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  1. Was probably scripted, the Triple H showing concern for his opponent is a bit corny, sorta thing the WWE would do... Although, was pretty fucking convincing.
  2. Aye ! Also, when Cena did the FU did anyone see the guy with the Wig in the front row? His reaction was priceless!
  3. He's quite clearly not as athletic anymore, he fucked up his kip-up just before the Peoples Elbow...
  4. Always the same old patter with The Miz isn't it... Pure boring, with a shite push.
  5. All sorts of reasons mate, I wanted to get a season ticket for this season but something else came up. Was gonna go to the Sporting home game as well but I had an exam the next day I had to study for.
  6. I've not been to a Rangers game in about 5 years sadly, but I'm going tomorrow!
  7. Started a game with FC Koln, some very good youngsters plus Podolski and Geromel...
  8. I think he looks ridiculous these days with his mad rage antics... Have to say, I don't like The Miz but he was hilarious last night when he came out looking like The Rock.
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