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  1. Sat along from Lovenkrands at the WWF live at the SECC. This was just before the header at the cup final if I mind right. Big fan of Steve Austin 😂
  2. No bother mate it's only the reason why we are in this fucked up situation in the first place 😂
  3. They both don't eat Pangolins though 👍
  4. That cunt was Korean wasnt he 😂
  5. There should be a slight panic for our family members who are elderly, have health issues and working in the NHS but beyond that there should be little.
  6. Virus will run its course after 2 or 3 waves and we will carry on again after it dies out. Probably start later than usual, maybe September but it will go ahead
  7. Shocked and pleased that @The Dude is still going, would have long gone of FF. Difference of opinion doesn't mean you're a taig, well most of the time since the place is crawling with them 24/7.
  8. Yet you decide to start a thread on it. RM special....
  9. The only thing they cunts should be hired for is wiping arses in the toilets at Ibrox.
  10. Not cancelled, delayed till next year.
  11. No rule. Who the fuck is reading anything the rhags are saying? Surely by now we know fucking better!
  12. One of the last bastions from the banter years. Did fuck all but rile up his enemies he had already.
  13. Surely even Stewart was reading this and thinking fuck that's a good statement. Can guarantee he had very little to do with how this statement was worded.
  14. One of the best statements we've released just happens to coincide with a new head of communications. Seems like we've got our bite back.
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