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  1. The way BT said it looks like Butcher & Mutton are going to be part of the commentary
  2. Same here
  3. Combate reporting Anderson Silva has agreed to fight Daniel Cormier at UFC 200
  4. Have to admit I didn't see that happening
  5. He deserved that for the you can't hit me chat
  6. Kevin Casey, Ali's son-in-law on now. Respect for that
  7. I'd try & find it if I was you, they landed over 200 strikes between them
  8. This first fight pass prelim has been a belter so far
  9. Turns out they've got some of the families from the Hillsbororough disaster at the game this week again and the club are promoting the fact. Maybe they'd like to comment on this as well??
  10. I don't think the roads around Ibrox are closed or tomorrow as thats when the main race is, it appears to only be around Glasgow Green thats affected today
  11. It's repeated on alba at 2240 tonight & will prob be on iplayer as well
  12. It's already started, stuck with Clyde 1 on in work earlier & they had already dragged that old duffer Bertie Auld out to talk about it, I'm not looking forward to the next 2 months
  13. I personally think it's a load of rubbish but they said that Rangers were looking into it. Apparently tickets were sold for seats reserved for season tickets but I think we'd have heard before now if that was the case
  14. Just heard the sports news there & snyde are saying fans are reporting seats being double booked at games. Anyone here had any experience of this?
  15. It's not live, these were played this morning our time