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  1. Christiano Kisuka is now a personal trainer. Only realised this week when a lassy I know put up an Instagram post about his PT work
  2. A referee basically saying this season is going to be officiated with 10 in a row in mind. Only in Scotland.
  3. I’m going for ignoring a stonewall penalty for us then gifting Aberdeen one for fuck all.
  4. Apparently they can do what they want so expect the worst. Nothing would shock me anymore
  5. Surely if there was nothing in it the club would’ve already came out and denied this ? It’s a very serious allegation to suggest we’ve broke Covid rules. Our silence is making me worry.
  6. Surely we haven’t been that daft. But if we have then that’s very fucking stupid.
  7. I don’t think it’s wrong to say our players are making a cunt of it with petulant behaviour on a regular basis under Gerrard. I’m the first to say I believe our players are unfairly singled out, but some of the stuff they do when they know this is just daft.
  8. We can’t afford another season of poor discipline. Absolute shambles that we’ve played one friendly and it looks like we will have our first suspension of the season for the opening day. Fine Kent a weeks wages and lay down the law straight away. Some of our players act like petulant children and will cost us massively.
  9. Available to play Nice tomorrow so no doubt that makes him more likely to get a domestic ban.
  10. I never considered that referees could be actively cheating in Scotland until that game. It wasn’t even subtle what he was doing. Then you’ve got refs like Beaton who are terrified to award us anything. Remember Aberdeen away with the penalty he shat out of and gave the free kick. Then Kilmarnock away when he ignored a blatant handball for their goal, ignored a penalty for a push on Alfie, then disallows a Morelos goal because the killie player got caught under the ball and threw himself to the deck 😂. Obviously we have to look at ourselves first and foremost but I don’t think you can deny big decisions have cost us big points.
  11. I’ve always asked fans of other teams for examples of how we get every decision going, whilst giving them examples of big ones that went against us last season. The usual response on the ones against us is “ well it’s about time” .....time and time again funnily enough. All they seem to point to is “ well look at the amount of penalties you get” not considering that will be the case for any team that spends more time in the opposition box than others. Its pointless arguing with fans of other teams 😂
  12. We do need new signings obviously but the players we have just now should beat Aberdeen on the opening day. If not then forget it.
  13. They’re probably drafting up a new rule just now that a title cannot be taken back once it’s been awarded..
  14. I think Polster gets an unnecessary amount of criticism for getting done by Bailey when our first choice right back and club captain gets caught out on a regular basis by players nowhere near that level. All the best to Matt and I’m glad the club got a reasonable fee in.
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