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  1. legalbeagle

    B&F forum

    Apart from the interminable monotony of the B&F stream of repition, this kinda stuff is among the reasons I stopped going there. So, to be fair, you guys are definitely getting what you want. The more pointlessly abusive you are, the less I post. Toodles
  2. legalbeagle

    B&F forum

    I’ve always said we shouldn’t need separate sub-forums relating to Rangers stuff, we’re not even allowed to talk about potential transfers or a new manager in here, so it’s just odd that we let all of this have a free for all.
  3. legalbeagle

    B&F forum

    Are we shutting that now, given that most of the Bear’s Den is the same as the B&F? I thought the whole point of it was to keep tossers like me out of the BD?
  4. legalbeagle

    Would we accept a 3 year turnaround plan?

    Yes we should do that, no we won’t and we don’t have a fanbase that would accept it.
  5. legalbeagle


    Yo! i stand by my comment in your little trail.
  6. My biggest disappointment was probably Jonas Thern, really frustrating time at the club. positive surprise - probably David Weir (going way back I remember thinking Kevin Drinkell was a good success)
  7. I was at that game and I agree, but go to 8:05 in this YouTube....
  8. legalbeagle


    You shouldn’t believe the stories about the 60s, 70s and 80s. There were abject performances and results.
  9. legalbeagle

    Possession based football

    The main theme on here for years was demanding pretty football. Personally, I have always seen us as direct. Even including the Gascoignes and Laudrups, it was more about getting goals than possession.
  10. I put up the pre-Souness league table last night. We finished a season with 13 wins, 9 draws and 14 losses. We are currently 7-3-3. It was a lot worse, and that was many years since we had won the league too.
  11. legalbeagle

    When's the march to get rid of the board?

    I think in the vast majority of cases, it is that people could see through what Ashley was doing and didn’t want him at the club. And they would still feel the same - not because they wanted King, Murray, whoever.
  12. legalbeagle

    When's the march to get rid of the board?

    I prefer the current owners to the previous owners. I didn’t march in either case. i am fine with people marching in both cases. what are your answers to your questions? Out of interest.
  13. legalbeagle

    When's the march to get rid of the board?

    So, just to be clear. I didn’t march then, I am not marching now. I defended people’s right to march before if that was what they wanted to do, and do the same thing now. For that I am a hypocrite?
  14. legalbeagle

    When's the march to get rid of the board?

    good for you. If people feel strongly about something and want to march, they should go and march, wanting someone else to do it for them is apathetic. you being drunk and not liking me makes little difference to my life.
  15. legalbeagle

    When's the march to get rid of the board?

    You can’t take any action without needing to follow Craig Houston? Why can’t you go and march if you think it is required?