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  1. Which we wont because it would required a change in system and we all know that we can only play 1 way!
  2. but but but he scored against celtic and can win headers and that...
  3. As much as I dont think the OP is 100% correct, they didnt perform the way he has described them over the 90mins in my opinion, but lets not kid ourselves here, they are a top top quality outfit. It reminded me of watching an Olympic event where one of the top athletes in taking part in the heats, do just enough to make sure you qualify without really exerting yourself. Watching the game back, they really done whatever they wanted to without breaking sweat and although some people are saying they werent great, if you watch German football regularly you will see they had plenty of extra gears to go to if needed. Sadly we didnt test them enough and if a 2nd leg is played it will be much the same, they might win by a couple of goals but they arent the type of team to win 4-5-6 nil playing unbelievable football. 100% efficiency over extravagance!
  4. Thats why Katic cant play for me, he is awful on the ball! I have lost count of the number of times I have seen him pass it 3 yards to the FB or 10 yards to Goldson rather than try and pass it into the midfield as he is scared to pass. Its also the reason why I think Gerrard wont drop Goldson, as he is happy to get the ball and try to move it forward which Wednesday aside, he is usually pretty good at.
  5. It's pointless continuing this with you mate to be honest... Although you keep saying they are carbon copies, the situations arent comparable! Katic was responsible for defending a long ball at a goal kick, that was all he had to focus on, but he lost the header the flick on bounces about 25-30yards from goal, Brophy beats Goldson for pace and scores. Neither is blameless but short of trying to pull Brophy down I dont see what else Goldson could have done? At worst they are equally to blame but you need to expect better from Katic attacking that ball! Other than the fact that a St Johnstone player happened to flick on a ball, there is no comparison between the two goals. Goldson's is reacting to an incident that happens during play...he needs to be ready for the ball going in behind, played into feet, to the striker near him, dropping to the side of him all sorts of scenarios, and as the play develops it gets headed clear by a St Johnstone defender, the attacker is closer to the ball and quicker than him and Goldson doesnt challenge him in their air as he cant get to the ball in time, which is not his fault, and he defends that situation correctly! Once the ball is flicked on Goldson isnt involved any more, its all Katic, and he needs to deal with that ball! There is noone else to blame for that chance being given up other than Katic. As others have said McGregor doesnt cover himself in glory and maybe even Halliday to do more, but not Goldson!
  6. How long have you got... Katic might have scored against celtic but defensively he was poor. Have away the PK and the 2chances they had cleared off the line were due to him losing his marker and being beaten in the air twice from corners. Against Stranraer and St Mirren he never had anything to do defensively but on the ball he was terrible and give it away so many times it was unreal (something that I think costs us a lot when attacking as he is so slow and erratic with the ball). Against Hearts again he wasnt great, although you will probably blame Goldson for slipping and say that was his mistake 😄 Katic again wasnt great against Ross County and particuarly against Aberdeen on the ball he was woeful, he almost sets up Ferguson by cushioning a header down for him and then literally gives Cosgrove the ball (Goldson-esque) to run clear through, he passed the ball out of play 3 times with noone near him that game! He misses the next 2 games and is back in for Livi, another game where there wasnt much to do defensively but he gives the ball away constantly, the only efforts they have at goal is due to his poor defending, the first he completely misses the ball attempting a header and wipes out Goldson at their throw in, the 2nd he wins the ball in the air but just knocks it down, he then doesnt get anywhere near Dykes who hits the post. We all remember what happened against Braga, his "defending" for their 2nd goal is embarrassing and overall that night he was bad, then followed that up with an ever worse performance against St Johnstone. He has been poor for ages Katic, maybe not defensively poor, especially in the games where we didnt have to defend, but when we are dominating possession trying to break teams down and he is taking 3-4 touches before playing a 5 yard pass or kicking it out of play, it costs us more than his erratic defending!
  7. I dont know how many other ways I can explain it... Did Goldson lose an aerial challenge with an opposition player? No Did Katic lose an aerial challenge with an opposition player? Yes (he is very poor defensively in the air) In the incident involving Goldson, did the attacking players header/flick on directly lead to a goal? No In the incident involving Katic, did the attacking players header/flick on directly lead to a goal? Yes That is why Katic has to take a large portion of blame for the Kilmarnock goal! I am not saying he is solely to blame but he has a direct impact in the goal being scored, in my opinion the same cant be said for Goldson in the 1st St Johnstone goal.
