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  1. Wow, people need to lighten up, enjoy it for what it is, stop being wee bitches.
  2. Wish people would just appreciate it for what it is and stop greeting. No one cares that you're not going to be buying it or aren't interested, the rest of the world will be watching.
  3. You dropped our top performer from Thursday night?
  4. Superb display, goosebumps when it got unfurled.
  5. Thought he played well enough, struggled to win headers though.
  6. Only big sizes left
  7. So I just went to get a top, and there's none left and the queue is right round the shop. Anywhere I'll get a small home top?
  8. Knocked out of Europe in Belfast on the 12th. Glorious.
  9. He's Irish and I'm a Rangers fan so I have to hate him. I see your Stone Age logic.
  10. I hope to fuck Conor knocks him out
  11. I don't get why people are so offended, it's a spectacle, something we get very little of these days. The fact it will be the highest grossing combat sports event ever tells you everything. People want to see it, as much as all the butt hurt folks go on about it being a joke etc, you will be watching with the rest of us.
  12. Have they watched him at all last season? 😳😂
  13. He inherited a team of loosers, who probably didn't want to play for him either, hence the young boys being brought in, so it was never going to work. He deserves a chance, a transfer window and a season to see how he can improve things, which I believe he will. But the problem is, as Rangers fans we expect first place and anything less is deemed a failure, so he has a job on his hands that's for sure.