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  1. The ref sent mcinnes off for the same gesture, don't see how the SFA can let brown off with it. We know they will though.
  2. Lying comes naturally to them
  3. We don't even dish it back out and look at the amount of reds we get ­čĄú we will be having our games abandoned and losing 3 nil by default if we try to get away with what the opposition does
  4. We have alot to blame ourselves for this season, I don't doubt that at all. However you have to consider the officiating. When the refs have howlers in our games it tends to cost us points, when the refs have howlers in the tim games, it tends to help them gain points. Numerous examples of this so far this season. Again I'm not excusing our own shortfalls, I'm just saying officiating has also affected the points gap between us and them.
  5. Mad how morelos is fair game to be kicked and fouled all day, but he touches someone and it's a foul.
  6. Foul anywhere else on the park but his dramatics got him the yellow.
  7. Hasn't their been 2 sets of away fans in that section since we were there? Also I was up at pittodrie 2 years ago and my seat snapped when I leaned against it, not the sturdiest up there ­čĄö
  8. They've played an absolute blinder with the referees. Now at the stage where they are terrified to give anything against celtic. Job done.
  9. Another campaign against referees that has worked perfectly for them. Our number one and top scorer banned, whilst they can do as they please.
  10. For a Rangers fan he doesn't half act the tarrier
  11. He didn't fuck up, he knows exactly what he's doing when it comes to us. Always has.
  12. The media narrative has been set. Reason has no place in the process, Morelos must be banned regardless.
  13. The fact whittakers wean is a celtic fan says it all about him.
  14. Can't believe McCann has used the player being left footed as justification for why it should be a yellow.
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