soon as he started talking about them they sounded like the kind of bits of info I keep hold of to pass off in conversations from the likes of here.

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Are jhournos educated at the same universities as the rest of the professional workforce?

McKay and every other jhourno seem adamant that the timeline has stopped and a new one has started.

Are they thick?

In one sentence they say the 'club' has died, yet the in the be next they say rangers must be punished for the disrepute charge and possible dual contracts. U can't have it bOth ways, we are either the same club with its possible punishments to face or we are a new&different club that Is free from punishment from its old crimes.

The media has the club dead but the new club has to live with the old clubs misdemeanours

#Cake and eating it

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Glad Chris Graham's there to remind them that Rangers haven't been found guilty of breaking rules regarding contracts. Some are keen to shoot first, ask questions later.

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