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  1. I agree. I think he got that yellow because the fans ran on the pitch. I'm happy we got the win...but it was St. Johnstone FFS...we didn't just beat Barcalona. No need for that shite IMO.
  2. I agree. The problem is Halliday. I'm not having a go at the guy don't get me wrong. However, in that midfield i just don't think he add's anything. Coulibally does more running and it better in a tackle IMO. Although Andy is probably better at passing overall. We need a number 10...badly. We've not had someone who can grab a game by the scruff of the neck and make something happen for a long time.
  3. My point was that you just can't play those 3 together and expect there to be a spark. None of them are really creative midfielders.
  4. MarzM

    Goldson & Worrall

    If Worrall is a "future England defender"...We can look forward to watching England getting pumped for many years to come...
  5. Creativity in the middle is a must in Jan. We need someone who can actually split a defence. That today was never a midfield.
  6. We were shite...It needs to be looked at as we wont win anything playing like that. However We played shite...and we won. Walters teams had a habit of doing that too. Far less chances than we did at Hibs but we got all three points. Now we need 2 good results before the end of the year. Barišić getting injured is a real blow.
  7. MarzM


    He's our player...We have to pay his wages...doesn't appear anyone else wants him on loan.... ...Might as well give him a try. Perhaps not in an Old Firm game...but in games v teams who sit back and pack the box...He might do a job.
  8. MarzM

    *****Official Rangers v Hamilton Thread*****

    I hope the game goes ahead. Take care on the way to Ibrox guys as there is an Amber weather warning for ice and snow. Might want to leave a little early to get here...and if you're early...head for a pint! 🙂
  9. MarzM


    The problem for him now is that if he does stay...Every fucking club footed lego muncher is going to kick him hard within the first 10 minutes...then he's a passenger for the rest of the game. I do think there is a player in there. However he needs to stop with the fucking drag backs inside his own half and be a bit braver in picking out forward, cutting passes. Good luck to the lad. However, with that attitude. I don't think he'll make it at Liverpool.
  10. MarzM

    Poor wee Leigh Griffith's

    I sincerely hope he's alright and that he makes a full recovery soon... ...Coz i want that wee buck tooth, square heid, terrorist sympathising little cunt on the pitch when we final stick it too they manky child molesting bastards!
  11. MarzM

    ***Official Dundee v Rangers Thread***

    Utter shit...just utter, utter shit.
  12. MarzM


    He's been poor for a while. He also appears to be undropable. He should have been rested well before now. Worrell is also shit..
  13. MarzM


    I'd be interested to know what percentage of his passes are "forward"...not a lot i'd assume.
  14. MarzM

    Allan McGregor

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
  15. MarzM

    Jon Flanagan

    Every game he plays in, all i keep hearing is the commentator say..."in behind Flanagan". He's fucking woeful. The QEII has a smaller turning circle...