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  1. Shov-Olsen and Roofe should be our priorities, presuming Morelos is away. Now Katic is out ufn, I’d like to see Aidan Wilson resigned. Was disappointed in seeing him released. Also Lewis Mayo looked at as back up before shelling out on another centre back unless we get a good offer for Goldson!
  2. What with Katic being out ufn, how about re-signing Aidan Wilson as 2nd back up after Edmundson? Looked quality early last season, and was disappointed seeing him released.
  3. Cue a decent offer coming in for Tav... 👀
  4. Excellent, He can ring around and get the pubs open!!
  5. Agree on a compromise higher than 750 / 800 on a percentage scale. say 7.5%.
  6. I’d put him just behind the striker in a 3-5-2. McGregor Goldson Helander Katic Tavernier Jack McCrorie Aribo Barisic Hagi Morelos
  7. McGregor; Polster, Goldson, Edmundson, Barisic; Davis, Jack /Kamara; Kent, Hagi, Kamberi; Morelos 4-2-3-1 and get inta them!
  8. Was more like a 4-2-3-1 yesterday at times. After Jones came on and Kent switched to the right, with Aribo between then, that looked threatening.
  9. In a 4-2-3-1 you can have one holding midfielder and one box to box midfielder in the ‘2’ If only one holding midfielder, then 3-5-2 or a midfield diamond, which considering the amount of wide players at the club, isn’t in Gerrard’s plans any time soon. 4-1-3-2 is a possibility, but the centre of the 3 again needs to be a box to box midfielder. Combining 4-1-3-2 when in possession and 4-2-3-1 when not could be the answer.
  10. I read somewhere that him & Arfield are out injured.
  11. Polster is a more than capable holding midfielder. Aribo is the best of a poor bunch to choose from, what with Jack & Arfield out and Davis & Kamara playing shite recently. Obviously all in my humble opinion.
  12. Leaving him on the Subs bench should have sufficed. Get the message across to him but not to the detriment of the squad. I guess it’s easy to see things through rear view mirrors though.
  13. 4-2-3-1.. McGregor Goldson Edmundson Tavernier Barisic Polster Aribo Jones/Hastie Hagi Kamberi/Kent Morelos / Defoe
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