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  1. Bite their hand off. Seen too many Scottish teams hold on to players when bids come in and end up losing out. Cash in now and reinvest.
  2. Warburtons hidden gems

    Warburton might be more suited to a DoF role, but he never was and never will be a manager.
  3. Sun scum

    How did they get the video?
  4. **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    Wes Tav Martin Wilson John Candeias McCrorie Goss Murphy Cumdog Morelos
  5. Ross McCrorie

    What? I love the boy but he doesn’t win his headers which is kinda of a big deal for a CH. we should coach him to DM.
  6. Ross McCrorie

    Given he can’t head a ball, it would be DM for me.
  7. John, Wilson, Bates, Tav - our best defence?

    McCrorie can't head a ball, won't make it as a CH, we should coach him as a DM
  8. Tav

    We should be close to 5m before selling.
  9. El Buffalo

    I know the guy, he hates both Old Firm but knows which side to bash to pay the bills.
  10. Soccer AM

    http://www.skysports.com/watch/video/tv-shows/soccer-am/11189169/you-know-the-drill-Rangers Dean is a bit of a nutter!
  11. Player ratings

    The Mail ratings.... Gordon 8 Foderingham 6?!? Lustig 5 Taverneir 7 Boyata 5 Alves 3 Ajer 6 Wilson 7 Tierney 6 John 6 Brown 7 Candeias 7 Armstrong 6 McCrorie 6 Forrest 6 Holt 5 Mcgregor 6 Niko 6 Sinclair 5 Windass 6 Dembeblelelele 4 Morelos 6 I'd say Fod was a 7 or 8, Tav was an 8 and Holt was a 6 or 7.
  12. Ross McCrorie

    Played well overall but on a few occasions got baited, lost his man or turned. But he's fearless in the tackle or challenge. I'd like our coaches to work on him as a CDM as I don't think he'll make it as a centre half, his heading is not good enough for defence.
  13. John, Wilson, Bates, Tav - our best defence?

    Bates and Wilson are a good match. Bates is a great stopper, gets his head onto long balls and snuffs out danger. Wilson is better on his feet and has good distribution. Wilson lacks concentration though, but I think the partnership is stronger together than individually.
  14. Tavernier

    If he can maintain that level of form and leadership, he'll be a true Ranger.