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  1. Future manager for us.
  2. Wat? You in a time warp mate?
  3. New signing in spinning shite story shocker.
  4. Wtf is a hawker in the fast food? Are these the people that spit in your pie?
  5. I can't decide if this is Pedro managing the players out, making it clear they aren't welcome, or he just doesn't have a clue.
  6. I would t gloat. I expect our ST to tumble this year to.
  7. See if we win this weekend, it won't change my mind. The league game means fuck all now. The cup game was the only one that meant something and he got it utterly wrong. No use hiding behind the players. He won't get to buy 14 new players so he needs to motivate those he has.
  8. No. Pedro just doesn't have it.
  9. Why? I was not expecting to win but I knew what to expect from them. If he cant get his tactics or best players on the park for the biggest game of our season, why let him spend more on other players? Where is the logic? He got it massively wrong and apparently has managed to alienate the players, not a fucking clever thing to do. Any manager worth their salt builds from what you have while making changes. It is naive to alienate the people you need to achieve your job. Even if you plan on replacing them.
  10. Players have more power than managers, that's just life. If he can't take the current shites forward then he is beat as he is not going to get to replace them all with his own. Do I trust him enough to give him 2 seasons to build a better team? No frankly. Either the players didn't understand what they were asked to do or didn't want to try for him. Either way it means he is not the one to take us forward. Cut our losses and try again.
  11. Been stone cold sober all day. Pedro can GTF. Shite team selection, shite tactics, no impact from the sidelines. Worst of all was the laughing and joking with the filth manager after being roundly gubbed. Never going to make it as a Rangers manager, doesn't understand it. Pedro accepted defeat before he put his team out, why else would be so relaxed and laughing after that performance.
  12. Failure all round. Manager and players.
  13. Hope Pedro learns a lot from this second half.
  14. Head like a 10 bob bit
  15. We could play for another hour and not score here.