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  1. Anything less than £10m net spend and we can forget about going for 55 next season. That should always be the aim for us. 2nd place isn't good enough. Boyce, Walker and Nicholson would be a good start. A few of Pedros/DoF finds for the back line and centre mid and I'll be happy with that.
  2. There is no answer 😂 Guy who made it up is an asshole!
  3. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck Messi, what a dick!
  4. Juliano Belletti
  5. Played in Germany....
  6. Won World Cup in 2010, same year as Champions League. edit - Sorry Club World Cup, still a world cup....
  7. Julio Cesar??
  8. Don't mind it being 4-3-3 as long as it's quick attacking 4-3-3 and not the pass pass pass pass pass pass going fucking nowhere Warburton shite 4-3-3
  9. Cmon! Let's get a good result and a good performance to go with it too. Hamilton will set up to frustrate us but an early goal will sort that out! 4-0 with another hat trick to Garner.
  10. Smell shite. I'm giving every player in the squad a chance to prove themselves till the summer. If Pedro wants to get rid of the lot of them then he has my backing. Do not expect any players we have to be sold for anywhere near seven figures. £300,000 to £400,000 max.
  11. Ah see I was only half that age. Only mind hain the home as my first rangers kit and watching the Marseille game on tele with my old man.
  12. Yeah mate fucked it up, only remembered Marseille
  13. Marseille (cheating bastards), Juve, Man Utd? Fucked that up, only mind Marseille obviously
  14. Really glad they done the dirty on us and that the board jumped all over it. Embarrassed to have them associated with us now, more than McCoist and Le Guen put together.
  15. Afraid not, been a bright star in a shoddy season so far but age is obviously not on his side. Would thank him for all he has done and would possibly offer a rolling contract/keep training with us until he could get a new club so he isn't left on the scrap heap.