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  1. Went in about 6 after the game on Sunday and was bouncing, great atmosphere and decent price for a pint, town has been lacking a bar like this, hopefully does well
  2. St Johnstone for me , had Ross county and Livingston already so that will be me till next season
  3. Was thinking of doing this and thought it would be 5-10 pound to get in. No chance I’m spending that.
  4. WATP81

    Liking posts

    Ok thanks mate, that makes sense, how many posts do you need ?
  5. WATP81

    Liking posts

    I can’t seem to like post, I asked a couple of weeks ago and someone said to press thumbs up at the bottom of the post but I don’t have that, any help would be great, thanks
  6. How do u like something on this site canny work it out?
  7. I got Ross county, now had Livingston so I’m on 2
  8. First time I’ve tried it so I’ll keep that in mind , try and sneak on a few bottles of wine
  9. Hope so, it’s got a fucking casino on the boat, I’ll have no money left by time we get to Rotterdam 🙈
  10. 3 of us just booked the overnight ferry from hull, leave Wednesday night get in to Rotterdam at 8 Thursday morning and back the next night, £45 pound each return and get a 4 berth cabin, fuckin bargain
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