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  1. Where do you sit?

    Govan Front exit 13 few rows down from the staircase and only a few seats away from halfway. Excellent seats would def recommend, been there for the last few seasons, before that i was in the Broomlan Rear.
  2. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    He's one of the folk trump wants to keep out, he's not gonnae let us leave him there.
  3. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    I'm annoyed you've posted this.. I preferred it when I thought she was minted. She's just awrite now I've seen her in more detail. I needed something to take away from this game and you've fucked it mate.
  4. ***Florida Cup Thread***

  5. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    "a little dispsy doo " These commentators are excellent
  6. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    We're gonnae ditch him at Disneyland mate. Stick him on a roller-coaster and do the boost.
  7. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    That wee Brazilian blonde in the crowd is tidy
  8. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Wish the commentators would just call him serge
  9. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    There's fucking no chance all of their team are under 23s some of them look old as fuck.
  10. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Commentators are amazing "down the corridor of indecision"
  11. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    http://cricfree.sc/premier-sports-live-stream wee cough here ... good quality so far
  12. Andy Halliday speaks

    Aye... well ... I was trying to be polite. Plus I'm on a work computer so the less expletives I type the better.
  13. Andy Halliday speaks

    I would't say that moving to Azerbaijan when he could have just as easy sat on his arse and collected his wages is the mark of a coward or someone without a spine, actually i'd say the opposite. Instead of kicking the toys out the pram and sitting being disruptive when he knew he wouldnt get a game he took a chance and moved, helping our wage bill in the process. It didnt pan out, he didn't like it, he wouldn't be the first person in history to make a major life change like that and realise "aw wait this wasn't as great as I thought it would be" but nice to see it's getting used as another reason to give him abuse. You just come across as a bit bitter and twisted.
  14. Andy Halliday speaks

    Honestly man folk on here are mental, we seem to give our own a harder time than our rivals do. Is the guy a world class player nah he's not, but the stick he gets is unbelievable. He's a Rangers fan and isnt shy in letting folk know it and he gets to play for the club he supports, this should be celebrated instead of giving him pelters every time his name is mentioned.
  15. ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Thread***

    Fucking yaaaasssss!!!!!!