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  1. Does a bear shit in the woods? Is the Pope a Catholic? Did celtic harbour pedos? Next insightful installment from The Dude.
  2. Its the only way. Scottish football is run by committee. We can't push change through alone, we need the support of the other clubs. If they won't take a stance with the shit that is going on then we need to force the issue.
  3. Just refuse to take tickets to any away game and I'm sure the rest of the clubs that rely on Rangers for money will pressure the SFA/ SPFL and make the necessary changes happen.
  4. Great debut for the lad. It might have been only Stranraer but he look assured, always wanted the ball, crossing, had a good shot. Seems to have the potential to go far.
  5. Robertson might be a steady pair of hands, but he is not a fighter. Need a much stronger CEO, fuck I'd take that Aberdeen bloke. Came straight out and called the diving celtic cunt for what he was.
  6. If we got 2m euros for him then we should given half of it to Ross Wilson.
  7. I haven't seen a video of the abuse, and frankly I don't want to, I just hope it shows it clearly and unambigiously.
  8. Tom Lucas, that celtic supporting, sevco hating Tom Lucas?
  9. Heard Barisic getting it tight until they muted it. Also noticed the commentator never once felt the need to apologise to the viewers for the language, I guess that's only from Ibrox they need to do that.
  10. theiconicman


    Even Rangers official thinks Katic should be freed 😃
  11. Agreed. Seems the team has gelled really well.
  12. I loved Walters reaction and then giving Ferguson grief to get it sorted on the park.
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