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  1. How does this process work ? do the candidates have to pitch their plans and ideas for strengthening the game here and attracting more investment, then see how the vote goes ? do the candidates need to have a proposer and or a seconder ?
  2. I would have absolutely no qualms with that if it was even handed but it is very rarely like that, usually its made out to be all our fans that are to blame for the few We don't require special treatment just equality in reporting
  3. That's fair enough and I have no real argument other than what I said about giving Wallace a chance to keep it ( or lose it ) be interesting to see what goes down
  4. Definitely but I don't think he should be given it right away, I think those stats make for a very exciting and formidable player but he has to earn the right to wear the armband imo. If Lee Wallace uses the obvious threat to his captaincy from Alves to improve his performance and nail down the Left back position then I think he should remain captain however if not then Bruno would be my choice.
  5. He has had a very good season according to this
  6. Good job done by the spelling police here I should hang my head in shame but being a Rangers supporter means I have no shame
  7. Goram, Grieg, Ian Ferguson, Gazza, Cooper, Laudrup = Steal and Flair McCoist, Durrant, Gough, Jardine
  8. I seen this being shared yesterday and for me it sums up the difference in how the msm report these incidents, from the BBC no less, falling over themselves to basically say Ricksen brought it on himself. Compare and contrast
  9. I know, that's what I think we have been guilty of is being too keen to get wide. It leaves us open in the middle, when we have 2 supposed wide attackers with attacking full backs then when it breaks down we are left with fewer bodies in the middle and teams play through us. I would like to see the full backs being more defensive rather than wing backs. We would be more compact if we played with one holding midfielder ( against Progress ) we played with 2 and any time they got the ball they kept turning it inside and attacked through the middle as our wide players were out of position. Personally I prefer the old 4 4 2 but I know that's a bit old fashioned so a diamond shape was how I would like to see it.
  10. That's nearly as bad as the John Barnes, 4 2 2 2 I would like to see us play with 4 at the back, with a defensive midfielder 2 central and an attacking midfielder linking with 2 up top. We need a solid defensive formation to build on, back to basics for me
  11. Battles won and battles lost, long, hard, bittersweet, ups, downs, draws, victories and defeats. Boardrooms changes, management changes, loads of fans groups, unified fans groups, disjointed fans groups, fake tops, boycotts, court cases, digging in, despair, joy, heartbreak, jubilation, embarrassments, good players, poor players, team formations, tactics, lack of tactics, trophies won and trophies lost, lack of confidence, over confidence, cup exits One massive roller coaster ride, so hang on because there are plenty more ups and downs to come
  12. Makes me well up, its deep man
  13. That catchy wee ditty from Andy Cameron ( I am a blue nose ) Only joking
  14. Going back a bit but when I was a kid I loved to see good wingers, I liked Peter Weir great turn of pace and put in great crosses and Willie Petigrew was quite good too
  15. Just like the Sturge and independence