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  1. Can you please delete that, I have no idea how I managed to post that picture 😜
  2. So you can stand right beside each other for the length of time it takes to take a set piece and this somehow reduces the risk 🤔 but if you stretch past old mrs Jones in Asda to grab an apple it's a near death experience 😜 There is some amount of hoops getting jumped through and double standards going on with this whole thing Anyway have we made an arse of testing or is this because clubs are using different testing firms ?
  3. As I said he doesn't use that name that is what they call him out with, there has been a hell of a lot he has got right through out his time on social media, of course if you wish to treat him with a pinch of salt then thats up to you. As you can see he does hit the mark enough for that lot to chase him off twitter but he has a knack of riling them up enough that they rubbish him like you have. Nothing personal but it just looked odd that you would refer to him using the very name that I have only ever heard them use. Carry on
  4. Thats a weird thing to call him, I know he spends a lot of time arguing back and forth with they cunts way too much and as happened last time he got set up and burnt with the Dundee vote thing and he tends to be a mixed bag within the Rangers community but I have never heard any bear call him that. The only ones who do that to him are raging tims usually, you don't have to like him but he is most definitely a Rangers supporter. I have noticed that you have see-sawed on your opinion of him ever since you arrived in this thread. Resorting to using their tactics to discredit him imo is very strange behaviour They do that to him because they are making a threat that they know who he is, where he lives and works, that's not the kind of thing we do to our own, imo
  5. But ethics, if there is one word in the English language that should not be linked to him it is Ethics I get what you are saying, lining up his next position because his current one has become untenable, with a little helped from his friend Peter
  6. Doncaster and ethics The world had gone fucking mad
  7. If there is a link proven between Doncaster and the SPFL doing the bidding of one club, then surely as part of the punishment against said club would be the deduction of say 15 points? Can just imagine the scenes when they get stripped of the title and us saying we will recognise this as a part complete season with an asterisk If Carlesberg did season endings
  8. This is the best acrobatic effort I have seen, perfect in my opinion (I know Zlatan's was further out) but for me this was Roy of the Rovers stuff. When I was a kid this was how I would have envisaged scoring the winner in the cup final for Rangers
  9. So too many on here must have skipped this, it started so well. A positive thread to highlight some of the great goals scored one of our current best players This is a good collection of skills and goals, lets enjoy his abilities
  10. Which one, this is how to win titles
  11. Isn't it glorious to at last have this shower of shameful bastards running scared to death that their whole stinking stitch up is unravelling in front of their eyes and for me even better is they have only gone and made a large percentage of what would have normally been our foes become our friends I must also say well done to all the brilliant work being done all over social media by what feels like an all Rangers family mission, not only for our own clubs benefit but as importantly the whole of our game in this country. After the way our club has been treated in the last 10 years it would be easy to stay bitter, twisted and resentful. Instead our board has simply put the emphasis on truth, equality, legality, and fairness at the forefront of this shambles. I for one feel extremely proud of the way our club has behaved in all of this, top marks Rangers
  12. Probably not but what it will do is show up how bad a lot of these clubs are, rotten to the core. Imagine jeopardising your own future to pally up to that cabal who would fuck you over in a second
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