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Rangers 5 A Side Team

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A bit of fun on a Saturday night. ?

Please pick your favourite 5 a side team, choosing players that have played for Rangers during your lifetime only. I was born in 86, so i will only be allowed players since the date in 86 i was born. So 5 players and manager. You can pick any amount of players from any position. Have 5 GKs if you want!!!?

Heres mine


Weir ©

Gazza Albertz


Manager - Walter Smith

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5 A Side is made for skillfull players with excellent close control so the likes of

Laudrup, Mols, De Boer, Gazza, Baxter, Henderson & Cooper would be ideal no way would Weir, Gough etc.. stand a chance.


Gazza Baxter Cooper


edit... didn't read the during my liftime so since 1993


Gazza De Boer Laudrup


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No GK, just J Thern as a sweeper quarterbacking shit from the back

Dale Gordan & mark Walters on the wings interchanging and ripping the piss out anyone who came near them

Gazza , enough said

Coisty , goals

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Cooper Laudrup


Mark Walters was amazing in the masters but this is my winning team.

Chose Numan for his pace and distribution, Coops and Laudrup for flair and skill and Super Ally for his finishing instinct, the goalie doesn't need any explanation.

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Funnily enough me and my mates were talking about this the other day because of this article


It was the Amsterdam Sony sixes, can't remember the Rangers team we entered though other than the players listed in the article.

The tournament rules were insane.

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