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    The problem with having both your set piece takes at full backs. Pretty much leaves you no other option than to take out swinging corners as in swinging corners put that player out of position as soon as the corner is taken. Would like to see someone else further up front take responsibility for set pieces, Davis, Kent or Stewart for example.
  2. A title winning squad will always be rated higher than a squad that's yet to win anything. Compare again come May when this squad has won something.
  3. More like a compensation fee, a % of the rest of his Southampton contract. Heard he will be changing up the scouting team and bring in a few new faces.
  4. Looked good out there today. Solid 7/10 as expected from the big man.
  5. Think the same but Clarke won't get the boot, he'll leave the job for the taigs.
  6. Interesting to see how different his role will be compared to Allen's. Yes it's the same title but didn't Allen or someone at the club say the role has changed since Allen took over. Hopefully has a good working relationship with the Gaffer and the rest of the staff.
  7. Portugal as a nation are skint, the football still has plenty of cash
  8. Griffiths was in my home town over the weekend and was saying hes been suspended to others at the game. Wouldn't explain any further though.
  9. Hopefully the every other club thinks that too, he can stay here forever and fire us to 55,56,57,58.......
  10. Javi Martinez 😂 Gnabry was raging! Got it back though. Sule celebrates by trying to half him, strange characters!
  11. While in most part I agree with this but surely we can still get some sort of a fee for him, regardless if it's something like 500k it's still funds we could do with reinvesting.
  12. Gerrard is wanting this cup. You wouldn't put a side out like that if it wasnt a very high priority. Interesting to see where this takes us in the next few games after.
  13. Wes Tav Katic Helander Barisic Jack Davis Aribo Stewart Defoe Ojo
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