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  1. Teams have sussed out how we play when he is up top, we didn’t win six games on the bounce without him by chance. We have a different dimension when he’s out the team, other players step up, and there’s much less drama and we seem more professional. Hopefully he moves on in the summer if the price is right, and we can reinvest in some quality required in other areas.
  2. Fuck off man today just sums up our season
  3. Tough to watch in comparison with the last 6 games tbh
  4. Thinks he’s bigger than the team imo, defoe playing today we would have scored twice
  5. Worrals basically like giving the opposition an extra man, howling
  6. Did they give us one on 2010 when we were already champions?
  7. Doesn’t matter who’s in goals, katic won’t let any of those cunts get a sniff, 3-0 Rangers
  8. Can someone confirm that we never got one at the pig sty when we went there as champions in 2010?
  9. Did they give us one in 2010 when we went to their midden after we had already won the league? No did they fuck
  10. Confident he will be here next year, and he will only get better
  11. It really is outstanding what Ajax are doing this year, rest of the world take notice.
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