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  1. "the president was set..." Tarrier education rears it's head.
  2. Looks like Coop.
  3. Reasonable keeper but was shit at closing down and coming for aerial balls. Fairly weak overall.
  4. PFA already torpedoed that boat last week.
  5. I have no doubts about the company. My concern is they are So big that if they, let's say, throw 20m at us and see no value in it after a few years, they'd just go "fuck this, ditch that lot and recoup what we can". Think the last 8 yrs has made me a cynical cunt tbh.
  6. Need more info before I get too excited, we've all seen this movie a couple of times before.
  7. Don't know the ins and outs of it all; the only thing I'm fairly certain of is that 3 votes out of the 12 premiership clubs vetoes any proposal etc. Might be wrong/outdated info on my part and I'm sure someone will pop in and tell me I'm wrong if so. 👍
  8. I know it's tarrier pish but I'm pretty sure that only 3 votes are required to overturn a motion/proposal/decision. Or have I missed something?
  9. I'm not getting into the argument here, I have my own opinions on @The Dude but he has posted positive stuff from time to time in his other outlets.
  10. Fuck the 433 it's well sussed in the league. Go 442 diamond with Hagi at the tip of it. Mcgregor Patterson Goldson Katic Barisic Kamara Kent Arfield Hagi Morelos Kamberi
  11. I'm out, not wasting any more of my night on this shower of cowardly fucking cunts. We deserve so much better than the half hearted, fairy fuckin pish we get served up. Fuck this.
  12. Get davis off ffs, then get him to fuck out the club.
  13. Fuuuuuuuck So fuckin close, how do cunts always seem to get fingertips or toes to the ball when we are in.
  14. To be fair, it bobbled to fuck just as he was swinging at it.
  15. I know you may say that in jest but I genuinely think that's what the gaffer's first move will be, he'll take Aribo off for him and leave Kamara and Davis on. 😔
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