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  1. Does the simple things effectively. Compliments Davis and Aribo in that middle perfectly.
  2. esquire8


    No nonsense defending Gives the opposition trouble at corners Confident enough on the ball Undroppable in my opinion
  3. well the other one is foreign commentary anyway.....
  4. http://www.soccerjumbotv3.me/220819/ch-5.html working but no sound yet
  5. http://www.soccerjumbotv3.me/220819/ch-5.html meant to be showing it but currently showing a placeholder, might be worth the try
  6. How has this thread lasted 8 pages? Surely a couple of replies would be enough to put this nonsense out its misery.....
  7. Unless it's a ridiculous offer doesn't the club make more from RTV? Surely a few thousand paying a tenner would outweigh a shitty offer from Premier sports.
  8. Neymar turning up at Barcelona's training Monday morning....
  9. So the previous chairman had built up this debt with reckless spending and this new chairman bought the club without realising the size of the debt? Nah not having that for one second, this new chairman is having everyone on. Always thought EFL clubs will be the 1st ones to burst the bubble down there.
  10. The type of game that he was brought in for. Took his chance well and will be a threat for us in Europe, domestically against a 10 man defence might find it alot tougher.
  11. Arsenal fans already worked out they've only spent £45m net and that Man Utd ended up spending £16m net. Yet Man Utd fans were taking the piss out of the £45m transfer budget Arsenal set out at the start of the window
  12. Guaranteed relegation fodder now along with Sheffield and Norwich.
  13. Ridiculous agent and contract demands. Fanny thinks he should be paid the mega bucks. Would've moved if Juve wanted him instead of Lukaku, still time to move but the chances of Juve moving Dybala on are now slim to none
  14. Thought he only had an advisory role at the club now on a non contract basis. Never seen who took over the PR role since but whoever it is are making an arse of it.
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