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  1. He was magic Players often choose unlikely players in these things because they probably seen a side to them that us the fans never see, had a lot of injuries as I remember but his upper body stregnth was something else
  2. Jean- Alain Boumsong, never really heard anything about him signed on a free, 18 games 2 goals later he was off to Newcastle for 8 million bucks. Really was a case of blink at you missed it but in that short space of time I thought he was fantastic
  3. Thats one way to look at it another is he was the only one to stand up to them in their kangaroo courts trying to strip us of our silverware, there is a lot to not like about McCoist but imo he was the only one standing up for our history. Sorry to jump in but lets not derail this thread any further with this stuff
  4. The date on the tweets say 18/19 november 2018, not sure they are new more likely someones just found them, still poor stuff from him
  5. So the guy who defended his rioting fuckwhits of a fan base ( shameful scenes beamed around the world) who attacked players and staff of a member club by claiming overexuberance, has somehow managed to become top dog the game in this country is truely fucked imo hang yer heads in shame p.s did they not get their punishment postponed? whats the chances of that being dealt with fairly now?
  6. I clicked it to, I love Davy Cooper videos, it could have said thebluedoo is a wank and I would still have liked it While its this time of year the more videos of our clorious triumphs and our legends the better I say
  7. And here was me thinking of a video montage of the nine in a row years or something what was I thinking in a Rangers fan forum Nice ladies but they could have had a Rangers training bib on or something
  8. This totally destroys that Pedro empathy (puff piece) article in the Daily rat and should be tagged to that shameless apoligist
  9. Wow I never thought about it in these terms, I knew there was a tenious link to Bennell but this appears to be deliberate, is that right? When you think it canny sink any lower bang something else is brought into the light, evil bastards
  10. What I think the Club board should be doing is contacting other clubs board members with a view to having a vote of no confidence in Lawell and demanding he stands down from all SPFL and SFA position with immediate effect until such times as there is an independent enquiry into his suppression of evidence and knowledge of this issue. I seem to remember one of the victims gave evidence that the abuse happened at Parkhead, Hampden and other places connected to these authorities. Has he positioned himself on these boards in order to control this scenario? This has the same air about it as happened in the Rotherham ect, fear of being portrayed as being discriminating due to religous intollerance has lead to good people being unwilling to look into the actual issue (that includes me)
  11. thebluedoo


    Best thing he ever done was call James McClean out for what he is, for a footballer thats pretty bad. Always been a disliked kind of player where ever he played, loves the rough and tumble stuff and liable to fuck something up. I always had a bit of an envious eye toward him having been the perfect example of Walter Smiths genuis in getting more out of a bang average but honest pro. Good on him for tuping over but given the kind of money he would have been on given the winning teams he was part of probably for the best we let him go. Being a wanker to the teams he plays against is not that big a deal to me, best forgotten about imo
  12. Is it just me or are the same chorus of people who screamed for The Rangers Support to show contrition and own the crimes of the custodians of our club now the same ones that want to silence and deflect from the most heinous of crimes because it is a bit unpalatable to their senses. Hypocrites the lot of them Where are the moral crusaders within their support? My advice would be for you to refuse to take on the guilt of this by demanding that your club take this square on the chin, put this back on to those who would deflect from telling the truth about this, those that convinced you to look the other way, these people are the ones who have brought shame on your club. Take your club back, dont allow previous or current characters within the club with evidence to convict these evil peronalities to put it on you. Throw them all under the bus, don't let these fuckers put this on you, out them, dissown them. These monsters have let your club down, they have let you down, you deserve better than the shitty stick they are letting you carry, disown and disavow. Why should you carry the can for the acions of others, you must know that with confession comes the road to redemption. DO THE RIGHT THING FOR GOD SAKE
  13. I get that but as with all religions, they are good ones and bad ones among Catholics too, to tar them all with the same brush is to be blinded by indifference (while I know you to be far better educated in the mechanisms involved within religous worship than I ) imo. I will defend the individual rights of a Catholic to practice that religion as long as they would show others religions the same rights. Religous practice is not the enemy but religous intolerance is imo, if you believe in creationists then logically at some point you have to face the reality that whoever your god is also created the other guys too, then they should be held with the same divinity and reverence as your fellow followers, That is why extremism of any religion is so destructive because not only does it dehumanise those whith religous difference it then enables killing in the name of it to become way to easy. Heavy duty stuff for a Sunday night my man, world will be sorted tomorrow if they just tune in to Rangers Media and listening to the ramblings of a guy named after a coloured pigeon
  14. Managerial masterclass here, lets talk about the singing, it worked though as nobody mentions this game much
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