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  1. First time I’ve tried it so I’ll keep that in mind , try and sneak on a few bottles of wine
  2. Hope so, it’s got a fucking casino on the boat, I’ll have no money left by time we get to Rotterdam 🙈
  3. 3 of us just booked the overnight ferry from hull, leave Wednesday night get in to Rotterdam at 8 Thursday morning and back the next night, £45 pound each return and get a 4 berth cabin, fuckin bargain
  4. It’s not hard for you to understand because you have just decide thats what the rules are. The problem is everyone’s interpretation of this will be different so it has to be clear to all and should be clarified by the accusers (uefa/fare). If you don’t know the rules you can’t play by them
  5. There has been no trial, no evidence made available, no judge, no appeal, no guidelines of non acceptable songs, no lawyers and no fucking justice system, FARE is clearly run by those who wish our club and our kind harm and it is nothing short of corruption that these action are allowed to continue, there is something deeply sinister at work here and unfortunately the men at the top of our club are not will to fight, well we should raise money and hire lawyers ourselves (re Rangers fans fighting fund), we need to stop this in its track because there aim is to destroy us
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