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Barrie McKay, Joe Garner and Mark Warburton Post-Match Interviews and Reaction


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On 11/12/2016 at 0:06 AM, A.T.G said:

:lol: Garner can't be fucked wi that shite, felt like he just wanted to say

"mate, I can't be fooked wi this shite"

Those interviews were both examples of " who drew the short straw". I am sure they stopped wee bazs cause some body took pity on him 

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9 hours ago, Essandoh said:

Barrie McKay is the most nervous public speaker I've ever seen :lol: 


Shite the mhedia print about us up here,

I would send him out every week for the pressers,

tell the cunts it’s no changing until they learn to write a balanced article 

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19 hours ago, MaestroNiko said:

Mckay sounds like a wee ned you'd find on the street, but glad hes playing well

You've never actually spoken to a Ned have you?

If I spoke like that amongst my group of pals when I was in my teens I'd have got slagged rotten for talking like a mad poof :lol:

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