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  1. The defence rests.

    Thought Mccrorie played well today.
  2. Corners

    Was going to come on and start a thread about this, 15 corners or something and Hearts won every one of them.
  3. Tarrier Tickets

    Absolute shambles, from the boardroom, to the pitch and right into the ticket office.
  4. Tarrier Tickets

  5. Statement from A Johnston

    Why even come out with pish like that? What has he achieved?
  6. The Boxing News Thread

    Was an exciting fight to watch, thought Ortiz had him, just shows you how lethal those bombs are!
  7. Murty.

    He should never have been put in this position, the board should have appointed a real manager
  8. Mccrorie and Dorrans

    Martin litteraly laid off Mcgregor for the killer second goal and were having a go at mccrorrie lol
  9. Why have they spread the fans out like that in bunches? Shiter of a crowd.
  10. The Game Next Week, How Do We Start ?

    Don’t let them play, give them no time on the ball, close them down from the get go. It’s been obvious that’s what we need to do for the last two years but between three different managers none of them have been capable of getting the team to do it.
  11. UFC live.

    Ended up a decent show, happy with that
  12. Ref clearly seeing this one out for United
  13. UFC live.

    Worst week in mma history. Was meant to be the biggest card in years and now it’s looking like another shambolic letdown.
  14. The Boxing News Thread

    GGG v BJS now?
  15. The feeling around the club right now is horrible, really feels like we’ve stagnated as a third or fourth place side. Not good enough.