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  1. Great to hear this from club 1872, the majority of press in this country are in the gutter, no interest in the truth or any kind of balanced objective opinion, doesn’t matter if it’s true just want a sensational headline or a story that will suit there bias agenda, shower of self righteous, hypocritical cunts
  2. Rod Mackenzie the leagl counsel to the SPFL is a co founder of Harper McLeod who are also celtic lawyers, if that is not a conflict of interest i don’t know what is, no wonder it has ended up this way. Fucking usual Shit show
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    I disagree, time and again too many of these players haven’t shown any of these qualities on a consistent basis or shown enough of them compared to our teams of the past and it’s happened far to often now to say they are at a standard that’s required.
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    I agree but the only problem is it’s to late for this team as all the things that we expect a Rangers player to have like passion, determination, ambition, work ethic are not things that can be taugh you’ve either got them or you don’t and this current team just don’t have it.
  5. Only people buying this shit will be obsessed tarriers, can’t see any Rangers fans giving that scumbag anymore money
  6. Because they a brought up to defend there institutions no matter how horrific the crimes levelled against it and always play the eternal victim no matter the evidence to the contrary. Even the ones not brought up in there cult are now running scared of them as if they cause them any offence they are attacked from all levels, easier to ignore things and have any easy life. Fucking spineless the lot of them
  7. Went in about 6 after the game on Sunday and was bouncing, great atmosphere and decent price for a pint, town has been lacking a bar like this, hopefully does well
  8. St Johnstone for me , had Ross county and Livingston already so that will be me till next season
  9. Was thinking of doing this and thought it would be 5-10 pound to get in. No chance I’m spending that.
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    Liking posts

    Ok thanks mate, that makes sense, how many posts do you need ?
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    Liking posts

    I can’t seem to like post, I asked a couple of weeks ago and someone said to press thumbs up at the bottom of the post but I don’t have that, any help would be great, thanks
  12. How do u like something on this site canny work it out?
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