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  1. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    A sharper Morelos, we would have won that. Done the Rangers proud special mention to David Bates who I feared would crumble but lad showed strength, composure and ability, super cool at times
  2. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Rangers: Alexander, Broadfoot, Weir, Cuellar, Papac (Novo 77), Hemdani (McCulloch 80), Whittaker (Boyd 86), Ferguson, Thomson, Davis, Darcheville. Subs Not Used: Graeme Smith, Adam, Dailly, Faye Here is 11.5M but as I said earlier we could have expected between 3 - 5M for Davis, 2M for Whittaker so IMO Rangers could have been close to making 20M out of that team. Had it not been for injury then McGregor would have been in goal and at that point he would have been worth a fair amount given the fact he was outstanding in that year. Ferguson = reported as "in the region of £1.2m" Cuellar = Aston Villa signed Cuéllar in a deal worth £7.8 million Thompson = accepted a £2m offer from Middlesbrough for Thomson Adam = Rangers confirmed that they had accepted a bid of £500,000 Can we move on now as we have totally derailed the whole point of this thread anyway here are irrefutable stats Read them and weep boys, treble kings League Title, Scottish Cup, League Cup: 7 1948–49, 1963–64, 1975–76, 1977–78, 1992–93, 1998–99, 2002–03
  3. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    If you can tell me where I said consistently then you may have a point JBJ, my point was that if you have European exposure then it certainly helps when selling players. We may never know how much we would have got for the likes of Naismith, McGreggor , Davis ect had it not been for Whyte putting us in admin, although the club didn't get it Everton paid 5M for Jellavic who then sold him for 5.5 M to Hull had he performed in Europe then we could have been looking at 8 or 10M imo. Davis has continued to play regularly at a consistently high level since leaving.
  4. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Ano mate I am just trying to stir them up a bit, it what this threads supposed to be
  5. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I am laughing at the celtc because one of their supporters today actually thinks to become a grade A referee in this country you must first become a member of the Masons. After the way everything has went in the last 6 years you would think they would have moved on to another topic of delusion If you can't handle the fact that sometimes they will make a bit of a profit from the market rather than losing out like they normally do then you may need thicker skin. It used to be us selling players for the big bucks ( Boumsong, Cuellar and who can forget Hutton for 9M ) just so happens they sit at the top with regular outings in Europe which always pushes up player sales. Getting back to the thread title, thank fuck it was Southampton that got the 75M rather than them, surely some of them must be saying could Liewell not have gambled on knocking back Southamptons 10 or 11 M then they would have been playing with the big boys instead he snapped there hand off for which now looks like a pittance in comparison.
  6. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    You are a Cad man
  7. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Would have been magic if it had been a Lego brick but
  8. *** The Official Rangers v Aberdeen Match Thread ***

    Despite the stick we give these players a disciplinarian with Jock's attitude could turn them into a better competitive unit, so yes I would be hoping for something similar
  9. *** The Official Rangers v Aberdeen Match Thread ***

    He has had a hard time of it recently and rightly so but tonight he got it spot on, I was not to sure about young Ross as a D M but he was excellent in there
  10. Denis Law

    The weird thing was the shine aff his baldy napper could be seen from Helensborough, just that none of the guys on the park could see him
  11. Relegation is a distinct possibility!!

    Garry the gobbler
  12. Home forms becoming increasingly worrying, come on
  13. Come on to f@@k Rangers, get the finger out lets not let this opportunity slip Miller socks up or get off