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  1. Pedro Press conference

    Yeah imagine a foreign new manager trying to bring fans inside after that game being ruined by s ref.
  2. Millers Agent

    If Miller isn't happy with Pedro then I suggest he approaches the club and asks to terminate his contract and he can be a free agent, otherwise he can knuckle fucking down and change his agent.
  3. Impartial mhedia experts!

    So on message then...
  4. Impartial mhedia experts!

    Btw are you Traynor without his spellchecker or does he pay you to write this pish?
  5. Impartial mhedia experts!

    TLDR version media are (still) cunts.
  6. Confidence breeds confidence

    I think the difference was they were joining a team already established and winning. Adding to a successful team where the only competition was the the filth is different trying to put an entire new team together that hasn't won anything at any senior level. We're no different to any other team in the league now. Aberdeen have more success than us in recent history and the players already know what they can achieve. We are the same as Kilmarnock or Hearts in that we've built an entire new team but have no substantial core of players who have won anything Our team doesn't and it shows.
  7. Confidence breeds confidence

    I think where we struggle is confidence. We still have a team of players who have largely won fuck all in their careers, despite being a step up from previous years. This is why when we concede or go in front we lack confidence to kill the game and instead 'fear' making mistakes. Unfortunately, the only solution is winning. Easier said than done.
  8. Gers Fans Applaud celtic Supporters Ibrox Disaster Tribute

    I tend to assume these are just obsessive filth supporters that are lost in their own minds and don't know remember they are celtic fans.
  9. Dave King

    No, but don't let that stop you creaming your sister's pants.
  10. SFA or SPFL

    Given the Tom English even comments on Griffiths behaviour tells you everything about this no-mark classless idiot.
  11. Dave King

    He can't be forced to buy them, only to make an offer.
  12. *** The Official Partick Thistle vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Team need to sort out their attitude and keep this up, don't fucking drop off
  13. *** The Official Partick Thistle vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Why we decided to sit on our 18 yd box for the entire second half is beyond me.
  14. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Man the fuck up. Or get yer maw to dry yer eyes.
  15. Cardoso

    The fuck? You smokin' or fishin'?