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  1. Its not actually the guy that's making the noise though is it? He's just annoying the tunes.
  2. Isn't Houston the guy that went travelling to watch the filth play abroad?
  3. When King and his board have cleaned up the mess left by others; when they sorted the commercial deals; when they have a decent team and manager challenging again... Then you'll find a list as long as your arm for the job. Right now, it's not worth the hassle to anyone other than a fan.
  4. Agreed. But who else does it? I respect the fact he felt obligated to do it as a fan but personally would rather have not got involved. King is many things, but he is also a fan and will do right by the club. You could bump him out but what's to stop another Llambias or Green getting their mucky paws on the club? Before I'd want King to leave, I'd want to know who is replacing him.
  5. Should go to someone who has experience of running a big RSC. No one else.
  6. Honestly, fan groups are just cringe. Petty politicking, bowling club mentality and jumped up people with a taste of power.
  7. Our DoF is more of a back room role than management. Would suit the younger savvy types than crusty old managers like Levein.
  8. Can't see it.
  9. 2nd phase of play pish. Cut ball back and no one is offside.
  10. You can't be offside from a throw in.
  11. Headline bearing no resemblance to quotes shocker.
  12. Blocked via Sky it seems =/
  13. The only thing I'll say in DM's defence is that he didn't have a choice. The bank had him by the balls and he did what he was told to. The bank is entirely at fault in my opinion, they didn't care who gave them cash, only that they were paid. DM lost his business and his reputation Whyte will likely lose his freedom Ticketus lost, what £25m? Meanwhile Lloyds got £18m back.