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  1. Is that 7 without a win now for that lying bastard ?
  2. F02B0034-8BB2-4279-93AA-38A3A5C13424.MOV
  3. Love everything about this thanks for reminding me how much I loved him he was on a different level
  4. Love seeing this ..the gruelling pre season set us up well for domestic and European games now this sets us up for bringing the league back home ! Plus shouldn’t be as many games now we are out of the europa ! Buzzing for 2nd half of the season 55 👌🏻
  5. Jdee.rfc


    People still do this shite ... wasn’t clever at the time
  6. Jdee.rfc


    And ur a deluded cunt
  7. Jdee.rfc


    What’s that ?
  8. Jdee.rfc


    Wid ye aye ... 👍🏻
  9. Jdee.rfc


    Maybe an exaggeration but let’s view it like this how much would u pay to get tav ? He has been consistently shite, never a captain and certainly never near double figures for him
  10. Jdee.rfc


    20m for tav 😂😂 literally few days before old firm I would have took 2m HAPPILY !! People are kidding themselves on if they think he’s worth anywhere near 10m but I do get however why it wouldn’t be right to sell him and maybe these figures are because of this time of year and the position we are in . Gerrard must know plenty right backs who could do a better job than tav and still have money left over
  11. Scott Allan linked to hibs again ! He must know he fucked it !!!
  12. Don't see it like that at all. Only need to look at players in our current first team from Saturday to see how they have improved under new management Murphy was decent enough for us I can only see more improvement from him and certainly offering something different from those mentioned above. Could offer something playing behind a striker in games too wether that be from the start or the bench. I for one am excited about these injured players being able to come in and play a part in a team that looks capable
  13. I’m sure someone can ask the guy tomorrrow twig or not seen as he’s posted his seat number etc
  14. Bought me n wee man season tickets this year he’s only 3 too and he’s took to it better than I could have ever hoped for ! First game fell asleep at about 30 mins in mind you then next game we left at half time but he’s been right into it singing blue sea of Ibrox or alfredooooo 😂 first game there I was talking to a guy in the toilet and he offered to take a pic of me n the wain going up the stairs which was a nice touch ! Genuinely so proud every game we go to
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