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  1. Never really understand why diving is considered despicable cheating but people are happy for players to get away with lots of sneaky fouls that the ref can't see at corners and stuff.
  2. Thoroughly deserved, has been vital in getting us points and is also a fantastic influence/role model for others.
  3. None of those who walked out on us should ever be entertained. Never forgive, never forget.
  4. Blatantly ridiculous decision, cards should be reduced or removed if there is a clear case that it is a mistake, not just a different judgement call. It is embarrassing but inevitable that they would do this.
  5. There is only Tav on the pitch for us at the moment. Ridiculous.
  6. I don't know why you have done the same thing that Courtyard Bear did, but to be clear, if i am talking to you then it is just you. Not 'all'. If I was suggesting that anyone was stupid it would be you, not all. I am not particularly aware of any public statements issues regarding EH CIC, but if there are and they are wilful lies, then yeah. If circumstances have changed, then no. And if statements are knockabout, misinterpreted posts on an obscure forum on here, then no. Generally speaking, having watched the way the Greg has carried himself with having to deal with some extremely hostile and rude individuals, I think he could be extremely good at this job.
  7. Why would he not? and I offer no comment on the remainder of the nonsense, as I have managed to rescue my life and avoid trawling through our boardroom section these days.
  8. Did I? You do seem to be drawing your own conclusions as to what I have said. I'm sure if I was to hypothetically point out an instance of an untruth, you would not be impressed if I used something you hypothetically insinuated, would you?
  9. Nope didn't say that either, I was just pointing out that the entirety of my point was about laughing at Courtyard Bear
  10. I always do
  11. No, your massive petted lip, not Bears being lied to, just you spitting the dummy, it has been really funny to watch someone acting so petulantly.
  12. What would the accusation be?
  13. The chip on your shoulder since someone took your precious Rangers First away from you has been one of the highlights on here this last year or so.
  14. You'd know all about lies mate.
  15. Always good to have our usual minority of trolls (and no, that doesn't apply to anyone with reservations) rehashing their old nonsense as they whinge away about this appointment. i watched Greg try and try and try on here, giving answers and engaging with people who were often snide or downright rude to him. What it demonstrated is that those who demand answers don't really want them, they would rather have conspiracies to talk about.