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  1. The gaffers job is safe. He has brought us on in leaps and bounds
  2. Feeling too raw today to think about Thursday. We need to shake off any blues and get into them from the off
  3. We can do this c;mon Rangers. Right into them from the off
  4. Another three points. We underestimated them and scraped through
  5. Not getting carried away yet but boy am I enjoying the celtic fans in work today. They are absolutely sick and it is great
  6. A convincing win and a good three points. C'mon the Gers
  7. Tav has been poor for weeks and dropping him would not be a knee jerk reaction
  8. They should not be allowed to play on plastic in this competition. I would take a draw just now
  9. I would go with Halliday at the moment but we need to strengthen in the long term
  10. Allanger

    Left back

    agree, we need to improve in that area
  11. Its brilliant atmosphere after a Gers win. Work was the same this morning with all the bears on a high. Long may it continue. NS
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