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  1. Colonel H VC

    David Hagen

    Played against him a couple of times. Your health is your wealth.
  2. Colonel H VC

    England related thread

    I despise the prick. Wasn't good enough for England.
  3. Colonel H VC

    **Official Rangers v Bury Match Thread**

    You say tomato I say amato
  4. Colonel H VC

    **Official Rangers v Bury Match Thread**

    You carrot be serious !!!!
  5. Colonel H VC

    Supporters bus from Gourock/Greenock.

    Greenock Rangers on bank st. Gourock Rangers leaves from the vic bar gourock 630ish. I'm sure they will accommdate you.
  6. Colonel H VC

    *****The Official Motherwell vs Rangers Thread*****

    Alas, where did it all go wrong !! ?
  7. Colonel H VC

    ****Your official Rangers v The Accies thread ****

    Sold out. Not good enough !!
  8. Colonel H VC

    *****The Official Hivs vs Rangers Thread*****

    Play the youth team, just to wind Houston up.
  9. Colonel H VC

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    sounds familiar
  10. Colonel H VC

    Model The New Top

    Sexist threads have no place in a vibrant, diverse and forward thinking platform such as RM. We all have a responsibility to challenge any form of discrimination, victimisation and sexual exploitation of females. With regards to the above poll, nada,squatting, utilising a coffee table.