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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Unreal that all he got was a reprimand. If you're a teacher stealing from students and your school you should be struck off.
  2. Bruno training with Portugal.

    Honestly man, do folk really believe this mad conspiracy. The guy got an injury took time off to recover and he's fit again. Why do we need to sensationalise everything, do folk really believe he didnt want to play in an old firm game despite having played in numerous big matches including derby games in much more hostile environments. It's nonsense. If you think he hasn't made a big impact with us fair enough thats a different argument, but to suggest he's pretending to be injured cause he's scared to play a game is something else entirely, and imo absolutely mental.
  3. Aye I think we're playing well, lots of positive stuff on show. What was the goal we conceded like got in a wee bit late and missed it
  4. Friendlies Lined Up?

    Saw Jack Alnwick in tesco on Saturday afternoon getting the beers in.
  5. UFC live.

    Nunes has pulled out of her fight, shite... Was looking forward to that one as well.
  6. UFC live.

    But she widnae ride fuck out of you.. Unless you have tits and a vag
  7. UFC live.

    Ultimate fighter finale tonight as well, good wee weekend of ufc
  8. McKay to Nottingham Forest - 500k

    Folk are off their rocker saying we should get a million or more for him. He's an inconsistent player, training with the u20s on the instruction of his new manager , is in the last year of his contract and has shown he won't sign the contract offered by the club. For a team that finished 3rd in a poor league. Any club coming in for him knows all this, we wont get mega money for him. Folk need to be realistic. £500k plus a sell on would be decent all things considered.
  9. Thursday night "sold out"

    Don't know if this has been posted yet.
  10. Rangers ban daily rhebel

    Unreal man, we complain that the media is biased against Rangers so a Rangers fan gets a job writing postitively about Rangers in the mainstream media and our response is to give him stick for it, call him alllsorts and generally run him down for it. Doesn't take a genius to work out why theres not many friends of ours in the media if thats our attitude to one of our own. Can't have it both ways, you cant complain about their bias then turn round and shout how nobody who supports us should ever work for them - how else is it meant to change?
  11. Progrès roll call (Ibrox)

    Aye, CCCS so i'll be there. Hope we absolutely thrash them and make a real statement on our return.
  12. Sponsorship Deal with 32Red Extended!

    Aye I know It will definitely be puma. Tbh I'm not fussed if it's the same tops, like them well enough, especially the 3rd kit.
  13. Sponsorship Deal with 32Red Extended!

    Is that for definite mate? Just wondering why if it's the same strips for next year they've been reduced in price to £20. Surely they'd just leave them at full whack?
  14. Taigs vs Sheep

    That brown cunt gets away with murder. How was that challenge on McLean not a foul.
  15. Taigs vs Sheep

    Nae blowjobs for him tonight, bet he is raging right enough.