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  1. €220m for Neymar €160m for Mbappe 🤢🤑
  2. Pretty much a year and a half of chaos and that's it! Fucking Gretna lasted longer with that crazy bastard in charge of them! Watch them money grabbers jump back to England now.
  3. Get rid of transfer fees entirely. Bring in trade deals only and a salary cap for every league with a limit of 2 year deals in contracts. No player under 21 can move clubs unless released. Kind off like a hybrid NFL market.
  4. Yassss well in lad!!!
  5. Kranjcar is wasted on the left, Have to get him behind the strikers. Miller shouldn't be starting for us this season, see what Herrera/Morelos partnership can do with Niko behind. Have Dorrans/Jack/Rossiter in the centre.
  6. It was brought up on TalkSPORT with that Adrian Durham, he made a good point that either it's great business if City go on and win the league and champions league then it's all forgotten about how much anyone costs but if they fail then Pep is out a job and they continue to play for City. Starting to ignore these transfer fees in the EPL now, money means nothing at all down there.
  7. Not too sure. He allegedly doesn't get along personally with Messi and Suarez, especially Suarez. If the likes of a Pogba can go for £90m+ then £200m for Neymar seems a bargain to me. Don't know why other teams haven't tried already, the guy is one of the top 3 in the world, by a distance.
  8. Why the hell would anyone in the McGregor camp want that type of footage to come out in the public eye? To me, it's a setup, to make Mayweather camp think this guy has no fucking chance. These videos and rumours coming out about getting knocked out from the McGregor camp are to make people think he has no chance. Dont get me wrong, I still think this is as one sided of a boxing match you could possibly get at this level but McGregor is making it look even more one sided. Surley to fuck if he is that bad he wouldn't want Mayweather to know, let alone in the public eye. The way he's moving in that video is nothing like the way he can move in the octagon, hence the thinking he's throwing smoke. Whatever anyone thinks on here, the fact everyone is talking about it and no doubt will watch one way or another means it's working whatever they are doing. Mayweather doesn't give a fuck about his record, only that it makes him more money. He was willing to walk away with 49-0, not caring about 50, but now the tax man is calling he jumps back in against the only man he can make money out of. One of the greatest ever but horrendous sportsman.
  9. Old Martin Bain doing a smashing job it seems! 😂 Wonder what the odds are on them getting relegated again.
  10. Herrera. Score goals for fun up here.
  11. It's going to be new home, away and third kits in 4-6 weeks. No need to keep home kit now we are out of Europe.
  12. A run of games behind Lewandowski will be gold for them. With Costa and Muller on the wings as well......
  13. Technically only on 2 channels, the "main event" channel will show the big games from the premier league channel as well as others. Still a huge waste of money, only reason I keep sky tv at all is because I get it for "free" with the phone line and unlimited fibre, wouldn't give Sky a penny for sports.
  14. Just sit back and enjoy watching their bubble spectacularly burst in a couple years. After hearing what a lot of professionals have said, some clubs currently in the EPL will vanish completely.
  15. Sky are fucked anyway. Next Premier League TV deal will show that when they'll be 4th maybe 5th in line. BT, BeIN, Amazon and possibly Google going for next lot and with Sky having dwindling numbers due to streaming, don't have the financial muscle to compete.