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Which of our world records make u most proud?

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5 hours ago, Heshootshescores said:

No team have defeated the bheasts more. 

Glasgow Rangers tim slayers. 

Like this one. What also makes me chuckle is I reckon I've seen them over 50 times live. Which is probably a lot more than a lot of the self proclaimed mhankies. ?

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9 hours ago, Queen's_highway said:

All of them. Hear that ya fenian rats. Our history is record after record.

Yours is nazi sympathisers,  child molesters, sister fucking ,being tramps, yellow teeth, etc



9 hours ago, ger4life_1872 said:

Fuck the pope 


And the IRA :wink:

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8 minutes ago, CF2 WINNIE said:

Should still be a policy to this day, I mean take Ian black for example, 

Or gattuso,porrini,amoruso,cannigia, amato, negri etc 

Bit daft to think that way

I get what you're saying, but there's a difference with being baptised a Catholic or being a mhanky fenian. How many tarriers actually believe in God and go to chapel. I'd say less than 1%

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53 minutes ago, scottyscott1963 said:

The fact that we are everything they are not and want absolutely fucking nothing they have :uk: 

Have to agree.


And the fact they want what we have meanwhile we care very little about them.  A wee brother complex at its best

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