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  1. Let’s not forget that’s our first league win over these cunts since 2012 I think so Stevie G in his first 6months imo has done a great job and will win 55 , I have a feeling it’s this season.
  2. I’m sorry but whoever sanctioned Murty to take over till end of the season should be hounded out our Club it’s negligence of the highest order and has rippled the pish out of our support enough is enough.
  3. So should the cunts running our Club they should be ashamed putting Murty in charge GTF the lot of you.
  4. Rumours going round the game is off coming from the Club.
  5. To give us a chance I would go 3-5-2 compact Midfield and don’t let them play like European teams have done and Hearts recently, if we give 200% we will get something from the game and could beat them. WATP
  6. That’s absolute bollocks Murty had a choice he’s chosen it and he will be gone sooner rather than later next 2 defeats and the fans will turn.
  7. Murty is not a Manager he’s an under 20s coach ffs the only thing that will save him is he gets an experienced No2 if not we’re fucked, the cunts running our club are doing a better job than the Kelly’s years under the scum. Lies after lies no transparency give us your money and shut up, they can GTF.
  8. These cunts are not interested not good enough fucking embarrassing to say the Least. The board to players are a fucking joke GTF out our Club.
  9. Anything less than 110% today the players who don't put a shift in today should get sacked, last week I seen fans turn on the players for there performance and it could get nasty if it's repeated today again. I hope Pedro has learned from last week and today will tell let's do the scum WATP.
  10. This is bullshit story Wes will be playing , the media are doing there best to get the scum over the line.
  11. My team for v Scum Wes Hodson Bates Wilson Hill Beer Tav Toral Hyndman Miller Gardner 3 - 5 - 2 push fullbacks up stop the scum in Midfield and we can open them up and create chances with 2 strikers.
  12. The scum are beatable they have 2 players Dembele and Sinclair we need to man Mark them and give them nothing. As a man we need to be at our best today I'm hearing the team is Wes Hodson Hill Wilson Wallace , Tav Holt Hyndman McKay, Miller Waghorn playing 4-4-2 let's do it WATP
  13. None of these rags have got a fucking clue , it's a case of let's pull this one out the hat today to sell our rags. The board must get this right as appointing a fucking clown will result in Season Ticket sales down massively, the fenian rags are scared we appoint someone with pedigree to stop the scum it's simple as that.
  14. Warburton is finished he is totally fucking clueless and these cunts are not good enough they can't even give you 110%. We needed a DM and we bring in Toral who has sat on a bench for 6months and is unfit. Fucking joke.
  15. I will trust Warburtons judgement on players he wants and decides to make captain /play etc he will live or die by the sword but i am fully behind him.
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