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  1. Ffs mate let it go, I feel they had the better of the play in the 2nd half albeit not posing a goal threat, we dominated the 1st half. I think we need to try maintain the standard across the whole 90, we let it dip in the 2nd half imo. Also, Aberdeen are dirty fuckin cunts.
  2. No clear chances but they have had most of the play. It's my opinion mate, not asking you to agree.
  3. In the 2nd half I think they have had the better of it barring a couple of forays forward from us.
  4. You don't think they're dominating us atm? Oh shit, straight red, dirty fucking bastard.
  5. It's just about that time we start sitting deeper and deeper inviting them onto us.
  6. Why in the name of fuck we playing out from the back at a by kick when they're holding a high fucking line man?
  7. Probably the blue tinted specs but it feels like we never seem to get a break of the ball in a dangerous position.
  8. Need that 2nd goal, I've seen this movie too many times before.
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