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  1. Can we bin this thread now? They are gone. Had their chance with us and wasted it. We move on.
  2. He was pulled back after the clearance and landed on the defender's knee. Stop being a dick and slating him for nothing.
  3. We pummelled them. They sat 11 men behind the ball and we couldn't break them down. It's hardly like they were all over us.
  4. I think he can succeed. I'm not sure he'll be given the time though to get it right and I'm not sure the players we have are good enough to break down teams that raise their game and fight for everything for 90mins. Success breeds success. We need momentum and teams fearing us. Right now we're toothless up front but if we can address that I think we have the basis of a good squad. Id buy Moult and Walker as a priority, proven in this league.
  5. McKay was the only one with ability I'd keep, but he decided he wanted to go and join his surrogate father in Warburton.
  6. This forum at times.... Some folk come across as the looney old geezers that stand and shout incoherently at passers-by.
  7. Someone called?
  8. Should be his only entry in the History of Rangers Players.
  9. Heads coming together isn't a red card, plenty of players square up to each other. It's the forward movement while heads are touching that warrants the red card. Plenty of evidence of heads together, but none of Jack pushing forward
  10. Self flagellation, ok Opus Dei member.
  11. Yeah, it was Jack, with Beaton as ref. Different outcome though?
  12. If we want to apply the law Stokes is off for his initial with Tav Dorrans is off for grabbing the guys throat Stokes is off again for his head to head with Jack Jack is off for his retaliation McGregor is off for his rugby tackle (twice) on Morelos McGeoch is off for repeated fouling 3 Hibs and 2 Gers Ref bottled it though.
  13. Stick to writing the facts, that's challenge enough for Jackson. Who the fuck cares about his opinions?
  14. Was he pished when he wrote that? That is torturous!
  15. If the players and the fans can get to analyse ever detail of contentious decisions from multiple angles, in slow motion to make our judgement. The ref should to.