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  1. VAR

    Should evolve it to a tennis type challenge system. Give each manager 3 challenges each match to go to VAR .As soon as the manager asks the 4th official, the next time the ball is out of play the ref will blow to review what the manager thinks should've been called. Nothing that happens before the incident gets wiped out like it currently does. No play gets stopped. Once the manager is out of challenges then that's it. They can't go to VAR.
  2. **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    Alnwick Candieas - Martin - Bates - John Holt - Goss Cummings - Windass - Murphy Morelos double digits scoreline.
  3. Welcome to Rangers Russell Martin

    Ever? Plus McCrorie is out injured just now. Plenty of time for Wilson to do his usual fall from form.
  4. Welcome to Rangers Russell Martin

    How is McCrorie being used as a DM now? Can he not play alongside Martin? Does he not like him? 🤔
  5. Welcome to Rangers Russell Martin

    This exact day 11 years ago we signed David Weir. Hopefully see this as a very similar signing with a similar playing career for us. Welcome to the greatest club in the world big man!
  6. Ryan Jack -- Staunch

    No like his uncle is right beside him to give him a hiding if he goes off script! haha Too right though! Give them a proper start to be a staunch prod! Well done lad!
  7. Acceptable second half of season?

    The double. Fuck the tims. They're going to break soon. Cummings, Murphy and Morelos blast us to 55! WATP!
  8. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Sanchez and his agent wanted same signing on fee they would get in the summer. Greedy cunts. Man Utd deserve them now. Can't stand players who are driven by money, not by winning.
  9. 4-4-2

    Foderingham Tavernier - Martin - McCrorie - John Jack - Goss Cummings - Windass - Murphy Morelos Cummings, Murphy and Windass rotate around and cut in to the box giving space for Tav and John to get crosses in. Goss can sit with Martin and McCrorie to spray balls up top. Jack can use his engine to get up and down the pitch 👍🏻 EDIT - Bench - Alnwick, Bates, Wilson, Candieas, Holt, Halliday, Docherty.
  10. Alfredo Morelos

    If he keeps performing the way he has done already this season and improving on that then Allen must look to get him signed to a bigger and longer contract before the summer window opens. Can only see good things happening in the future for him.
  11. Rancid BBC

    Why bother about the likes of the Beeb, Sun, Rhecord etc etc? You now have a platform like this to get your information from on a minute to minute basis. These 'news' companies will be extinct in a few years. The fannies at the Beeb can write and say whatever they want, they corrupt cunts will be jobless soon.
  12. Is Arsene Wenger insane?

    He ain't going anywhere until 2019 at the least. He decides when he's going, no-one at the club can overrule him which is absolutely crazy to think of in this modern day. Should've left the day Henry left for Barcelona in 2007 after that Champions League Final.
  13. Has a chance but has to buck up his ideas big time. Not shown he is near the quality we need on a consistant basis. Would give him till the summer as a backup.
  14. Lee Wallace

    Would give him a chance when he's fully fit, maybe a run of 5 games or so. If he performs then great keep him in, if he doesn't then bring John back into the fold and give Lee the backup roll. He deserves an opportunity.
  15. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Watching the game again on that freesports channel. That Goss looks a player. Bossed the midfield. Dalcio was ok but shouldn't be playing for us at all. Cardoso was all over the place and needs to be shifted asap. Buffalo looks in terrific shape considering he's been playing for near enough a year constantly now.