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  1. "Haw ref, ah found a glass bottle, seen any innocent 10 year auld weans amongst their fans?" "there's wan..." Not pictured: "journalists" turning a blind eye.
  2. Guy's a warrior on the field.
  3. Lee Erwin dislikes this
  4. Always liked Mark Walters, thought he was a cracking wee player.
  5. Back pedalling at light speed then?
  6. I'm an out of touch auld cunt who doesn't do social media, could you elaborate on that please?
  7. We were absolutely right to laugh at them for that result and if we're all being honest, people are right to laugh at us for that absolute disgrace tonight. I am not looking forward to getting on that ship tmrw morning, packed into a steel box listening to their glee and derision all day. Scunnered to fuck with it all; tonight, last season, the last 6 yrs......
  8. Fully fucking justified.
  9. Fucking stupid place to give a fk away.
  10. There are literally no fucking words......
  11. You know how you get yer hopes up for something then you get let down? Well this is like somebody shitting in yer eyes while a jakey on bath salts tries to eat yer face.
  12. Every touch from Dalcio so far has caused us trouble.