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  1. How the fuck is that not a free kick
  2. Fuuuckkkkiiiinngggg yassss.... There ye fucking go!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIxuMP-l6nM this ones working, no commentary though
  4. Sky sports news saying its a done deal
  5. I honestly don't think Gerrard will come why the fuck would he want to have anything to do with that shambles.
  6. He's one of the folk trump wants to keep out, he's not gonnae let us leave him there.
  7. I'm annoyed you've posted this.. I preferred it when I thought she was minted. She's just awrite now I've seen her in more detail. I needed something to take away from this game and you've fucked it mate.
  8. "a little dispsy doo " These commentators are excellent
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