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Ruchazie Loyalists


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3 hours ago, tannerall said:

Ruchazie is the no-man's land that separates Queenslie, Garthamlock and Cranhill from the rest of Glasgow.


Brings back memories.That picture looks mid 60's. Craigend not built until 69/70 and still greenfields.Monkland canal where the M8 is now. 

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5 minutes ago, Louden_Greg said:

High end or lowend is the question ?

Upper Ruchazie however sounds like the typa wee place somewhere with rows of houses like Ramsey Street in Neighbours with peacocks out the front the lot

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1 minute ago, Louden_Greg said:

The low end is the nicer bit eh? Can't remember where the cobby is but heard it in the distant past ?

When I lived there the entire place was rough, lots of alcoholics and junkies, but they have regenerated the area and I think it's a lot better.

The cobby and high end were close together and only separated by a road. The Catholic school and chapel were up that end. 

The proper school was in the low end.

I loved growing up in Ruchazie.

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1 minute ago, Prso's headband said:

Our buses flag mate:lol: Well worth how much we paid for it considering it was done on the day we voted No to go to George Square that night:lol:

Funny as fuck one of lads was up earlier showing me the videos of them going fucking nuts at them.

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