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  1. They'll be no recovery from that shambles of a vote as much as we want there to be. Hearts and PT ain't after staying up, all they want is cold hard cash. Giving them that cash opens up for other clubs to go after Doncaster for more which then puts the whole SPFL in jeopardy. Can't run a league season when theres no cash left.
  2. Every cunt in the media knows fuck all about our transfer actions for the first time in decades. Clutching at fucking foreign media sources for anything remote about us. Glorious.
  3. Think it'll be done and dusted by the end of the week? Clubs realise that Doncaster is taking millions out the pot to pay them off and chaos ensues once again.
  4. Football fans still think UEFA FFP actually exists....
  5. esquire8


    You'll ride your horse down The Rangers Town road and spend till you can't no more
  6. Watched Hallidays one because its Halliday and out the lot of them he deserves the time. I get hes pals with the guys but to us hes just a jumped up tarrier fuck.
  7. esquire8


    Just call it the Rangers store. How difficult is it? Though I now think they should name the new store/ museum The Bears Den 👍
  8. All more realistic than the suggestions of Mandzukic and Ings tbf.
  9. Jordan Jones and Alfie huh? Who seen that coming? Guess someone had to take over Hallidays role as El Bufalos pal.
  10. If I may jump in theres a few strikers I'd suggest, since this is a suggestion thread. Matias Arezo, Amine Gouri, Tim Prica, Pedro Mendes, Brandon Cortes, Erik Botheim.
  11. Different species entirely.
  12. Feyenoord already said the kid is not for sale. Wolves, Salzburg and Anderlecht were after him too. The S** clutching at straws from twitter to get their Bears news. Fucking depressing to see. Cunts.
  13. Fucking fuck me. Get him tae fuck. Shite on the pitch, shite on the brain.
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