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  1. A bit short notice but I have 2 spares available for this game now. Anyone still looking?
  2. John and Candeias

    I think that someone who has played at the highest level of football making over 400 appearances, as a full back, has a better understanding of where the defender should be positioning themselves than anyone on here!
  3. Josh Windass

    I actually really like Windass but fuck me he’s frustrating. He can have moments of brilliance, but the moments don’t happen often enough and outwith that he contributes very little. He has scored important goals for us and got important assists. I just keep hoping he can find some form. He wasn’t the only one that had a shocker today and yet it still took us to miss 2-3 chances and for them to get a PK to beat us.
  4. Hamilton vs Rangers - Premiership

    Ideally looking for 2-3 please!
  5. MOH

    I think so mate, apparently he has had 'too many chances' but I dunno what they expected. One less prick to worry about anyway :)
  6. MOH

    If you read the comments from Lennon then it looks like something has happened behind the scenes. It 100% wasn't a footballing reason or because he hasnt been playing well.
  7. MOH

    Naw he hasny, hes just a pure tarrier mate thats why hes not played well for us, nothing else, and dont try and debate it either, its obvious for every good proddy to see...........apparently!
  8. MOH

    Tell me the obvious logic in him playing well against the team he 'loves'? And please don't hit out with the trying to impress nonsense, because if that was the case then why the dozens of other players who support Rangers or celtic go on to have good games against the teams they support? Or is it maybe that MOH just had a few good games...
  9. MOH

    I dont agree with that mate, the move hasnt worked out but his attitude was/is far better than sum at the club at that time. The whole incident with missing the match is bad but apart from that I dont remember thinking he wasnt trying or uninterested.
  10. MOH

    I was sober mate, designated driver, and I was only aware of it because my brother pointed it out to me. I have seen highlights etc since the match but never thought to look for him in the replay but from memory him and forrester/hyndman were going mental. If hes a 'Sellik man' then wheres the logic in him playing so well against them? Some of the best games he has had for St Johnston have been against celtic. Now because it hasnt worked out he is 'happy to bleed a wage out of us' what should he do, ask Rangers to tear his contract up?
  11. MOH

    Definitely a player there! Hes been a really frustrating signing for me because he should have been what Candeias is now, a good foil for Tav and get balls into the box. A lot of people said that he didnt suit or style or that because teams defend so much against Rangers that we wasnt effective but look at the number of times he beats the player and pulls the ball back or crosses it. The whole taig thing doesnt mean anything to me, I was almost front row when Clint Hill smashed the ball home against celtic to make it 1-1 and MOH was going just as daft as the other players were.
  12. Fraserborough lockout?

    Compete and utter shambles, the blame starts and end with Fraserburgh. Imagine travelling all that way not to get in because it’s full. And I don’t know what some people on here think a supporters liaison is...’aye right ye are mr policeman, they’ve got tickets and I’m the Rangers SLO so there getting in, awright! For me, the club, supporters groups etc should all come out hammering them. Let’s be honest, the treatment we get at most away grounds is shocking. I’ve lost count of the number of games I’ve missed kick off at, despite being there in plenty of time.
  13. Bates at right back now?!?!
  14. We have just signed 4 players and if you add up the combined appearances of 3 of them this season ( Murphy, Cummings and Martin) they have played for a combined total of around 1,200 minutes, less than 15 games! These guys needs to get there confidence and match sharpness back and the only way to do that is to give them time on the pitch. What benefit to Rangers is it giving MOH, Halliday, Dodoo etc a game just because we can. Strong an 11 as possible should be playing.
  15. Why not chuck the gaffer in at fullback and JJ upfront as well seeing as we are giving everyone and there dog a game.