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  1. Colonel H VC

    25 years ago today this happened

    Got lifted that day. Overnight stay at London Rd. Sheriff court next day. Then release without charge
  2. Colonel H VC

    CLUB 1872 statement on the fanzone

    The fanzone, outside Ibrox, on the day we raise that title trophy for 55 will be the greatest of responses to those corrupt indivisuals.
  3. Colonel H VC

    David Hagen

    Played against him a couple of times. Your health is your wealth.
  4. Colonel H VC

    England related thread

    I despise the prick. Wasn't good enough for England.
  5. Colonel H VC

    **Official Rangers v Bury Match Thread**

    You say tomato I say amato
  6. Colonel H VC

    **Official Rangers v Bury Match Thread**

    You carrot be serious !!!!
  7. Colonel H VC

    Supporters bus from Gourock/Greenock.

    Greenock Rangers on bank st. Gourock Rangers leaves from the vic bar gourock 630ish. I'm sure they will accommdate you.
  8. Colonel H VC

    *****The Official Motherwell vs Rangers Thread*****

    Alas, where did it all go wrong !! ?
  9. Colonel H VC

    ****Your official Rangers v The Accies thread ****

    Sold out. Not good enough !!
  10. Colonel H VC

    *****The Official Hivs vs Rangers Thread*****

    Play the youth team, just to wind Houston up.
  11. Colonel H VC

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    sounds familiar
  12. Colonel H VC

    Model The New Top

    Sexist threads have no place in a vibrant, diverse and forward thinking platform such as RM. We all have a responsibility to challenge any form of discrimination, victimisation and sexual exploitation of females. With regards to the above poll, nada,squatting, utilising a coffee table.