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  1. Start next season with an extra three teams from championship (top three) and have three relegation spots and one promotion from championship. In turn declaring this season null and void and everyone happy, except separate entity.
  2. I never said these teams are trying to win them the league, I’m saying these teams definitely up their game against us more so than they do them. That’s just a fact.
  3. The first half of the season seems an eternity ago, I still can’t get over how bad we’ve imploded, it’s ludicrous.
  4. I’m not watching but if they’ve been the better side why are they not winning? They cunts are just jammy and get every decision going, whereas we’re the opposite, any slight thing seems to go against us. Sick to death of it.
  5. What chance have we got when no Cunt even gives them a game? Between that and the corrupt referees we’ve got nae fucking chance man.
  6. Yesterday was the prooving fixture and we fucked it. Making it difficult for ourselves.
  7. Start like a house on fire and blow them out the water, come on Rangers
  8. Some people just love to greet and moan.
  9. JimmyCR1

    FIFA 20

    If they were to change the engine or completely revamp the game they’ll most likely be scared they would chase away the players that splash all the cash and like the game just the way it is. 2020 and we still don’t have a playable, fair football game we can just sit down and play.
  10. JimmyCR1

    FIFA 20

    Problem is they’re still making a fortune off ultimate team, maybe more than ever, so it won’t change anytime soon. 18 was the last one I bought and traded it in after three days, decided enough is enough not giving them my money anymore.
  11. JimmyCR1

    Kris Boyd

    Commons trying to defend the hand ball goal not being disallowed was pathetic, “but, but, but” Boyd was just looking at him like wtf you on about.
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