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  1. I'd send him back to Liverpool in January
  2. Kamara - how he escapes criticism is beyond me. Was pish today. Arfield - Posted missing again. Aribo - Other than 5 min spell, I forgot he was playing. Taverneir - Couldn't hit a barn door today, was pish. Morelos - Couldn't hold up the ball at all today, was good for his goal however. Ojo - Nothing more needs said. That was 5 players that contributed nothing to the game (give Morelos a bye for the goal). WTF! Hearts were pish, but they played with a desire that we should have had.
  3. THAT WAS FUCKING RANK ROTTEN. Disgusted. Looked totally bereft of ideas, no fucking fight or desire shown at all. Honestly fucking raging at that result.
  4. There is a Bluebells in Costa Teguise, so there must be 2 on the island!
  5. Honest to fuck had me in tears laughing. Well done mate.
  6. The statement that there is no God is ridiculous. You are stating a belief, not a fact. And belief is the realm of religion. Atheism is just as bad as any other religion. Where is your proof? There is a branch of current scientific thinking that posits all there may be is consciousness, matter doesn't exist at the fundamental level. Panpsychism goes back to Plato and still retains credibility today. If I had a state a belief state, I'd go with agnosticism, however I'd like to imagine a world where the entirely of the universe is 'god' and we're each a part of it.
  7. We got nothing from the game. Every second ball went to celtic. Every tackle went to celtic. Thought the referee was poor but we struggled to get any rhythm going.
  8. Fuck me, the number of fans in here that expect them to be spoon fed over their own behaviour. If you wouldn't say in a court in front of a judge, then you probably shouldn't sing it when you're watching Rangers.
  9. There is always an example...we're it. Wise
  10. If we get through its a stick on they'll close Ibrox. The Club are just trying to show they are actively doing something about it. It won't matter other than PR to show action.
  11. If you need someone to tell you what words the average person would find offensive then there really isn't any hope is there.
  12. No, just the ones where we sing about them...quite why we do I've never understood. We talk about them being obsessive but all our 'popular' songs obsess over them.
  13. Look, the UN recently defined hate speech to include complaining about migration - its the way of the world. People believe if they control language they control thoughts/ behaviour. There is no argument our club can make against this - its UEFA's competition. The Club need to toe the line and do as told. Which means we the fans need to support the Club.
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