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  1. Sure there was an interview with Firth where he stated he'd been 3rd choice at a few clubs and it's a role he is comfortable with. No very ambitious but at least he wouldn't be rocking the boat about it and knows his place. 👍
  2. Wait wait wait... So they're counting teams as being in the league they've been promoted/relegated to? How does that work in this vote with Hearts/dundee hivs?
  3. Hopefully he meets with a similar fate. 👍
  4. Surely we would have screen grabbed the video call and have it saved as safeguard against the usual spin and lies?
  5. AGMs are minuted, I imagine an EGM would be too.
  6. Stood out for me too, reeking of desperation and fear.
  7. Can genuinely see this vote being fucked up again; the numbers not lining up with publicly stated 'yes' voting intentions or some shit.
  8. The secret inquiry we paid for is impartial but the public one you will pay for won't be.....
  9. Robust conversation, cunt thinks us plebs can't read between the lines. Scottish football isn't exploding, it's undergoing a rapid, energetic disassembly. Next couple of days are gonna be fun.
  10. 1st comment a bheast as expected. Sevcooooooooo Absolute moonhowlers, every one of them.
  11. Did he seriously say that? "Hey Gollum, yer getting stabbed but don't worry, it happens all the time so it's fine"
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