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  1. I’m confident we will win , I’m not confident we will come away without injuries to key players as they will be kicking us off the park from the first whistle and allowed to do so.
  2. Is it just me or is December always our toughest month fixture wise ?
  3. Never a penalty to get them back in the game, edouard on his way down before the goalie has got to him. They always get those when it matters.
  4. Tbf if youre wearing "save the children" on your top, it would be pretty hypocritical to applaud a club who operated a paedophile ring onto the park.
  5. Said to the guy next to me in the pub that Collum is fully aware of the importance of the game for killie in contrast to Rangers and his refereeing certainly reflected that. Very inconsistent with the big decisions going against us again. Dont even get me started on the morelos yellow 😂
  6. A wee reminder that its not just celtic we are up against next season.
  7. Seen him in the SECC a few months ago, went up to shake his hand but noticed last minute he was being interviewed so didn't want to interrupt. He, like Ricksen, has been incredibly brave in taking the illness head on and trying to be positive. True inspirations.
  8. Thought we looked better than them. Very unlucky to go 2 down but done brilliant to get level with 2 belters from middleton. That free kick that led to their goal was a shambles. Penalised for being stronger than his opponent.
  9. There was no chance Collum was going off script and giving killie a penalty on Billy McNeill day
  10. The ref sent mcinnes off for the same gesture, don't see how the SFA can let brown off with it. We know they will though.
  11. Lying comes naturally to them
  12. We don't even dish it back out and look at the amount of reds we get 🤣 we will be having our games abandoned and losing 3 nil by default if we try to get away with what the opposition does
  13. We have alot to blame ourselves for this season, I don't doubt that at all. However you have to consider the officiating. When the refs have howlers in our games it tends to cost us points, when the refs have howlers in the tim games, it tends to help them gain points. Numerous examples of this so far this season. Again I'm not excusing our own shortfalls, I'm just saying officiating has also affected the points gap between us and them.
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