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  1. TunnyLoyal

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    I must have made a cunt of it, got a ticket today for indy but booked onto travel club official flight. I have emailed them to release my indy ticket to someone else as I will get 1 on the plane.
  2. TunnyLoyal

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    This but usually on the plane.
  3. A UB has just got the jail for knocking over someone from Motherwell Youth during a riot at Hampden. @cp9
  4. TunnyLoyal

    Moscow Away

    He isn't close with KAI but he has met him on trips over the years.
  5. TunnyLoyal

    Moscow Away

    He just wears designer clobber and likes to wear as much as possible. We were giving him fuckinf pelters but he doesny give a fuck.
  6. TunnyLoyal

    Moscow Away

    Wait a min, did I meet you on a bus in Hamburg?
  7. TunnyLoyal

    Moscow Away

    I was in Hamburg bro but obviously can't think who you are now sorry. Introduce yourself next time pal.
  8. TunnyLoyal

    Moscow Away

    Haha that's my mate Nicol. He is wild. He patched connecting flight and has been onnit in Amsterdam for last 36 hours ????
  9. TunnyLoyal

    Moscow Away

    Fuck it mate, had a ball! ? Got a cracking T-shirt too ??
  10. TunnyLoyal

    Moscow Away

    I was £600 flight, £600 digs (booked a cracker of a hotel). £213 late visa. Then spunked the rest on madness.
  11. TunnyLoyal

    Moscow Away

    I won't divulge everything that we got up to but it wasn't cheap. ?
  12. TunnyLoyal

    Moscow Away

    Aye mate blue CP polo shirt. Did you see me?
  13. TunnyLoyal

    Moscow Away

    That was me that started that lol, I was fucking burling. Thought plane was going to go down, it was wild!
  14. TunnyLoyal

    Moscow Away

    Ye mad! That trip cost me £2.5k ???
  15. TunnyLoyal

    Moscow Away

    Aye cert there will be trouble. My hotel is 15 mins from CSKA ground.