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A temple of football


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I am afraid all we are left with are memories, some good, some bad and some funny.

The whole fabric of our club has been destroyed by those that are within and by those who have always wanted us destroyed.

Never in my time of following our great club has there been a need to adopt a Seige Mentality as we did in years gone by, now we are not even a shadow of the team we were,or club that was respected for our stature and credibility, in Europe and Worldwide.

The highlight of Sunday's game was seeing John Greig on the big screens, how we could do with 11 like him in the team now, the way we are now has the same feeling of the passing of an old friend.


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The glory days will return but I fear not in my lifetime, seen many wonderful and gifted players grace the hallowed turf from the wee prime minister to gazza!! And Henderson to Laudrup. My biggest fear is that during these dark days for us as Rangers fans is that we as a support tear ourselves apart, yes we have our opinions but infighting only helps the people who would dearly love to see our club be no more. As Rangers fans we must not allow this to happen.

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Nights like that will stay with you till you die. Despite the recent bad times we're still some of the luckiest fans in the world, in any sport. Just makes you pray for the day we'll be back in Europe, playing the elite and watching guys like Mols do the incredible at our famous old stadium. Still gives me strength when things like the Hearts game at the weekend happen.

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