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  1. I backed Crolla but Linares was good value...even looking at records Linares was good odds - he's fought world class opponents....
  2. Barton certaintly wasn't stand out today, looked abit short of fitness to me and altho not renowned for pace thought he looked slow
  3. We won't play a team as good as burnley this season...premier league side we were always going to get exposed by the better quality
  4. Refund is cash - its a great offer!
  5. There are methods for locking profit, or obtaining refunds from accas....most of money (for me anyway) comes through freebets - there are literally loads of free bet offers each week between all the, every day horse racing refunds for 2nd place are available, plus first goalscorer refunds...I use profit accumulator, although there's a number of similar sites offering same, it has a great forum updating offers daily and answering queries etc and videos showing exactly how to do each type of current target is 100 a week, at 40 so far this week, but hoping to increase profits once I get the hang of sounds too good to be true but mb is easy money!
  6. Yeah looks good...PA has worked for me anyway def a good way to make easy money!
  7. cheers for above...looks like some useful offers on there, profit accumulator is designed i guess for people who know nothing about match betting - eg it shows you step by step how much you have to lay off on a market to ensure you always gain a profit...easy to mess up if u don't know what you're doing
  8. I didn't know anything matched betting before i started a couple of months ago, started doing it after signing up to a online website called profit accumulator. basically shows you how to win money by laying off the money from free bets on betfair...if anyones interested here's a link to it...
  9. Anyone do Matched Betting full time? I've been doing it for past 2 months made over £500 - know a few people who do it full time making good money
  10. No from me...the facts read: 2nd highest wage bill in Scottish football - should equate to 2nd best team in scottish football given the gulf in wages we're giving players...even compared to Dundee Utd/Aberdeen - not good enpugh! Sick of hearing shite about transfer embargo's...backroom board struggles as excuses - not good enough! McCoist might see himself as the football expert, but ffs - signing Black? Shiels, even Templeton - fair enough if those signings were made this close season then fair enough as championship will be competitive...but if if he signed them on the basis of winning a cup he's failed - pure and simple! That said...Super will always be a legend at the club - just maybe not as management material
  11. Dave King has shown absoultely nothing to suggest he'd be good for Rangers and turn around our fortunes...all he's done is broaden the deep divisions which lie within our own support - which I think ultimately could lead us into Admin again... Every supporter, in my view, should get behind Wallace and support the club - his plan is the only plan on the table...
  12. Surely there is a goal machine in the youth ranks or in the Divisions below the Premiership we can buy...Boyd is a backward step, undoubtedly their is talent of Boyd's level (is. goal poachers, right place right time) a club Rangers are not finding it or giving the talent the opportunity to shine
  13. I've got unwavering believe that Barry Ferguson, if he sets his mind to it, will be a great manager -anything can be taught//trained (Mourinho wasn't born a great manager nor was fergie or Walter ) - he attained that winners mentality going through the ranks at Rangers and one day he will be manager because that's his vision. For Ally its come too soon; circumstances have dictated that - but just watching him on 'Goals on Sunday' pre the Raith game he striked me as someone who was not comfortable/confident...McCoist is undoubtedly a winner, but his self doubt is evident, it is the wrong time for him as a manager experience wise but that said I still think he'll find a way to get the doubters on board - its ultimately what winners do, what they thrive on!..Keep Believing
  14. Cheers for the replies chaps, The White Bear looks like a good bet!'s hoping the game makes for good viewing - not confident though!