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  1. TunnyLoyal

    Forbes Tailoring

    Aye for the cheapest off the shelf one.
  2. TunnyLoyal

    Behind the scenes with Stevie G

    Great video and good to see Rangers doing something right for a change.
  3. TunnyLoyal

    Behind the scenes with Stevie G

    I know!
  4. TunnyLoyal

    I've never felt more like singing the blues

    Old boy used to sing it on Tannochside bus years ago. Love the old tunes.
  5. TunnyLoyal

    Fundraising for a disability vehicle for my mum

    Your Mum would have been very proud of you. Sorry for your loss. RIP
  6. TunnyLoyal

    Who booked up for Cyprus?

    Just the gamble you take!
  7. TunnyLoyal

    Travel club emails out

    Signed up again. Looking forward to the draw. Will most likely do sport options overnighter if they put a trip on. Likes of Latvia, Faroes etc would be my preference as never been there.
  8. TunnyLoyal


    I don't im still fucking rough as fuck fae last week lol
  9. TunnyLoyal


    I am never flying via anywhere again. How long you wait for another flight? Why was it cancelled?
  10. TunnyLoyal


    Aye only just made flight. Made it with about 30 seconds spare.
  11. TunnyLoyal


    Kev you were FUCKED on Sunday night in that beer hall
  12. TunnyLoyal


    Correct, I done about 500 nicker in on swag in Berlin.
  13. TunnyLoyal


    Any of u seen the all inclusive brass hooses. 100 euro aw u can pump and aw the beer u can drink. Fucking yeehaa
  14. TunnyLoyal


    Sare yin mate. U got to hand passport in 2 hours before match?