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  1. Del


    My phone cut out before I could send the rest of it... The point in making is that you are asking the wingers to stay wide and take advantage of a 1vs1 situation, like they did against Hibs, but the 1st goal came from a rebounded Ojo shot, that he hit from the middle of the pitch...the 2nd goal...good work from Jones who plays it through for Ojo (the guy supposed to be on the right) who again has ran from the middle of the pitch and he cuts it back for Defoe...the freekick Tav nearly scores, comes from a foul won by Ojo again in the middle of the pitch...the 3rd goal comes from a ball in by Davis but again there is no one on the right other than Tav, Ojo is right in the middle of the goal having tucked in from his wide position... Although at times the wide midfielders are getting some success in 1vs1s by staying outwide, there is also no doubt that we are creating a lot of chances by having the wingers tuck in, especially on the right. Last night game again proved this...Ojo got a lot of chances down the left but if you look at where the balls came from or even watch the build up, there is noone hugging the right wing other than Tav. For the first goal arfield is right in the middle of the pitch when he plays Ojo through...the 2nd goal again is the same, arfield is the main man but it comes from a more central position and Ojo scores as hes ran inside...the 3rd goal is brilliant play from Ojo but look at Arfields position, hes right behind Morelos all the time theres noone other than Tav on the right hand side. Im all for improving the team, but the one thing I wouldnt be changing is what we are doing in midfield and wide areas!
  2. Del


    I couldnt disagree more! Arfield playing inside allows more space for the FBs to go forward, especially on the right hand side. I dont know if you have read the entire thread but look at the heat map and average position of the players against Hibs, Ojo was on "on the right" but his average position was more behind the striker, again tucking in to allow space for Tav to overlap! Jones done well against Hibs but of the goals scored, the first was the rebound from Ojo's
  3. I'm all for laughing at the cunt but it was number 20 that made the big fuck up for the first goal last night, not him.
  4. I'm not sure if he just looks small or if he was small compared to the other defenders but his national team profile has him at 6ft1 which isnt that small!
  5. Del


    Arfield is playing in the same position/role that he was at the end of last season when he was brilliant for us, which isnt as a wide midfielder... Gerrard was asked about this last season and answered pretty resoundingly that Arfield is not playing out wide - 7:55 in the video below! I would agree though, I dont think his best position is out wide, but at his time with Burnley and Huddersfield (over 300 games) he played 90% of his games as a wide attacking midfielder, so you cant say he cant play there! Thankfully for your sake and mine, the manager isnt playing him out wide so we dont need to worry about it 😄
  6. Been trying for over an hour and its not working....shambles!
  7. What is it exactly that you are looking for him to do? What has he done/not done this time?
  8. Going in a few weeks, cannot wait!!!
  9. Del

    Premier Sports

    Assjacks every one of them!!
  10. Surely it is the position he holds that got the invite and not the man he is? It would have been easy for us to shun him because of the team he supports but for me this just shows we are above that!
  11. I read that more as in we don't need a replacement as we've already got people that can play there...
  12. Definitely, Defoe is a class act but its just lazy from the guys there...
  13. The questions that some of these people ask....jesus suffering! 3-4 questions about him being old, his age, advancing years... Boring as fuck!
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