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  1. Can't wait to batter the sheep now, roll on next Sunday.
  2. They've certainly changed in the last decade or so....
  3. Is that Ian Ferguson alongside Tam on commentary?
  4. That's 2 chances for them in the last minute or so, need to grab a hold of this game again.
  5. Mentioned it a few times on here but here I go again. In the Jr ratings mess on board HMS Dragon, about 50 of us piled in to watch the game on the wee screens in there, it was the mental league clinching battering we gave Killie in 2011. Ship was pitching and rolling about like fuck as well, also I was dipping my shift for it. Absolute fuckin scenes man. Never forget that day.
  6. Heard aboot some cunt getting ventilated in Heathcot yesterday. This the same one or another happy piercing mate?
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