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  1. Kent...Kent will tear you apart...sometimes!
  2. Aye that is the measure of a captain, who cries or who seems bothered. That famous images of John Grieg, Terry Butcher, Richard Gough, Barry Ferguson, Davie Weir all crying really ring true... Tav is the captain and it shouldn’t change. I can’t understand the logic of people who think, “we need someone to lead the team better, than we have at the moment. Let’s take the arm band from Tav and give it to someone else, who is currently in the team, and not showing any more leadership skills/qualities.” Like having a fucking piece of fabric is going to transform them into a superhero!
  3. Well done mate, you've won the most ridiculous post of the day award for the 5th December 2019. Turn off your electronic device you use to post on here and collect your award tomorrow morning. Wont be here in 6months...even if we dont win any silverware this season, Gerrard will be going nowhere!
  4. I agree it does but from what I seen last night Tav was one of the few people actually demanding more from people and trying to get us going again. He has his flaws and wasnt great last night but in my opinion he didnt shit himself or go into hiding like some others did.
  5. This!! People are quick to criticise him for not being vocal enough, that he doesnt have a go at other players but he actually does it a lot! Maybe not in the same fashion as the likes of McGregor etc. but it was clear as day last night that he was one of the only people trying to drive us on!
  6. I'm not having that mate! Tav might be the captain but there are a team full of players that should be looking to drive each other on! Ryan Jack went into his shell, Goldson was all over the place, Steve Davis offered very little, people who form the core of what we are and try to do, but even when we were at our worst Tav was still asking for the ball and trying to drive us forward! I dont think he is singling out Tav when he says "leaders" there were let downs all over the pitch and unfortunately its from players he has put his trust in before.
  7. I think with Ojo, at least for me, its even more frustrating because he appears to have it all there... Big, strong, fast, good skill and good left foot but then strolls around like he cant be bothered. I know Aribo has had a few rough games but he doesnt stroll around and look like hes not trying.
  8. We could easily lose the final and then not get a result against Young Boys and in a week we have went from being joint top, with a final and a place in Europe after Xmas to play, to having nothing... Its a massive week and the players HAVE to show a reaction on Sunday!
  9. I think we have improved that side of our game a lot since last season but the way we threw away a lead in all three of those results, especially the manner of the goals, is really poor!
  10. What are they doing over and over that is wrong? Last night we were poor and Goldson and Helander were part of that, but they werent the worst players on the park! The way we play isnt them trying to be too smart, its how they are being instructed to play! Jack, Aribo and Flannagan gave the ball away loads trying to play out with the ball, the moment we start blasting the ball out of defence is when we start losing games. We arent built to win long balls or play for knock downs/second balls and I agree there will always be a time and place for clearing your lines, but last night we struggled because we resorted to going long too often, but you would rather have Katic, who is much worse on the ball than Helander and Goldson, play there to play more long balls? It was a very poor 2nd half from us, but we didnt drop points because we couldnt defend, we switched off and the midfield and attack were much more guilty of it than the defenders! Although Flanno should never play for us again, he is brutal!
  11. I agree with that to an extent but I you said, "if only we had the correct players on the park at the start, the subs and timing of them were different and certain players realised what the fuck a draw actually means to us." What players weren't correct at the start?
  12. It makes far more sense than throwing them in against celtic in a cup final for fuck sake 😂 Two players that have never played with each other before, neither of them having played for weeks but aye lets start them both in the biggest game of the season so far. As for Goldson and Helander fucking up game after game, they arent though are they? Before last night we had conceded 3 goals in 9 leagues games, where Goldson and Helander has started together, and I would argue that of those 3 goals they weren't at fault for any of them. In Europe we have conceded 5 goals in 5 games and although they had a nightmare for the 2nd goal against Feyenoord, again I dont think you can solely blame them for any of the other goals. People want Katic to play and I can see that to an extent, I dont think that defensively Katic is any worse than them, but for me Goldson and Helander are much better on the ball than Katic and thats why I would have them playing on Sunday, even though they were poor last night.
  13. It wasnt a close call, it was the wrong call, it should have been a penalty and the referee has apologised for getting it wrong. I've said 3 times now that I dont blame the ref for us dropping points, I haven't seen anyone say that to be fair, but what I did say was that we were unlucky with some of the decisions given, which we were. When you are having a bad day, those decisions going against you just compound it, and if the ref has given them it would have helped us!
  14. Starting Katic and Edmundson wouldn't be brave, it would be ridiculous! Katic was very poor against celtic at Ibrox in September and Edmundson has only played 6 games for us all season. Goldson and Helander have to start for me, but with Barasic at LB and Davis Jack and Kamara in midfield.
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