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  1. What's peoples thoughts on youth players who could potentially make the step up and play regularly next season? Presumably Patterson will get more games next season, gave a good account of himself in the run outs he's had so far. Don't follow our youth teams that closely, is Kai Kennedy ready for the step up? Is Josh McPake good enough to make it (i hear he's back from his loan spell)? Anyone other youngsters that could make the step up?
  2. Its an absolute must that we get our transfer business right this year, quality has to be added to the starting 11 and we need players on the fringes who Gerrard is going to trust to come in and do a job when needed. We were far too one dimensional last season, Tav and Barasic accounted for majority of our assists and Buff scored most our goals. Stop our supply to Buff and we ran out of ideas. IMO we need 4 players in the team/squad who will hit double figures in terms of goals, we've only got Buff at the min and Kent will prob get 10/12 goals (still not providing enough). Hopefully Hagi can chip in with a good amount of goals but still a question mark if he can handle the physicality of Scottish football and contribute over a full season. So addition to Hagi, i think we need another striker (assuming we keep Morelos), 2 midfielders (one enforcer, one goalscoring) and a winger. I actually think we can get by with our defence, altho would punt Tav if a decent offer came in - defence is not brilliant but not our weakest area. Would also get in competition for McGregor, he is abit erratic at times and can be prone to doing something stupid in games which could cost us. Regardless of who we bring in, Gerrard needs to be more flexible with tactics and formation - no margin for error next season.
  3. Don't think defence is the problem. We've relied too much on Tav for creativity when it needs to come from midfield. Goldson is decent imo, prob needed resting a few games last season - he literally played every game. Never understood why it took so long for Edmudson to get a game, surely at home he could have got a run out earlier...Gerrard does seem very rigid in style, formation and tactics.
  4. As good aa Ryan Jack is when he's at his best, he's injured too much for me - still think there's a better captain out there we can sign.
  5. We should have got Dykes in last summer. Would depend on the price we could get both Dykes and Ferguson for, we need to get value for money - particularly if (at least initially) both prob won't be guaranteed starters. We made additions last season, but didn't really add quality to our first 11 - we prob need to add 3 first team players plus a couple of squad players.
  6. Whether we think its a tainted title or not is irrelevant,media reporting it as 9 in a row...sky sports news reporting it as celtic confirmed Champions and 9 in a row. We need to concentrate on stopping ten in a row cause this season, and last, were opportunities missed. Gerrard has a simple remit next season - stop 10. Anything less is failure.
  7. It was always going to be the case that the SPFL would have a statement ready and be looking to shoot holes in any evidence we presented. It won't look good if there is nothing of any substance in the dossier though.
  8. Joey Barton has made a career off controversy, he was a steady premier league player - nothing more. Signing him was always going to be a car crash!
  9. I voted Bougherra but Mendes was a Rolls Royce midfielder...might be technically the best midfielder I've seen in a Gers shirt
  10. The financial implications on all football clubs must be stark. We might not see football returning this year and we're likely not going to see fans returning to stadiums (in big numbers) for a while. Forgot league reconstruction, their might not be many teams left in Scotland if football doesn't return sooner or later!
  11. Can't believe super didn't start against Switzerland...typical of him to come on and score a screamer!
  12. Leverkusen are clearly a good side but not great, certainly not by Champs League Standards. We are where we are, good on our day but lacking depth in squad and key players who can consistently deliver domestically. Thought Jack would be our main man in midfield for years to come but he's injured too often Davis' legs have gone...Arfield has energy but no finesse...Would bring Docherty back as a start next season and potentially sign Lewis Ferguson...we need to be signing the best from the rest who are proven in the spl
  13. Usyk boxes Chisora's head off but Chisora could land a big right hand so interesting fight.
  14. bluebell82


    Time and time again this season we have shown that when pressure and expectation is on our team - they fail. Its all about building for next season now, identifying who we want to keep, who we move on and who we bring in.
  15. Its a difficult one re Goldson. Gerrard's made abit of a rod for his own back by dropping players after one mistake but letting Goldson get away with several this season. I think Goldson is a good defender but he's played about 50 odd games this season already, thats more of the problem - tiredness and drops in form are bound to creep in. Edmundson should have played alot more games and he should have partnered Katic in a few games by now, particularly at Ibrox.
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