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  1. Excellent vid, place wasn't the same without your vids Jules. 👍
  2. That hibernina game has been going a fair time, players must be as fucked as the BBC mongo who wrote that goal flash.
  3. Whenever I've seen Polster he has looked solid tbh. I believe him to be superior to Flanagan at RB and the guy deserves a chance tbh.
  4. IKEA levels of minimalism in this thread mate. Wes Polster Edmundson Helander Barisic Aribo Kamara Halliday Stewart Defoe Barker
  5. They recently signed him on a 5yr contract for a few mil apparently. Cracking player tbh.
  6. Aarghh, should have been the hattrick, unlucky Alfredo.
  7. Living dangerously here, screw the fuckin nut Rangers.
  8. Vaseline, stops cunts trying to get to grips wae yer neck during a run.
  9. We've switched off a bit. Need to get the heads back up.
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