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  1. He was at Milan on loan at same time as robinho and Kaka were there was he not? He won 2nd league in Spain with Atletico. Aye, never thought of that, I stand by my assertion that I'm a mongo.
  2. The turncoat scored and Waldo celebrated, albeit briefly and without a smile, with him.
  3. Ignore that, I'm a mongo. Meant to say: Fernando Torres?
  4. David Villa?
  5. Anya at RB? Was that always his position? Thought he was a sort of inside forward.
  6. Has to be a troll this riddle.
  7. Juliano Belletti?
  8. Fat Ronaldo? I'm sure Mourinho was asst manager or coach or something at Barca when he first arrived. Does that count?
  9. It's that mesh shit inside swim shorts that tears yer junk to shreds.
  10. Fantastic as always Jules. Bonus points are in order for the soundtrack, love me some ELO.
  11. Match report on bbc website mentions it too, Took off their goalscorer while 2-1 down (sounds familiar) and the fans weren't best pleased.
  12. Just noticed, we done away with the GPS trackers MW used?
  13. Dodoo for Waggy, good change.
  14. Fantastic stuff Rangers. Night and day indeed.