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  1. He's right. They've won 6 titles, but have got 2-in-a-row against us.
  2. He recognises that. But he rightly states, the X-in-a-row concept in Scotland is Rangers vs Celtic.
  3. Even if we just unsettle him it would be worth it to upset the mutton abusers.
  4. Can an admin secretly murder this thread and make it go away? Ninja style.
  5. Aw diddums, did the big bad forum hurt you widdle fweelings?
  6. Must be great to live in your perfect world.
  7. A DoF isn't a standard role. You can have many different types, from a Craig Levein (I'm really the manager) to Mark Allen (I'm a support team coordinator). Pedro has already stated in an interview he wants a DoF so he can deal with scouting/ youth team/ back office etc and leave him to coach.
  8. It wiz that pyoor sectarian Orange Sun that did!
  9. Mock outrage. Disgraceful.
  10. Can imagine the cops in the this country when they have no idea how long a game will be, or the TV stations. It will never fly. The current set up suits TV scheduling.
  11. For average games yes, but for time wasting games no. Hence the desire to change it to stop it.
  12. To guarantee 60 mins of actual game irrespective of time wasting.
  13. That he wasn't good enough wasn't his fault. The club signed him and he gave his all every time he played. Thats all I ask. Best of luck Joey.