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The '35' - A Celtic Fantasy


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I don't know if the '35' fantasy has been addressed on RM, but it has been raised by Celtic Fans on the other Forums I use, New-606, NOT-606 and AVillaFan. This has been my response on all three :

Ha!!! - the '35' fantasy again.

It comes from a cut and paste job from the FTTT document, used by the media, as this Celtic Fan 'Edgie' admitted on New-606 :

As to the 35 if thats the case serves me right for listing to radio clydes new at 5 pm on Tuesday

for that i appoligise

not for anything else though

Here is the '35', in all its glory :


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I'm expecting any day now to read a post on here along the lines of 'Rangers started the 2nd World War - Fact!!'

Here's me thinking it was all down to Hitler's Nazi's invading Poland and it turns out it was all down to our club.

Thanks for clearing that up. what about the WW1 did we start that was well.

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In the early days of reporting on the FTTT decision, their was a excerpt going around that indicated there were 35 people who required to pay tax, this fgure was taken from a poorly editied copy of the written decision, where the paragraph number actually ended up in the body of text.

This figure of 35 has actually been thrown at me on twitter in the past few days, I take great delight in setting them straight

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