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  1. A left back, creative #10/inside forward and a striker. Striker needed regardless if Morelos goes or not, an injury to either him or Defoe leaves us vulnerable.
  2. They'll get £20m plus addons and bring in Taylor from Killie for a million or two. McGregor and Rogic next to go. They're preparing for the worst in the Champions League qualifiers. Should be preparing for the worst in the league too
  3. Any deadwood we can sell for whatever price, just free up the wages. If we can't sell whoever is left then offer to other clubs like hearts, Motherwell etc on loan for any % of wage so they can't play against us but have a chance at at putting a dent in the tims. Would like to see the squad trimmed to around 20/22 1st team with youth as backup.
  4. Really hope OP gets all the help and support he needs.
  5. On another note, going to be fun when they get to Portugal and the spewing guts up games begin. Need to be the fittest in the league again this season.
  6. From that short video the only one going himself was Middleton and was getting cheered on, everyone else was in a group. Though you would think Docherty might be up there.
  7. To be fair hes played as well as most that squad in the past 3-4 months. Surely just down to fatigue of a long season with a small squad. Would walk into most of the top teams in Europe.
  8. Disappointed if he did go but business is business, if we get the right offer then fine he can go and we can reinvest into the rest of the squad. What that offer would be I dont know but I'd like to think Gerrard and Allen have got their heads screwed on for how much a player like him is worth.
  9. Hope it's a shit match. It's what UEFA deserve for having it in a nation where next to no one can afford or get to.
  10. Wasn't taigs who done it, knuckle dragging scumdee united arseholes. Apparently Jack was making a tit of himself at the hotel pool that made them stand out and the cunts got Dorrans later on. Hopefully get these mutants named and shamed.
  11. Needs sidelined and a boot in the baws for his stupidity. Play Fod the remaining games this season and McCrorie the start of next if it's a long enough ban. Fanny needs to cut that shit out.
  12. The ones that need toughened up and embarrassed wont be here next season
  13. Would have to be de Boer, ended up beating Man Utd to his signature. Bless the Advocaat years.....
  14. There is a massive difference between Kent and Candeias and as always the stats don't always tell the whole story. People rattle on about goals and assists like they are the only 2 things to care about. The difference is when the player gets the ball, Kent gets it and the opposition defence shits itself and we get on our feet, Candeias gets it and tries to find Tav or swing a hopeful ball into the box.
  15. Worrall has played 21 games for us, easy to see he had to play over 20 games this season or we would end up with a big bill. I know Worrall was highly rated down south but I really hope Allen and Gerrard will no longer accept loan deals like this that dictate who we can or cant play. Glad to have big Katic back, everything we need in a centre back in this league.
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