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  1. Little chance of that, hasn't Clement already said he's part of the plans for next season? Good idea though and the sort of standard of defender we should be looking at.
  2. It's good we are evaluating and evolving the youth setup here. For a decade or so it's been left to waste with little change. Seems Mulholland and Murty have their heads screwed on and it will only benefit the kids coming through. Biggest thing was getting out of that useless development league. Kids don't learn anything in them, pretty much proven fact in any country over the years, with games against lower league 1st teams and more established youth teams the way to go.
  3. No one in Europe can sign Brazilians under 18. The guy has only played 20 mins of first team football, yes he may have potential but £38m worth? If he gets any sort of bad injury in them 2 years then it's pointless. Still it's no really Reals own money there spending, good ol Spanish Government euros.
  4. If you'd actually seen what I was quoting in the first place you'll see I actually think the same, it's people like the one I quoted who are being daft with this deal. My 2 boys will always get the new kit regardless of any boycott. I was talking about those who have no clue about what the deal is and are just being blind sheep following what the majority are doing.
  5. The lack of understanding of this deal the club has with fat Ashley is bemusing. You would think after a year of it folk would know what it is about.
  6. Really do hope Pedro had told the entire squad their off if they get an offer. No ones place in this squad should be a given for next season.
  7. Or that no one else in midfield is staying so play the guy we don't need to sell
  8. As long as it's a free and on little wages like 4 grand or less then I don't see why not. Can't be convinced that Rossiter can play 90 mins next season and we need a holding midfielder. Not a fantastic signing but a decent one. If it riles them sheep shaggers up then it's a bonus.
  9. Would like to think Pedro would change his mind, can't think of a better 3rd choice atm. But from hearing him after the game, he's reluctantly hearing other offers. Wouldn't be surprised if Harry took him to Birmingham.
  10. Honestly hope that Pedro only gets a couple of centre backs in and asks him to come back. At least we could let him stick around till he finds somewhere else. Wouldn't mind him as a backup at all. 10-15 games next season along with helping the new dressing room would be worth the wage.
  11. This is what happens when you rush the transfer window. Hoping things are a lot more planned out this summer.
  12. Could be a casualty this summer, wouldn't be surprised. Decent offer comes in he'll be gone.
  13. Not for me but may as well be in there instead of Cummings since there's little chance of signing him.
  14. Just going 👍🏻👌🏼
  15. Sir Walter earned the right to tear into the charlatans that near ruined our club. Judas on the other hand tore into the club itself.