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  1. Anyone know what size to buy for 5/6 year old on site ? Doesn’t give size guide or that
  2. That's how bad both teams are ! Fuckin scum IMG_1844.PNG
  3. Alfie and Kent to score and Julien and frimpong to be carded 100/1
  4. No sure mate my mrs seen it on Instagram or something ..Stuart travel it says tho
  5. Not sure the page or that it’s on my mrs sent me it over ! Looks decent
  6. Not so much hate for the fella more so hate of the way he sets his team out to face us ! Team of thugs over the years ..that comes from the top ...
  7. Jdee.rfc

    Song Choice?

    Gonna come the time when singing Rangers is banned from being sung
  8. Jdee.rfc

    Song Choice?

    Bye Gerrard thanks for the memories but quite rightly u have walked because we sang bad words 🤦🏻‍♂️
  9. Was just about to post this
  10. Start of a few trophy’s for him this season
  11. RIP fernando soon as he was handed the arm band he became twice the player ! Great leader kind of guy u loved on ur team but loathed to play against crazy guy too can only imagine some of his stories
  12. Anyone know someone or site could get tickets for premier league games ? Gonna be in Manchester 23/11/19 and it’s Man City v Chelsea’s so defo be good to get couple of tickets for home or away end
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