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  1. Told another bear in work about this just after it was announced and his exact response was... "Well, i guess he's no here for 10 in a row either then!" Brutal...but i laughed like fuck!
  2. I think Goldsen was always going to find this season difficult. He's never been asked to play this many games in one season. Hopefully he can now kick on and improve. I like Katic. He is still very young and definitely has a lot to learn. Again, i think he will get better next season. Agree however we need to buy/get on loan a pretty dominant centre back.
  3. Halliday is not good enough for captain. He's a squad player at best. It would show a complete lack of ambition if he was named captain.
  4. MarzM


    Drop him, should not play for us again. Undoubtedly a talented lad, however we can't keep letting him get send off and killing us.
  5. Grezda getting wiped out in the corner was a shocker too...
  6. Absolutely fucking shite. We had enough chances to win 3 fucking games. Bottling bunch of bastards!
  7. The banner said "Morelos your mother is a mattress" (but in Spanish) Sheep shagging bastards. At least he knows who his parents are...cunts!
  8. "Who are you?" Jermain fucking Defoe! Muthafuckers.... GIRUY ya sheep shagging pricks!!
  9. Never said it wasn't...i just love it when we can stick the knife into them too...just so they can complain and feel hard done by!! lol Fuck em...i thought it was funny.
  10. Even better...His arm was up claiming Goldson was offside (which he was). Shouldn't have been a penalty...EVEN BETTER! GIRUY! ­čśŤ
  11. Tim's will be phoning the hotlines from inside their dump of a stadium to complain we got another penalty.
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