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  1. I always thought Morelos would make an excellent #10 to support Defoe. Morelos strength, link up play and goal threat all would make him an excellent #10, if we played 4-2-3-1, he could play in the middle of the top 3.
  2. What’s this new system we’re playing? Blind to tactics, someone explain it to me.
  3. Honestly thought the huddle at the bottom was naked for a second and this was a legendary blue nosed tat GIRFUY
  4. This is a bit out there but bear with me. I think our problem is linking midfield and attack and offering some creativity. I'd like to try
  5. Hope our guys at the game keep the heid and don't retaliate. You know we'll be hung for it and airbrush their behaviour. Hope Ref comes out and red cards someone from Hibs for it.
  6. The Compliance Officer is a prime example of being careful what power you give as it can be turned against you. It was a good idea to give the opportunity for when a Ref fucks up to have it evaluated, but its turned into the Court of Public Opinion, and therefore against us.
  7. Excellent vid. Nice timing on the music and goals as well. Well played sir.
  8. Your first name isn’t Sue by any chance?
  9. Smells taigy as fuck this thread.
  10. Be good if we can take this to the Court of Arbitration in UEFA. Highlight what a cesspit the SFA is.
  11. The only team in the world to be referee'd three times Once by the ref Once by the media Once by the compliance officer
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