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  1. Surely miss start of next season tho ?
  2. Doubt he’s a genuine fan ! Surely some prick at wind up
  3. Jdee.rfc

    Joe Lewis

    He’s probly had similar game to to what mcgregor had when he was out on loan has he not ? I get not playing him would be detrimental to him though just like idea of having young boy who is supposedly meant to be decent as back up rather than paying some guy to see out his days on the bench
  4. Jdee.rfc

    Joe Lewis

    For me Liam Kelly is best keeper after mcgregor in the league ! But lots of ppl say Robby mccrorie is meant to be better than Kelly so maybe having him as back up to Shagger isn’t so bad !
  5. Mcpake is even better than I had hoped ! For me he stands out massssssively
  6. Is that 7 without a win now for that lying bastard ?
  7. F02B0034-8BB2-4279-93AA-38A3A5C13424.MOV
  8. Love everything about this thanks for reminding me how much I loved him he was on a different level
  9. Love seeing this ..the gruelling pre season set us up well for domestic and European games now this sets us up for bringing the league back home ! Plus shouldn’t be as many games now we are out of the europa ! Buzzing for 2nd half of the season 55 👌🏻
  10. Jdee.rfc


    People still do this shite ... wasn’t clever at the time
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