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  1. Montrose is a tarrier stronghold. Fuck them.
  2. Enough internet for you today OP.....
  3. Rather have youth in the squad than 9/10s of the dross we've been linked with in the SPL. Have them as squad fillers with 14-16 genuine first team quality players, instead of the 6 or so we have and the other 20 shite too.
  4. Only hope of getting out of this cesspit is a Euro league with the Dutch, scandies etc. The chances of that are slim to none too. We're here for the foreseeable future lads.
  5. Would like to see him and Docherty get a chance as they're better options than Coulibaly and Davis, but can't see it somehow. Think Gerrard sent both down there to get in the shop window for the summer and bring in a bit extra dough in the transfer budget. We need to improve far more than a Rossiter or a Docherty can give us right now.
  6. McGregor Tav Goldson Worrall Wallace Arfield Davis Kamara Kent Defoe Lafferty Would rather have Katic and McCrorie starting but you just know Gerrard won't so why bother.
  7. Ooft that's some memory lad! How ridiculous is that though? Game up here is fucked and has been fucked for decades.
  8. Aye we appealed that the same time our manager fined him a weeks wages and hung him out to dry in the media 😂
  9. You just know the taig-run SPFL will have the next old firm at the start of the split, meaning Kent will miss out and they have a chance at winning the tainted 8 at Ibrox. Guaranteed.
  10. But then our Papac wouldn't be as special as he is!
  11. Horrible idea. Just light it up with normal lights. Far too beautiful to cover up with shite projector, that's something they would do at San Giro to cover up the cracks.
  12. Deserves another pop in the first team for the last few games of the season. Especially with the slim chances of Kent being here next season.
  13. Would include Cuellar with him too. Basically a brick wall on the road to UEFA cup final.
  14. Agent went down south and came back to tell us to pay him, not the player, more. Joke. Rather we gave Rudden and Hardie a chance.
  15. Halliday is the captain we deserve next season, not serial loser Tav
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