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  1. Del


    In 16 league games last season he contributed to 12 goals (4 goals and 8 assists) which is a pretty good return for me considering the dross we had in our team!
  2. Del

    Murphy deal permanent

    26 games in all competitions last season, including time at Brighton and he contributed to 17 goals! Hoping he will kick on next season and hopefully be better with better players as well
  3. Del

    Season Tickets

    Me too mate 👍🏻
  4. Del

    Season Tickets

    Renew your season ticket...
  5. Del

    Season Tickets

    Did ye aye???
  6. Del

    Season Tickets

    I wouldn’t think that would be the case for the majority? There are a lot of people suggesting that they only renewed after deliberation but just wasn’t sure why people wouldn’t renew...
  7. Del

    Season Tickets

    For those who haven’t renewed- why not?
  8. Del

    Planned Incompetence

    Well I’m saying 5-6 maybe they could give 25-26 examples, it’s all hypothetical. Have a grown up conversation with a celtic fan, they will say the same thing, a team outwith the old firm, it’s an old firm bias. Every team is saying the same thing, I thought as a support we were above that, as I said before, growing up it was always celtic that cried about conspiracies but now things aren’t going our way it’s against us...it just doesn’t sit with me as Rangers behaviour.
  9. Del

    Planned Incompetence

    As I said above mate, there are games that we have benefited from decisions. Others have posted above, but I can’t list specifics other than the ones above. It’s like goals this season, I could name goal scorers and goals from almost every game this season but I couldn’t tell you who scored against us or who was responsible for costing the goal. At the weekend Goss commited 2 bad/cynical fouls after being booked and could/should have been sent off. Bates committed 6 fouls but only got booked, would you have been happy for that to happen to an opposition player? The first game against Hibs I argued the same thing, watch the game back, Hibs should undoubtedly have had players sent off but so should we! It was a miracle Tav stayed on, unless you listen to Hibs then it’s bias towards us. At the end of the day as a support, especially online, we think everyone is out to get us. No one likes us and we don’t care, well actually we do and we are not happy at the big bad refs have an anti-Rangers agenda. If you stop say that out loud, ‘I believe that the SFA, referees, assistants and 4th officials all have an anti-Rangers agenda an treat our players different, which is costing us games.’ If you can say that without feeling like a bead rattling conspiracy theorist, then nothing I say will change your mind but it’s taig behaviour! I mean look at the games where we dropped points, I was unfortunate/fortunate enough to attend all but 3 games this season and never left the game feeling that an official cost us the match.
  10. Del

    Planned Incompetence

    I get the point, it should have been a red card, They looked at it again on Sky when an ex ref was there and he said he thought the ref reacted too quickly, and that if he took a few seconds to think about it, he would have given a red. But to say he didn’t send Allan off because he didn’t want to give Rangers an advantage or because he has an anti-Rangers agenda is ridiculous. There are examples every weekend of managers/teams complaining about poor decisions, are refs biased against them as well? The same complaints we had about Motherwell were echoed by Brendan Rodgers and Craig Levein, then you have Motherwells manager complaining that their players are being picked on by refs, particularly Bowman and Kipre! Every team can give 5-6 examples of decisions going against them this season but we are the only ones crying about their being bias! Come on, we are bigger and better than that!
  11. Del

    Planned Incompetence

    I can’t actually believe a Rangers fan has posted that! Jesus wept! So what is exactly you think the issue is...that the refs, assistants, fourth officials, SFA etc are anti-Rangers or are they pro-celtic? If if we have Craig Levein moaning about the refs for not sending off Scott Brown...Brendan Rodgers complaining about the over physicality of Motherwell players against Rangers and celtic...celtic complaining as Ross County were given a penalty that was a clear dive...Motherwell complaining that Hamilton should have had a player sent off at the weekend...Alan Archibald asking for better refs as goals are being incorrectly disallowed... Are these all down to corruption, bais or perhaps incompetence or even god forbid mistakes? As for decisions going in our favour, people have already mentioned some above, personally the only ones I remember being given was at THAT Hibs game at Ibrox (1-2) and against Kilmarnock the other week. There’s no doubt that Stokes should have been sent off and that Jack shouldn’t have been, but over the course of that game, we should have had at least 1 more player sent off, especially Tav! Then against Kilmarnock Morelos had a swing at one of their players but nothing was given. I could probably find more examples but I can’t believe that people think there is anti-Rangers agenda going on. It’s tragic and as I said before, celtic behaviour not what I expect of Rangers!
  12. Del

    Planned Incompetence

    We were 3-0 down because we can’t defend. Scott Allan got subbed off and we conceded another 2 goals! The ref didn’t score any of their goals or give them any goals. Regardless of whether Scott Allan should have been sent off, of course he shoud have, our poor defending cost us to concede 5 goals not the referee!
  13. Del

    Planned Incompetence

    We need to stop all this stuff, it’s embarassing and behaviour you would expect from the tims! For years we listened to the ‘its a conspiracy’ from them and laughed but now because decisions are going against us and we are not winning, there might be some truth in it? People are quick to remember the injustices we’ve had but forget when things have went our way. We didn’t drop points yesterday because the ref never sent off Scott Allan or bwcause he sent off Jason Holt, we lost points because we can’t defend!
  14. Del

    All the fouls from Yesterday

    The AllN That was the thing that got me, i didn’t see the tackle very clearly at the time but for every 1-2 Hibs fans that were celebrating like they had scored a goal, there were 4-5 others with their heads in their hands as the thought he was being sent off. I’m not in the ‘it’s cheating, it’s anti-Rangers’ camp, the refs are just generally very poor! Another ref could/should have sent off Allan and Ambrose, but Goss committed 3 fouls after he was booked and could/should have been sent off before he got subbed. Halliday and Bates also committed a number of fouls after being booked, I don’t know if Bates even got booked actually, but Halliday was very lucky.
  15. Del


    His win record means nothing to me quite frankly! Hes been announced as the manager for a couple of weeks now and still hasn’t shaved or been seen in a suit since he was unveiled. I seen him on TV with a shirt but no tie...NO TIE! Hes got to go!