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  1. esquire8

    ***** Transfer Thread *****

    Remember the 90s/00s when the Nigerians were coming over here and taking 5-10 years off their age?! Kanu was surely in his 50s when he played for Portsmouth. That story Redknapp says about how he could barely move off the pitch but score a hatrick the next day. Martins was another too, still think he's going today!
  2. esquire8

    Lennon Joins SFA

    It was always going to be the case that when we win 55, we would have beaten the unwashed, the SPFL, the SFA, the mhedia and literally 41 other clubs on our way back up. They are throwing everything they can against us, which will make that title win the most sweetest in our history.
  3. Exactly. With Defoe and Morelos naturally wanting to pull defenders wide and create space which Kent to exploit in a free role. That front 6 will be our first choice.
  4. 4-4-2 Diamond. Flanagan an aux centre back with Goldson injured. 4-1-4-1 second half. Interested to see how the diamond works.
  5. esquire8

    Stefan Marinovic

    Play him in the games, if our last game is anything to go by we could play a cardboard cutout between the sticks You are right though he does need the games but hate us paying Foderingham a wage to do fuck all.
  6. esquire8

    Who's Next? Or Are We Done?

    Hopefully one of the kids from Nordsjaelland or dream of Viktor Fischer, him and Kent on the wings About time we started purging the Scandanavian leagues.
  7. esquire8

    Stefan Marinovic

    No thanks. Get rid of Wes and promote McCrorie to number 2. We will get another couple seasons out of McGregor and by that time McCrorie will be ready for the number 1.
  8. Would be a great signing, probably the biggest since the Advocaat years if we could pull it off. To get him in our price bracket though we'd need to offer a few clauses in with it, like a sell on percentage and buy back price, the latter of which would be tempting if he does start reaching his potential. This guy is worth at least £10m in the market down there so need Allen to pull off something special.
  9. esquire8

    Helsinki Freiendly

    Still very young for a goalkeeper and will be learning alot from McGregor and Stewart. Foderingham needs to go this window, paying him a decent wage to do nothing now. Have McCrorie as backup and get the match experience when possible.
  10. Has he been taking tips from Levein? Guy just doesn't give a fuck! Calls a press conference just to sit everyone down for half an hour to go through his PowerPoint and spread sheets on all championship teams. Some lad!
  11. esquire8

    Adam Lallana

    Vialli, Jardel and Alan Smith say hi Ross Hall is jam packed
  12. esquire8

    Ravel Morrison

    Gazza was a good guy with a few lost marbles under the stewardship of one of the hardest man managers the game has seen. This guy has no marbles left, he is so off the mental spectrum the line is a dot to him. Hasn't developed at all since being a kid, yes talented but too much for this tight knit squad to take on. Not for me.
  13. esquire8

    We now have "4 quality forwards to work with"

    Don't mind the two up top as long as Morelos is one of them as he's got the work rate to track back when needed. I'd worry against a top 6 side if it's Defoe and Lafferty. Get Defoe with Morelos and Kent sitting behind in a free role to cause chaos.
  14. esquire8

    Greg Docherty attracting interest

    I'd rather Gerrard had a look at him again in the summer, see how he has improved and where he could fit in the squad. The lad deserves another crack at the team and if it doesn't work out then fair enough, they'll be plenty of offers.
  15. esquire8


    Defoe looking fit as a fiddle Players dragging their feet off at the end All good stuff Expect us to be by far the fittest team in the league