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  1. Welcome to Rangers FC, Jason Cummings!!

    Same just sent it to my mate there too saying that
  2. Junkies vs Rangers

    Windass wide seems bit of a waste considering how good he has been through middle ! Woulda liked to see him with Morelos. Delighted he’s been bold enough to go with barjonas instead of niko...shows that he is past it now
  3. Awryt mate how do I go about getting my old man a brick at ibrox then ? Cheers
  4. Morelos

  5. Ibrox Gates

    Not be long till they are covered up with some shitty banner or something
  6. Pre season friendlies

    Now that we are out what do we do to prepare for the start of our league campaign ?! Also players would have been bought in the basis of us getting some return in money from euro run!!
  7. Jason Holt- Hostile takeover?

    Naw ..Attention seeking !
  8. Another BBC shambles

    I'm far from outraged but it is very bad taste , I can see why people are giving the BBC it tight ! The more bad light shed on they cunts the better
  9. John Fleck

    What's everyone's issue with flecky? We got money for him ... he was asked to play in totally different position ...told basically not to pass ball forward ... fell out with ally ( apparently ) ??? What is it ?
  10. Matt Crooks

    Stats do look good but I seen him play in a game where he looked fuckin dreadful but managed to score. Didn't sway it for me I still don't think he would make it at us.
  11. That's what she said ... 🙄
  12. ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    If he comes here and wins league after the shit season we have had he will walk into any team he chooses 🙄
  13. Clint Hill - third would be a success

    Both keepers comments are totally justified..wether they played or not isn't an issue for me. Comments like this from current players only show the level of the rot in our squad and no passion to play for our club. There's genuinely no fight in them, next season is more of a worry for me than this season as we will lose a lot of players ( obv for the best ) but who the fuck can we afford to bring in or even attract to come to us.
  14. ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    I'm just adding this with absolutely no other comments or input ... Fuck McInnes !!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Did this really equal 15m

    Mainly the part ppl taking the nip and and accountant chat over a simple post ..that's what I found funny AS A RANGERS FAN and as a normal person too I never knew there was a difference.