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  1. See under the picture is that big Carlos actually saying something about it, my spanish is a bit rusty/non existent and google translate is zero help.
  2. I thought the atmosphere bar direclty after our goal was horrible, frustration and anger coming from the stands.
  3. His mrs is apparently telling folk at her work that they are moving to Glasgow. source: random guy on the aberdeen forum pretty solid....
  4. I'm not sure how I feel about it to be honest. I think I favour man marking but that's probably just because it's what I'm more familiar with. Jamie Carragher said something I agree with about it though “I'm sick of hearing people talking about zonal marking, I hear the same thing every time the ball goes in,” said Carragher. “But when a same goal goes in against man marking we don’t blame the system, we blame the player." and "Why is it that people won't blame man marking as a system? Because it's easier to say, 'Oh it's his fault, so it's okay’. I agree that the failure comes down to the players not executing the system properly and not taking responsibility but then there is an argument that if you don't have the players to play that system maybe you shouldn't be playing it. I think if it's the system Pedro is going to use going forward then it makes sense to see which of our current players can adapt to it and be worth keeping moving forward and then we can bring in players to replace the ones who cant.
  5. Well in fairness my favourite image is the one where they're all obscured by smoke so I might agree with you subconsciously
  6. Thought this was a belter of a display, pictures of it are fantastic. As long as any display we have isn't a card one, prefer us to be making noise rather than holding up bits of paper.
  8. any source for this?
  9. Acht wanted hunt to win, some knees from overeem though.
  10. Paul Craig fight is about to start folks
  11. The fight pass pre lims are just about to start so shouldn't be too long. Think he said it would be around half 12. There are links to the fight pass Prelims on kodi if anyone can't be arsed signing up for the free trial.
  12. This should really be stopped
  13. Bellews shoes are doing my nut in looking at them and keep thinking he's wearing flip flops and socks.
  14. Jim white, pretended he was one of us when it suited, his behaviour now would suggest otherwise It's not fashionable to be a rangers man so he's changing his tune. Fuck him.