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  1. Really stupid. It could cost the team dearly at the weekend
  2. If this is true I will get a couple for the Grand kids
  3. Going to be a tough match and a lot depends on who we have available. A tight victory for the Rangers
  4. Good luck to the young man. Gives us more options
  5. Recon its going to be a really tough match. A nail biting 2-1 victory for the Gers. Bring it on
  6. Love the wee man but he has to screw the nut with his discipline
  7. Just what does brown have to do to receive punishment?
  8. The whole affair leads to cheating by the powers that be. I am absolutely disgusted by the blatant favouritism towards all things celtic
  9. I expect a turgid battle with the Gers coming out clear winners by two goals
  10. Great work by the VB­čĹŹ
  11. Well done moonlighter. We really do have a wonderful history to share
  12. Cant wait to see him in action. Maybe Wednesday
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