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Underrated Epl Players

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Following on from the overrated players thread, is there any players you see something in that nobody else seems to pick up on, or maybe they do but just not enough credit in your opinion.

For me, although he is recognised as a good defender I don't think Gary Cahill gets the recognition he deserves. For me he's a carbon copy of John Terry who is the best CB of my generation. An absolute warrior and has moulded that and most of his game into Cahill. Superb player.

Tom Huddlestone is another, his passing range is absolutely ridiculous. Up there with Carrick, just below Gerrards. His technique when hitting a call is beautiful. He can shoot and he's a physical presence. Too good for a team like Hull that's for sure.

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Do Zabaleta and ivanovic fit the description. 2 great players who I feel don't get they credit they probably deserve.

Yes ? although in my opinion this would have been the case 2 seasons ago. Recently however a feel both have got the recognition they deserve. The 2 most highly rated RB's in the league and deservedly so, Ivanovic is a fantastic player. Infact the full Chelsea back 5 is unbelievable.

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Kolarov - dependable and astute both attackingly and defensively. Vital cog in the City machine for a while now.

Milner - shrewd signing for Liverpool. Usually plays to a good level and a pretty rounded player. As dependable as they come in the EPL.

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barkley under rated??????? all the slabbering press do is hype him up, and he's shite tbh

IMO Sterling isn't much better and he gets hyped up to fuck, teams spending fckn £50m on him and everything, Barkley rarely gets mentioned and is IMO one of the most promising young players in England.

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