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  1. Chests out Chins up?... You should be punching their fucking cunts in wallace. A disgrace of a team.
  2. How bad must dodoo be in training to not get a fucking game in this team.
  3. Has he forgot we have subs?
  4. I just want this season to be over. I can't take much more of this.
  5. It's a red fucking neck this is on sky.
  6. It would probably make you more racist if you really really wanted to fight a darkie
  7. Aw right the online Prelims is that? There's an addon for kodi called ufcfinest that has them.. Obviously no use to you now but they normally replay all of it the following day to stream.
  8. See if you go to the live channels you can just pick a bt sports 2 stream and watch the pre lims there.
  9. That's that switched off. Can't bring myself to watch another minute. Shambles. Utter fucking shambles.
  10. How the fuck are these two employed as commentators they are utter shite. And That pitch is shocking for a top flight team.
  11. I agree, I think it was over in the first as well, looked like herb stopped it but to suggest a corner should have thrown in the towel at that stage is mental that's all I was really getting at. And in between rounds he was checked out so I don't think letting it go to a second after that was endangering the fighter.
  12. He was checked by a doctor and said he was fine. Also Donald cerrone would be fucking raging if someone threw in a towel for him, especially right at the end of the first round.
  13. Great scarf, I can't bring myself to part from my bar scarf though had it since my first game and it's still going strong.
  14. I'm not sure you can really judge the difference in the youth set up under warburton after a season and a bit, especially when the youth set up has undergone big changes, it's going to take time.