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  1. Gerrards first team selection.

    Think we'll punt Windass 2m to a champ side, if we can get good money for Morelos then take it ...Need prob 2 centre backs, couple of centre midfieldes and striker as minimum
  2. Gerrards first team selection.

    Think we'll punt Windass 2m to a champ side, if we can get good money for Morelos then take it ...Need prob 2 centre backs, couple of centre midfieldes and striker as minimum
  3. Barry Ferguson Career Gross Income

    Any person who has averaged 20k a week for 10/15 years would do well to blow it all surely...How do you spend 20k a week, unless its on drugs? What does the average footballer who are on 20k + their spend money on ? Must be places, restaurants, bars holiday resorts beyond the average persons means where they spunk alot of cash...
  4. Jamie Murphy

    Not sure if its a case of he doesn't go looking for the ball enough or our current players just can't find a pass to get him on the ball but always looks dangerous when in possession going forward...you'd think our tactic would be get it to Jamie asap who will make things happen, instead there's only fleeting glimpses of his talent in games
  5. The Boxing News Thread

    Joshua coming in abit lighter could play into Parker's hands by taking some edge off his power. If Joshua's plan is to be more mobile and keep up a high pace he could come unstuck and tire in the later rounds...The fact he's not that much bigger in weight than Parker means he may not be able to bully Parker and push him around - Joshua's size is his big advantage usually...
  6. The Boxing News Thread

    Predictions for Joshua v Parker then? I think Joshua Rd 8, first few rounds will be feeling each other out...4,5,6 is when the punches will start landing then 7 and 8 Joshua's heavy punches will start to get to Parker... Could quite easily be different if Parker is able to take Joshua's power and keep pressure on him...think Joshua is vulnerable if you get him going backwards and obv if he's tired he becomes abit static...
  7. Morelos over cummings

    Can see why Murty went with Morelos - he does hold the ball up and cause a nuisance of himself...does need to be benched to see what Cummings can bring
  8. Absolutely bottled it

    Letting them equalise so early after going ahead twice is criminal...do you think there will be tea cups flying in the dressing room from Murty? Probably not cause he too much of a nice guy and shows in our team we're not ruthless enough!!!
  9. The Boxing News Thread

    Wilder does seem to have freakish power and is awkward and gangly to fight against so could see him beating Joshua...Joshua is quite easy to hit and does like a tear up, which could be his undoing against Wilder...
  10. The Boxing News Thread

    It was a great win for Groves - proved what a top fighter he is. Easy to forget he schooled Froch in their first fight and was unlucky with a dubious stoppage then just got caught by a thunder punch in the second fight. Think Eubank will prob win a world title at some point but prob not at super middle weight
  11. The Boxing News Thread

    He was using drugs prescribed for high blood pressure and cleared by the WBC. Ortiz will be a big test for Wilder.
  12. Murty

    The fact its taken McInnes a month to come out and say he's dedicated to Aberdeen tells me the board don't have money to pay Aberdeen compensation or he's had initial discussions with the board and not been convinced by the funding (lack of) he'd be provided with and said no thanks ...the lack of progress on the managerial front is worrying!
  13. The Boxing News Thread

    He does seem on honest, good pro tbf Burns...def over achieved in his career. Thought he could have won that, landed better shots just didn't have the workrate. Crolla would get outboxed by Campbell
  14. The Boxing News Thread

    Failed for a prescribed drug, albeit they say it can be used to hide performance enhancing drugs - not confirmed he did anything wrong. Press jumping to conclusions. Wilder will take his chance and pull out the fight though - risky fight for him...he'll likely fight Stiverne again. Would like to see him fight Whyte but he doesn't seem to fancy that - Whyte would give him problems and has a good chance of beating him.
  15. The Boxing News Thread

    Pay per view on youtube heres a free link http://www.vipbox.nu/boxing/510704/3/joseph-parker-vs-hughie-fury-live-stream-online.html