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  1. Jdee.rfc

    Greg Docherty

    Pretty gutted for the boy too man I argued his case on here while back that I think he has more to give considering his age and playing under Gerrard. Obv over crowded in that department tho and I hope it’s a sign that rossiter injury ain’t that bad ( not to say next one won’t be)
  2. Funny how it turns out when he turns up safe ...family all givin him grief now and like comment above god help the boy if he has a burd ! The old " I duno where I was story "
  3. Ffs hope the boys ok ! Take it someone's foned round police stations and hospitals etc
  4. Jdee.rfc

    Jamie Maclaren

    And if we are signing strikers based on how they are doing in the spfl then surely we are all wanting Boyd back 👀
  5. Jdee.rfc

    Jamie Maclaren

    Filled with so much optimism for the season now ....
  6. Jdee.rfc

    Umar Sadiq

    Was thinking that as soon as read it
  7. Jdee.rfc

    Uninspiring new smart card :(

    Got mine on wed but my boys hasn’t came (he’s 3) do they give him one too ? Thought but weird only the one came
  8. Jdee.rfc


    Who ... He's a cert for hibs etc
  9. Jdee.rfc


    Take your pick stevie ...
  10. Jdee.rfc

    Have you bought a brick at Ibrox?

    Just recently got my old man and the Mrs got her dad one too , think it just got put up this week on the Peter mccloy wall sure was through charity from Rangers media so even better !
  11. Jdee.rfc

    MOH and Alves wanted

    Don’t think it has to be tooooo far , 6ft under suits me ...
  12. Jdee.rfc

    Martin Bjornbak

    I could be wrong but most of the team brenda has was there before he came he doesn't really have a good track record of having to go out and find players , albeit he has got the best (best they can give) out of the players like brown etc so like I say I hope they splash cash on that cunt and good few more. We need a few signings too excited us and they cunts will go out and try spend big to try and make an example and hopefully fail. But signings like we have been linked to this past week wouldn't have the other teams in the league worried let alone the scum
  13. Jdee.rfc

    Martin Bjornbak

    Like I said to another poster , we had a team of imposters and we weren't all that far off from them , with a decent manager who knew how to make tactical switches it could have been different , that's not a point of sticking up for our team it's a point of them being pish Tae ! Scum team IS pish fact that people think other wise is clueless
  14. Jdee.rfc

    Martin Bjornbak

    There's having better players than us and there's having good players ...they have better because our team was full of losers who have no fight but I wouldn't go around saying they have a good team , we weren't allthat far off from them at one point with our team of imposters ! Anyway spoke about them too much as it is
  15. Jdee.rfc

    Jak Alnwick

    As fans we argue/debate about how good or bad our players are but one thing we can't argue about is the shitty teams that they end up at after us and for no fees ! It says a lot about our squad that no one is falling over themselves trying to sign anyone by the looks of it. We need rid of plenty but we used to be able to get rid and still command a fee because there was quality there.