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  1. Well lads, just woke up and can't sleep, off to work in just over 2 hrs and won't get home until almost 6pm, working in the cold with power tools and in a very dangerous environment earning in 1 year what these cunts earn in 3-4 weeks for 3-4hrs a day, 3 days a week playing our favourite game. I'm so glad I spend >£3K per year following them so they can have a good jolly up after the most abject and uninterested performance I've seen in an old firm game.
  2. 2nd to every loose ball and giving them all the space in the fucking world. They've chucked it.
  3. My boy just turned 5. Any team he sees playing in blue, he cheers. Doesn't understand the minutiae yet but knows, blue = Rangers >any other. His first season book will be next season. He hums the tune to the sash, just doesn't know the words or relevance yet. His auntie tried to give him a green t-shirt last year when she got back from Turkey and he cried because it was the "wrong colour".
  4. Absolutely barbaric. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you meant plain loaf.
  5. I'm fed up with him being caught 30-40 yards out of position and only jogging to get back. Worst one I've seen recently was him lose possession around the opposition D and just trotting back with no urgency while midfielders desperately scrambled to cover the counter attack and the CBs were forced to stretch their line. So no and a provisional no (if he improves that side of his game then yes)
  6. Good cause and well organised. If anyone, and I include Rangers supporters in that, used it as a point scoring exercise, they are not a fucking Ranger. Mr Rigby deserves more than that.... A lot more. RIP Mr Rigby. gbnf. GSTQ.
  7. Oh don't get me wrong, I know it was a load of shite but part of me thinks maybe he read the shite rumours and maybe he started thinking he was entitled to a big wage rise or move to a "glamorous" club. Cut to a few months later and he sees Chelsea chasing a 15yo, nobody is lauding him anymore and a wee bit of resentment sets in. Just a wee theory anyway.
  8. Anybody else think he's feeling resentful and entitled due to Chelsea chasing after Gilmour, what with the alleged RBL interest in January?
  9. Yep, think the keeper needs to be distinguishable from both teammates and opposition outfield; refs are never going to be in a position to be confused with the keepers.
  10. We have definitely tightened up defensively, thank fuck. Is it due to Mr C's tactics, or the injection of the youth? Likely a combination of both. Beerman>Wallace Dodoo>Waghorn Keep it up Rangers.
  11. Would keep him in over Wallace to be honest. Good touch and composed as hell for an 18yo.
  12. Fuck sake, that keeper is embarrassing himself there.
  13. Yass, am in the screenshot!