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  1. Pedro: Time to go?

    This If you think back to our run to 9IAR we built on a solid spine of a squad, each year some would move out and we would bring in better replacements but the core of the Goallie, Gough, Ferguson and McCoist would be there. Unfortunately I feel that's where that lot are at the moment. There is no doubt Pedro is under extreme scrutiny and pressure at the moment but momentum can change teams into confident teams and after seeing the next 8 fixtures he could turn this team round, semi v M/Well away to St Johnstone and Hearts if he can get through these with victories then he would be in a far better position. Peg is on a shoogly nail without a doubt
  2. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    We showed we have the steel, now we need to show some finesse. come on Rangers its doable now
  3. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Come on Rangers today is the day for men to stand up, lets do this lads
  4. Foderingham new contract

    Good bit of business and we can still use this for years
  5. Caixinha, Alnwick & McCrorie Post Match Reaction

    If Alves doesn't make it on Saturday do you put him in or go with the experienced Wilson ? My heart say's Ross my head say's Wilson
  6. McCoist

    He had a great home record against that mob you know, while I except his time was up and he had lost the dressing room. Its easy to forget these two victories, after last years terrible showings up what I wouldn't give for one of these victories on Saturday
  7. You steamers dont half talk some pish, back on thread please gentleman
  8. Tav

    Had a 7 out of 10 today tidy and mostly solid, has curtailed his forward runs under Pedro. I still think we could be doing more with him at set pieces, as you can see he does have a great strike on him
  9. Wee morelos

    I enjoyed his bustling energy today, a right torn face when thing don't go his way, which means he doesn't like to lose. If he keeps up the scoring the confidence could push him on to score lots of goals imo. Was some accuracy in his header too
  10. The problem we have

    He did play a style of football that we all craved to be fair, he had a strategy of finding players to play to a system then selling for profit, all things that we were screaming for in any new coach. We had tried to go back to a more tried and trusted model of football under McCall but it didn't work, so for me I think Warburton was the correct choice at the time. Your second point I think has yet to be proven IMO premature to say Pedro has failed yet
  11. The problem we have

    To be fair Warburton did have the pedigree and track record but after that incredible start to his first season, last season saw him incapable of being able to bring in better players to fit his style of football and then became too predictable. Pedro is certainly of the unknown variety but I don't know what we would have to spend to bring a manager of the calibre you describe You could easily point the same criticisms at the old board who lets not forget made McDowell our manager
  12. The problem we have

    Confidence can be misleading but there is plenty of times I have been confident of getting a result and been dismayed when we get beat. Yes we can definitely win the game and I would say we should but as we all know that doesn't mean we will. I just don't feel comfortable changing manager every time we have a bit of a lean spell, of course should Pedro lose 2 games on the bounce then that would change.
  13. The problem we have

    This, I fear we end up like they were when they hired and fired McCarri, Brady and the like. I am just not too sure how much longer the board will be willing to wait. One win, one draw and one defeat is not unassailable by any means but it does leave even less wriggle room for defeats
  14. Next Manager? (Options)

    Bring in Ian Cathro with Walter as D O F a mix of the auld and the new
  15. Usual pish

    Sack every cunt Its a long season, buckle up mate