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Lennon abused by The Sheep


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Celtic boss Lennon suffers spitting and coin-throwing, says agent

Neil Lennon was spat at, had coins thrown at him and was the subject of verbal abuse at Tynecastle, according to the Celtic manager's agent.

Lennon was watching Aberdeen's League Cup semi-final victory over St Johnstone and had to leave the game early, Martin Reilly told BBC Scotland.

He said: "I'm absolutely raging about the treatment of Neil, about the stewarding and the fans' behaviour.

"It's scandalous that Neil is treated like this."

Reilly said that Lennon and Celtic coach Gary Parker had to leave their seats in the main stand after 70 minutes of the game.

During the match, which Aberdeen won 4-0, play was held up briefly as two young supporters ran on to the park and got to the technical area, where Lennon was infamously attacked by a Hearts fan in 2011, before being apprehended by police and stewards.

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BBC are appalled, Odious at his very best.

"Appart from the Shearer incident lennon attracted no controversy in his career until he pulled on the tic jersey".

"The top that symbolises Irish Catholicism (sic)"

This cunt & his team do more to stir up what they joyfully refer too as bigotry than even the eternal downtrodden hypocrite Lhennon himself

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.did the same not happen to PLG when he had just taken over at Ibrox and visited Tynecastle?

That was scum fans and they spat on him, followed him to the car, gave him (misinformed) sectarian abuse and urinated on his car when he was in it.

However, Scotland has a conscience now and the previous incident involving LeGuen was "just banter".

The Twitter Bigoratti are proclaiming it as "anti-Irish racism" and "anti-Catholic sectarianism", despite the complete and utter lack of any evidence to support such a proposition.

If they see bigotry everywhere, even where it's absent, then perhaps the bigotry is in their own minds and they're merely projecting it onto a scenario involving crass neddery on both sides..

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I heard he started it when he couldn't handle the banter and threatened one of them. Apparently he was asked to leave.

Not how his agent tells it,

I'm no expert but the "Irish Gaelic" the bheasts use,

Does fact, usually presented as "Rangers died FACT !! " translate to fiction ?

Just about everything that comes out of that place referred to as a fact, is actually fiction in the real world.

I typed celtic park into Google Translate, came back as "Deluded Bubble"

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