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  1. Gordon Smith 1977 - 1980, we made a great profit off him (bought for 65,000 sold for 440,000) but we may have got a lot more for him and won more Trophies had we held on to him. Was a real hero of mine as a kid
  2. As someone says earlier that Arfield played a large part of his game on the left, so it makes sense to put him there but you might be right about him not being here next year
  3. It might be more to do with match fitness and that Arfield IMO justifies a starting slot. Its upto Grezda to force his way in not players to move out his way when fit
  4. This must still sting a little in the CLASS stakes our Boss wins everytime
  5. They are so pish, unbelievible we havent been able to apply any pressure in these closing stages. If the boot was on the other foot I would be really worried at the way TLB has them playing, clueless and classless the ned days are back This season should be the last of the free passes next season we shall be fighting for every single point, hard but fair with some flair
  6. Pretty scary it was believible and you said nothing about ward 23
  7. The Barr L, Ward 23 and a German pub in Gran Canaria ( long stories so don't ask )
  8. thebluedoo


    If we leave the contracts up to Mr Gerrard but say that Davis certainly gave a good account of himself tonight and showed the manager he had another midfield option availible. I do think that it will be hard to dislodge the favoured 3 at the moment of Arfield, Jack and Kamara but over the next 6 games he will be given a chance (its upto him to grab it) good game tonight
  9. We should stay and fight to regain our place as the premier team in Scotland if anyone should leave its the Dubliners that should go home to the republic the grass is always greener there
  10. Are the 3 on the ground steaming or have they been attacked? were they fighting each other then turned on the police? not sure what its all about but looks pretty embarrassing for everyone involved, sun, drink and bigotry whats not to like cos if you know their history ect ect
  11. At this time I would say 6 that could however move up, say if he collected 4 points against that lot and defeated Aberdeen then that would push him up 2 places, if however we get skelped off that lot and we ship second then he would sink below 5 imo. The worst thing about this is it could easily go either way at this point. Maybe I am just becoming weary of the big expectation only to be left feeling frustrated and flat. He definitely improved our fortunes in Europe, the fact we came so close was excellent when you think about it.
  12. Thats a matter of opinion, mine is that Goldson has been our most consistent player imo I agree that Morelos and McGregor are stand outs in different parts of the season
  13. While I accept Morelos and McGregor have been outstanding in spells, for consistency and not getting caught up in daft retaliation stuff I went for Goldson
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