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  1. sounds a lot like Grezda thanks for your input polishranger
  2. Very sad BRU, my condolences to you and your family at this sad time, RIP Andrew
  3. Just because I think we can rest him, I think Davis might be back and I wanted to play with 2 widemen down the sides of Morelos, just my opinion as I said it isnt a slight on him, he has been excellent
  4. I was thinking more about how much a shift he has put in since he has come back, might be an opportunity to rest him, not really criticising him more about giving him a rest
  5. McGreggor Tav Goldson Katic Halliday Davis Jack Aribo Ojo Morelos Jones I have given Arfield a rest but he might be in for Davis. I think we will win but in a tight game 2 - 1 or 3 - 2
  6. Thanks for the feedback, I never had the pleasure of seeing him as he was a bit before my time but I was certainly aware of his brilliance by my Dad and my big brothers. So these old grainy videos and clips are brilliant and of course these wee tunes just shows how much of a hero he was to us. Of course famously Greavsy said about the state of Scottish football in the 80 that the only Baxters we had up here were a range of soups
  7. Popped up in my You Tube, Majestic and Gallus sums this man up imo
  8. Fuck sake mate, I sincerely hope you can work that stuff out mate, please take time out and speak to folk that can help. I wish you well Dude, we have had our disagreements and see thing a bit different but that does not mean that I don't care. This place and the people around you would be a whole lot emptier without you and I hope you realise that. For what its worth I would urge you to slow yourself and your thinking down and try and take things easy. All the best
  9. Just shows how much he owes to his team mates round about him during Walter Smiths time, we now know he was no big time player and cant handle the effort that's required to succeed at our club.
  10. Heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time, Fernando would have loved being surrounded by his loved ones to celebrate his birthday and it is great to see on the other side he will appreciate exactly by what is meant by the saying, to take things one day at a time. Such courage and determination to carry on is one hell of powerful sight Happy birthday Fernando
  11. This surely must directly link Peter Lawell to this once and for all, he was part of the celtic delegation that met with them after the US trip he was the financial guy at the time. This surely would provide evidence that must lead for a call for him to step back from any investigation into this and his roles on the SFA board. Fergus McCann set up a phone line for victims to report any abuse on, why would he do such a thing if they were a separate entity? ( because its bollocks )
  12. Is that what they call hiding in plain sight? should be obvious now whats is and has been going on with that particular propagandist rag to most Rangers supporters by now, stop buying the thing and clicking is the way to go imo and no amount of the odd fluff pieces and employing fan fiction writers will change me back
  13. As someone has tried to explain, IF this was a government initiative that invited Rangers in some capacity to attend then yes we should send in the mouse lol and well we really couldn't have not gone but if this was us building bridges then Robertson has lowered his poor reputation to the the point of no return. Needs booted out imo
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