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  1. Beginning of the season I said a good season would consist of, beating the tarriers, strong second place and a league or Scottish cup. The cup being the priority I would say, we desperately need silverware and we have failed miserably in that department. we have made progress, we are playing better football, at home especially having only lost twice. Our away performances still need looked at though. Using this season as a benchmark next season we should be aiming to drop much less silly points, with needless draws and last minute goals being at the route of the points dropped. And in cup competitions we need to be up for it, play with intesity and not gives teams a chance to play against us, silly mistakes cost us last night again. Horrible feeling waking up this morning and the next game that actually means anything in terms of the club going forward isn’t until July/August.
  2. JimmyCR1

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Played the originals to death but since ps2 era haven’t played any MK releases. I just feel games like this are only really good when you’ve got mates round, not really a game I would play against the CPU.
  3. Was the same as the last two games against them, complete domination and still drop points, just really unlucky tbh.
  4. Yep, that way they get the big semi and the big final, how many times is that we’ve drawn them in the semis now?
  5. Players aren’t coping with the pressure so far
  6. Time to see how bad we want a trophy this season, season defining game today
  7. 3pm kick offs are shown in other country’s live, this games litteraly being shown nowhere live.
  8. Boxing is such a backwards sport when it comes to crap like this. Between the pointless mandatory fights and the corrupt judges, boxing really gets let down in those departments.
  9. It’s just how it worked out, we only have ourselves to blame for the points we have dropped.
  10. The bitterness now has no ends, Scottish football is a toxic sesspit.
  11. Candeais was our best player last week and is on the bench.
  12. We’ve got a winning team and formation, he needs to stop changing it, stick with the winning formula.
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