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  1. Is there anywhere I can watch this online?
  2. Go for it
  3. He's hardly put a foot wrong, and did we not sign bates from Raith Rovers?
  4. Was going to say that, change your 5m to 0.5m and it's a deal 😁
  5. Turning down a contract offer from rangers 😁 who does he think he is? Away ye go!
  6. We're playing not to concede now rather than try and get back into the game, pathetic bunch of losers on that park, simple as that
  7. Johnny Hendricks beat him in his last fight, imo
  8. I don't get the GSP hype, his last few fights have bored me to tears
  9. For their first show in Brooklyn it was a complete let down, the London card coming up is looking much the same, dissapointing
  10. How could one judge score the fight 30-27 Silva, wtf man terrible decision, I wouldn't even say Silva won any of the rounds, no takedowns and well outstruck by Brusnon.
  11. We won leagues playing worse than that most of the season
  12. People around me were like "and now yous start playing" after we scored our second goal. Can these people not see the only reason we started to create chances was because Motherwell went for it, not because we changed anything tactically, space just opened up because they had to attack us. We play well on the counter attack, otherwise we struggle to create a breakthrough.
  13. In the US aye, not in the uk :/
  14. Really want to see Ortiz v Sonnen tomorrow but it isn't being shown in the U.K. live, Is it?