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  1. I would go with Halliday at the moment but we need to strengthen in the long term
  2. Allanger

    Left back

    agree, we need to improve in that area
  3. Its brilliant atmosphere after a Gers win. Work was the same this morning with all the bears on a high. Long may it continue. NS
  4. Allanger


    Simply love the wee guy. Hope we can keep him for the season
  5. I thought he was brilliant today. What a turn of pace he has
  6. Well I predicted a score draw. How shite am I at predictions?
  7. Reckon this will be a tough game and I will take any win. Predict 2-1 the Gers.
  8. I got a feeling this is not going to be easy tonight. Starting to get the battle fever on. C'mon the Gers
  9. If we play as we can then we should come out of it with a good three points. Starting to get the battle fever on. C'mon Rangers
  10. This is so very sad. There really needs to be more done to support the young men and women. There should be more resources allocated to talking therapies. My thoughts are with you and the boys family
  11. Really stupid. It could cost the team dearly at the weekend
  12. If this is true I will get a couple for the Grand kids
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