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  1. Home forms becoming increasingly worrying, come on
  2. Come on to f@@k Rangers, get the finger out lets not let this opportunity slip Miller socks up or get off
  3. Things you miss from the lower leagues

    The wee guy that traveled all the way from Argentina to watch us play and the poor Japanese journalist that came to cover our game but because Elgin printed too many tickets he didn't get to see the game. We also helped to inject much needed money into a lot of these lower leagues sides
  4. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Don't forget this one either, to actually win every game you play
  5. ***Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Thread***

    Pedro, Pedro, Pedro, I have tried and tried to back you for way to long now. If you can't raise a Rangers team at home to a relatively poor Kilmarnock team (especially given our previous result ) then I fear it is the end of the road. Dave King make the call to the only guy I think can steady this ship, "Walter how would you feel taking the reigns until the end of the season please"
  6. Old news

    There wasn't one game of interest to me through out the time we were away, apart from supporters of those teams who the hell wants to watch Partick and Hamilton playing against each other 4 times a year. No one likes us and do you know what, I really don't care
  7. Cardoso and Pena.

    To be fair he is not alone in that, not seen enough to go overboard but there are glimpses that I have liked. Time will tell
  8. Did anyone watch the scum game the other night?

    I would rather gouge my eyes out using the ragged edge of an old bean can
  9. Dalcio to get the last 4 nil
  10. Miller to train with the Kids

    That's what I mean his only way of turning this round is by winning games, if he can't then he will need to go, for me that means tonight is a must win.
  11. Miller to train with the Kids

    I just don't think Pedro has much wriggle room left, I don't want an endless procession of managers getting sacked then another false dawn. For me he has to go on a winning run of games and looking at the fixtures this would be the ideal time to do it imo
  12. Miller to train with the Kids

    Why ? As much as I hope he does turn it round, the line in the sand is drawn imo
  13. Miller to train with the Kids

    There is only one answer here, no iffs or buts OUT
  14. Pedro: Time to go?

    This If you think back to our run to 9IAR we built on a solid spine of a squad, each year some would move out and we would bring in better replacements but the core of the Goallie, Gough, Ferguson and McCoist would be there. Unfortunately I feel that's where that lot are at the moment. There is no doubt Pedro is under extreme scrutiny and pressure at the moment but momentum can change teams into confident teams and after seeing the next 8 fixtures he could turn this team round, semi v M/Well away to St Johnstone and Hearts if he can get through these with victories then he would be in a far better position. Peg is on a shoogly nail without a doubt
  15. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    We showed we have the steel, now we need to show some finesse. come on Rangers its doable now