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  1. I read that as our scouts are pish, we're getting someone in who knows what modern scouting is about.
  2. English players are over rated as clubs need them for their squads for domestic and european games to meet quotas.
  3. Compliance officer's video submission
  4. Await Scottish pundit melt down on first drop ball/ free kick coz they know fuck all about the rules.
  5. I don't think it was a 'deliberate' strike to the head. Players use arms to jostle for position at the corner, Brown came running over and Flannigan pushed him away. I don't think it was red, Ref got it spot on, was yellow and would have been penalty if ball was in play.
  6. theiconicman


    Worrall only has 29 appearances for us?
  7. He's also played every league game for us since signing, not missing any through injury.
  8. Who were the 4 players subbed off? Seemed to suggest these were who he was unhappy with?
  9. I always thought Morelos would make an excellent #10 to support Defoe. Morelos strength, link up play and goal threat all would make him an excellent #10, if we played 4-2-3-1, he could play in the middle of the top 3.
  10. What’s this new system we’re playing? Blind to tactics, someone explain it to me.
  11. Honestly thought the huddle at the bottom was naked for a second and this was a legendary blue nosed tat GIRFUY
  12. This is a bit out there but bear with me. I think our problem is linking midfield and attack and offering some creativity. I'd like to try
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