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  1. Del


    No one is counting them as gospel but given its been our best spell of form and also against the toughest opponents in our league, I would say they need to be the benchmark! As for the rest of your post...jesus suffering! Fact accounts for nothing in your post never mind the part you claim to be Fact..if you want a Fact(s) then this is an apt one...we scored more goals from attacks on our right hand side than any other position last season...our RB was the top assister in the SPFL...we have never played 4-5-1 under Gerrard...the current formation that made "tarrier fullbacks look good" is also the same formation that enabled us to beat them twice... The Fact is that despite us being top of the league for a couple of weeks and beating teams, some of them by a big margin, a number of players within the squad have been playing pretty poorly and yesterday it came to a head when even the Manager questioned their attitude. You can play any number of formations or have players play in a certain manner or in a particular role, but if they are in poor form, injured or just knackered, then no formation is going to help!
  2. I have seen this crop up a lot recently... Andy King is bang fucking average, he might have been part of the squad that won the league with Leicester but he played a combined total of 950mins that season in over 25 appearances, hardly the beating heart of the team. Hes done nothing to show he deserves to play when he has had the chance and is a complete waste of a salary!
  3. Del


    Such is modern day football! The days of a solid formation or teams attacking in their formation are gone, defensively teams will get into a shape and Jack is excellent at covering the right side when Tav goes forward, which btw isnt an accident, its something we have set out to do, but we missed that yesterday as Kamara/Aribo just never done that. Look at the Liverpool Man Utd game at the weekend and the positioning of Robertson and Alexander Arnold, I dont think they were in their "official position" for more than 20% of the match and when they have the ball they arent defenders any more. I wonder how many Liverpool fans arent happy about leaving a lopsided formation or being exposed at the back... You have mentioned Candeias in your post, like a lot of other people have, but we almost set a new record at the end of last season (of winning all post split fixtures) whilst playing our best football in the games Candeias wasnt involved in! Ironically the only game we lost was when Tav never played, Flanagan was at RB and Candeias was back in the team. The difference between then and now isnt the formation but lack of form, back then we had an on fire Ryan Kent on the other side and if you watch those matches back, even just the highlights or goals, you can see we spread teams as we attacked down both flanks and centrally, but yesterday our only attacking outlet came from the right hand side. In my opinion we dont miss Candeias we miss any sort of threat on the left hand side, although Barasic has been playing well Ojo is horrific and the sooner Kent is match fit again the better!
  4. Del


    According to the manager hes not playing wide right... Its the same set up and system as the end of last season when we had Arfield Kent and Defoe upfront and when asked about pushing Arfield out wide Gerrard said he hadnt done that. I think the idea is that Arfield plays inside, leaving space for Tav to get forward and although both were poor yesterday Arfield was never in a wide midifield position taking on the fullback or putting crosses in.
  5. A done something very similar but with St Mirren, signed 2-3 loan players and ended up winning the league as Rangers and celtic were that bad. Qualified for the champions league group stages and just turned it off, totally ruined it for me!
  6. Dont worry mate, with my fitness and burst of pace over 5 yards we would have been fine 😄
  7. Del


    Hes played as many games at CM as he has FB! Done ok but wont be starting games anytime soon I dont think.
  8. The big man strolled it but I think me and you could have played at centre half today and strolled it! Good to see him get minutes though and look assured!
  9. Got 3 - will swap for another away game!
  10. Are Partick still full time? Hope he does well!
  11. Its mad watching these back and seeing the chances we actually created over the 90mins because at the time I felt we were very poor and laboured through the game, especially in the first half. Good goals though!!
  12. I am not sure how he fulfilled his evening but he was at a party, a few days after an old firm defeat... Which according to you is a big no no and all ex managers and ex players said never happened... Idiot!
  13. Del

    Jordan Jones

    Well the next time your out in town (Glasgow), im not sure how old you are actually, but if you ever go to a karaoke bar or if there is a jukebox or a band playing, ask them to put PA on. Ive been out many a time and tried to come up with ways to sing songs that have add ons (big bad bigot) and been told no as its a "Rangers Song" in fact there is loads that I've been told we arent allowed to sing/play...STB, PA, Sweet Caroline, I think we're alone now, Let it be... Although the last one is because we just sung Stevie G rather than let it be 😄
  14. Del

    Jordan Jones

    The debate was never whether or not it was a celtic song though, it was whether or not it was a rebel song, for me there is clear difference! People asked how context was important and I gave exampled of how context should be relevant, but I am not having that STB/PA arent Rangers songs... Maybe in other parts of the world but I am pretty sure that anyone with an interest in Scottish football would class them both as Rangers songs.
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