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  1. That's what Ibrox Park used to be like before, had long staircases going up from Edmiston Dr from the corners.
  2. So basically some fellow Scots took the piss out another scot following his country because of the particular team from said country he happened to support? Aw petal! Have you ever seen a Scottish supporter ragging on another Scottish supporter in the manner ours are subjected to because he supported hivs/cellic/aberdeen/thistle etc?
  3. Even then, its around half the size of my forearms. Not trying to sound like a hard cunt but it seems like the modern effeminate man is a fucking joke. He would never dare make such statements in the presence of a normal male Ranger of my generation for fear of a fucking tanking.
  4. Scum fuck. The absolute state of 'men' these days, cunt looks like he was assembled from toothpicks. He's not too far from me either, would love to bump into him one night...
  5. Sorry lad but my ocd is going off big time with this spelling lol. Greig Gascoigne McCoist Laudrup Forrest Some team though. 👍
  6. You can call anyone into question but not GB mate, the guy is as staunch and respectable as it gets. He's a fucking treasure and does more to help our veterans than our own fuckin government.
  7. Makes no sense, 2 other teams next to us there got 3 gold and 1 silver the same as us but their overall is gold while we are silver? Hivs also got all gold same as the scum yet they get overall gold while the Tarriers get platinum? Pile of utter shite man.
  8. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/4322431/celtic-probe-transfer-document-leak/ What are the odds that a leak that paints the Tarriers as victims of subterfuge would happen at this point in time?? Such a tragic coincedence....... 😐
  9. Is that a post from a tarrier on one of their online hovels mate? If so that's disgusting. Can't imagine those are your own sentiments, it's difficult to discern context in forum text these days.
  10. Aye, he was the club photographer, black bag full of indecent pics found in his equipment cupboard at the knew camp.
  11. He's being a cunt as usual mate but I'll take wee sly digs like that all day as long as he contributes to getting those lads some justice.
  12. Just watched reporting Scotland on BBC there to see if they would have the decency to address the story. It was not mentioned once, they did cover important issues like a minor law change in Aberdeen and tlb's presser regarding getting the job. Absolutely disgraceful beyond belief. 😟
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