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  1. Good on them, good to see a team with a big support making noise, I’m sure we will do much the same in Amsterdam/Rotterdam, it’s what footballs all about.
  2. Mon to fuck Rangers, I can’t even see the game but just get the three points man
  3. Thinking, out in the sun, in a pub, on my phone probably safest option
  4. Anywhere in Barcelona that might be showing the game tomorrow? Away for the weekend and would be good to catch it somewhere.
  5. JimmyCR1

    FIFA 20

    Anyone still giving EA money for this crap are off their heads.
  6. Pressures on us, if we don’t stop then this year then games a bogey.
  7. Best player on the pitch by a mile
  8. Why do people need to put up daft threads like this?
  9. Really enjoyed it, Stipe’s the man
  10. We don’t really “need to” we need to win our games that’s what’s needed.
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