  8. There are no mistakes there... As you said, he is in line with the other defenders, not no mans land, the St Johnstone defender heads it clear and their attacker (who is closer to the ball) reacts to it. There is no way Goldson or any of the other defenders should be further the pitch than that so their position is ok and he shouldnt be nearer to the attacker as hes not man marking him... If he charges forward and tries to win the header he doesnt get anywhere near it as the attacker is faster and closer to the ball, what he does is the right thing to do, he steps towards it and anticipates the ball, and hes almost right, its some leap by the attacker who just clips it and no more, but again there is no immediate danger when the ball is flicked on! Katic has to deal with that, there no ifs buts or maybes, no matter how much you dislike Goldson or like Katic...he had to deal with that ball much much better. Failing the clear the ball in the manner he did is a mistake, not holding off their attacker better is a mistake...he ends up falling over because hes made that much of an arse of it, but aye you keep blaming Goldson...
  9. Again mate, that's all far too simplistic for me... Goldson has been our best and most consistent CB for a long time, with and without the ball, yet even when he was playing well he was still getting abuse from fans. I remember arguing with someone on here before who said that every time he passed the ball it went out of play and even when I went back and counted them all (sad I know) and he hadnt, still refused to say he was wrong. It took Tav being injured for a couple of weeks and having to suffer Flanagan and Polster at RB to make people appreciate exactly what he brings to our team, although it appears thats gone already, but it will be the exact same when/if Goldson ever gets suspended/injured. In recent weeks all 3 have played some games and all three have made an arse of it at times, for me Goldson has made the fewest mistakes with and without the ball. The one against Hamilton is crazy and probably the worst of them all, but the mistakes made by others outweigh that, especially Katic and dropping Goldson for someone that has just been dropped for playing awful for ages, doesnt make sense to me.
  10. The photo shows you exactly what happening, he was never near enough to the attacker to challenge him in the air, he is anticipating the attacker missing the ball and getting ready to head it clear... What the photo doesnt show is the time taken from the St Johnstone defender heading the ball up the pitch to the attacker flicking it on...2 seconds...its unreasonable to expect Goldson to react to that and challenge for the header as he is so far away from him (rightly or wrongly) in line with the other defenders. How anyone can try and blame Goldson for that goal is beyond me man!!!
  11. He's persistently dug shite yet plays better and makes far less mistakes overall than the other 2 fit CBs we have at the moment... The eye's dont lie, you are spot on, what lets us down occasionally is the old memory, which is why it helps to go back and watch the games, even the highlights, and see the state of our defending at times, especially when it comes to Katic and Edmundson.
  12. Its not as simple as that for me... Katic was poor against Ross County away, especially on the ball, and then was even worse against Aberdeen at home...Edmundson came in for him against Hibs and although he scored he wasnt great, gave away too many fouls and got caught out a lot, then followed that up at Hamilton with another poor performance and was at fault for their goal. I didnt have an issue with Katic being dropped the first time and also didnt have an issue with Edmundson being dropped then either. I was surprised when Katic was dropped after St Johnstone though, not because he didnt deserve it he was awful for 2-3-4 games, but I didnt think Gerrard would want to bring Edmundson back in to a game as big as Braga...people cant say hes a coward or scared to drop people as that was a huge decision that paid off. Unfortunately thought Edmundson had another off night against Hearts and although Goldson had a nightmare being caught on the ball against Hamilton, defensively over the course of all those games hes not been anywhere near as bad as Katic or Edmundson!
  13. I would agree with that actually, he gets beaten by Brophys pace at the end of the day but he could possibly have done more to block him off.
  14. Its exactly the point though... We cant just drop players every time they make a mistake, especially when their potential replacement was dropped for making a number of mistakes over a 2-3 game period!
  15. Firstly Goldson didnt get beaten in the air...the St Johnstone defender beats Hagi to the ball and heads it up the pitch, their attacker reacts to the ball and Goldson is behind him, yes he reacts to that but he isnt beaten in the air. Secondly, it doesnt lead to a chance at goal. When Katic loses the aerial challenge (beaten in the air) against Kilmarnock the flick on leads to a chance at goal and ultimately an assist. For the St Johnstone goal although Goldson doesnt head the ball, Katic still has a chance to clear the ball, makes an arse of it, falls on his cunt and the attacker scores. If you are looking to blame Goldson for that goal you might as well say it was Hagi's fault as he was "beaten in the air" before it got to Goldson...
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