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Nintendo Switch

Brian Fantana

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On 21/10/2016 at 11:36 AM, maverick1200 said:

I disagree with you both, i think they will do very well out of this. Plus it isn't remote play, the cartridge is in the tablet.

Plus if Nintendo went bust who would Sony copy then?


This is Nintendo's last console I assume if it flops.

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I wish Nintendo patched console gaming and switched to software on Sony / Microsoft's consoles and solely handheld stuff.

The Switch is a load of fucking shite and will be a flop like the Wii U. Can't believe these fannies didn't make it backwards compatible with anything. 

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22 hours ago, teddybears1872 said:

My first ever console was Nintendo,I have purchased every nintendo gen console since, Really not sure about switch, As apart from Mario Kart and a couple other games On WiiU, It was a flop, I will most likely buy the switch tho. 

From what I've read I'll no doubt get the switch. 

I have a pc so a Nintendo console normally compliments it. 

I luckily missed the wii u as I bought a 3ds instead, hopefully Nintendo learn from their mistakes of the wii u and get 3rd party support. 

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Nintendo should stick to handheld consoles as the my son has the 3dsXL and its a great console. He has  Super Mario 2 , Mario 3ds, and Mario kart 7 which are all fantastic games.


They should then sign a deal with Microsoft for exclusive rights to games,. That would sicken Sony ?

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