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  1. The won eight in row (although most tainted) They were awarded one. They never won nine in a row.
  2. Well we don't know who it was commissioned by or paid for, as he won't tell anyone.
  3. Question is what do we hope to achieve with it? 32 clubs have to agree to it - they will vote with self interest, not whether celtic get another title, they couldn't care less. If our evidence prolongs the league, the uncertainty and risks the cash/ good graces with UEFA, clubs won't care what evidence we have. I think the best we can do is remove a number of celtic placemen, Doncaster/ McLennan/ McKenzie and start to remove their iron grip.
  4. I'd play lopsided, Hagi through the middle and Kent can wander left and right.
  5. It would be good if the canned the whole Scottish Parliament and devolved services as well. How much waste must that generate duplicating so much up here that can be run nationally.
  6. Very true: https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/archives/news/28245/celtic-chief-gers-are-boring-holy-willies/ A certainly sectarian as its a reference to Burn's poem on the Church of Scotland.
  7. Rival fans in naught names shocker. A story written to give the unwashed obsessives something to feast on.
  8. Dunno why, but I get the impression The Dude would be disappointed if the morally correct choice of voiding the league was chosen.
  9. Isn't that what passes for journalism today? The difference between an online troll and a journalist is one has fun while the other thinks he matters.
  10. English system has a regional pyramid below league 2, you'd just use this principle to have regional leagues in Soctland/ N.Ireland and Wales.
  11. UEFA should just create a massive pyramid of European leagues and clubs.
  12. Well given they stole our fucking prize money before, I'm sure they'll do the same this year and keep it all, thieving fuckers.
  13. Not sensible if, like you, you see football as a means to make money rather than having some sporting integrity and fairness. We should expect nothing else from you given you need it to make a wage.
  14. Eh? Of course people are unhappy - but surely the honest, ethical and sensible approach is to recognise it could not be completed and therefore you need to replay it. Just like a game being called off when you are 2-0 up, the league is called off. So go again.
  15. You go back to the start of this season and replay the whole thing. Europe is fucked, CL is fucked. Cups are fucked. Just reboot and go again.
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