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  1. D-day for Pedro

    If we win he gets treated like a god till the next loss. If we lose or draw he'll be hounded by the minority for being no use. Far too many short minded supporters these days. Give him till end of the season, if there's improvement then he stays, if there isn't he goes. Pretty simple.
  2. Barry- Pedro Must Play Kenny Today

    As shite as it is to say this but he has to start. We have little to no old firm experience on that pitch today and need someone like him to have the team know what this game means. Will start wide on the left I think to support Hodson.
  3. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Foderingham Tav - Cardoso - McCrorie - Hodson Candeias - Dorrans - Jack - Pena - Miller (c) Morelos 2-1 to the queens 11
  4. The Boxing News Thread

    It's Canelos' puss when he looks at him like 'aww fuck!' GGG is a machine, pure fighting machine.
  5. Can just imagine Brighton having a away trip to Inverness. Fuck playing in Europe would be a shorter journey. Never happen ever. English teams would never allow it to happen and 80% of Scottish teams would go to the wall with the costs.
  6. EPL Transfer window

    Will last one window then get abolished when Barca, Real, Bayern etc wait till their window shuts and go in with offers and unsettle players. They have basically a month to get their players, ridiculous decision.
  7. Walter Smith's 11

    Sasa was so criminally underrated back then it was ridiculous. Yes he wasn't as good as say Numan but for when Walter was around, definitely up there, consistent as the sun rising and setting.
  8. New Home Kit

    As fake as Whytes bank account. Get it tae fuck.
  9. Forum looks sleeker

    Fucks going on in here?!
  10. New away kit?

    Looks like some cheap knock up these websites show when they get a bog standard top and shove the badge and sponsor on it. My guess it's fake as fuck but Puma will be putting zero effort in the new away/third kit as the deal runs out in the summer anyway.
  11. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Draxler is ridiculously overrated and will/his been found out anywhere else than Germany. Matuidi is at the wrong end of the age scale for the position/style he plays and hasn't changed/evolved over the years, too much FIFA ratings nonsense going on in here again....
  12. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    20 mil is sooo last year, 50 mil is the new 20 mil.
  13. Martin Tyler

    Needs to retire, commentaries are a young persons game now (Michael Owen aside). Also he's always made no secret of his love for the taigs and Man Utd.
  14. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Last good signing Barce made was Suarez back in 2014. Their transfer policy is one of the most horrific in world football since Txiki left.
  15. ***** Transfer Thread *****

    I put a post earlier about getting rid of transfer fees, bringing in a short contract and trade only system a bit like the NFL. Get rid of these ridiculous 4-6 year contracts that mean nothing except the size of possible transfer fee. If you want a player under contract from another club, then trade for him with other players. No other fees involved. So if you want a clubs star player like Coutinho with Barcelona, Barce would have to give Liverpool a player or players they would like in return, so say Rafinha and Alcacer with a high prospect youth. Bring in salary caps worldwide that's rated by competition level/coefficient. For example the EPL/La Liga/Bundesliga/Serie A have a limit of say £100k p/w and Ligue 1/Primeira Ligue/Eredivisie have limit of £50k p/w and so on. Wage limits can rise and fall by performance of the clubs and players contracts that are signed have these increases and deductions included so no negotiations needed. Bring in the Bundesliga matchday squad rules of 10 homegrown minimum out of 18 for every league. Keeps clubs playing there own countries players, less foreign influx. Players cannot break contract, only be traded for another player(s) or wait for contract to run out. Contracts are only a maximum of 3 years. If agents are involved in contract negotiations then the player must pay any fee for them, not the club. Players cannot negotiate with another team until that contract is finished, so no pre contract agreements. Just a few things that I think could help. Radical?