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  1. Aw aye, was meant tae go out for ma anniversary but got absolutely cunted the night before during the feyenoord game. Slept until 3pm next day, fuckin the plans and no had ma hole since. 😂 Fuckin worth it.
  2. Wit am I in the bad books for this time mate? My wife knows the perp if it's the case I'm thinking of, booze has clouded ma memory ma man. 😂
  3. If it was mate, he should have stopped play and went and marched the officials and a couple of photographers over to it.
  4. I thought that at the time but Tam said it was a pie and Tav just shrugged it off so thought I was seeing things. Headline tmrw: "Rangers captain refuses to accept gift from generous Aberdeen fan."
  5. Fuck this. Where the fuck is this sheep team when the taigs rock up?? I know we've only ourselves to blame but if I was a sheep fan I'd be asking that fuckin question. Pish Rangers, just utter pish. Am away tae kill some brain cells.
  6. Flanno fucked the clearance but why the fuck is Goldson not contesting that header?
  7. Goldson too busy waving his arms looking for a foul rather than doing his job.
  8. First yellow will be a bear, its a fuckin stick on mate.
  9. That's a fuckin yellow now surely. Ah want tae plug that cunt.
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