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  1. He is a better defender than Tav but we dont get the same attacking options I would have started with Tav tbh this is on the manager
  2. If he is more ashamed about them using a Tory government cash bailout scheme than the cover up and evasive accountability of child abuse then he really has more to worry about
  3. At this stage looks like the old saying of I would support The Rangers even if they had a tiddly winks team might just be tested, all sporting contests will now be contested by playing tiddly winks with each team sending one representative each to a secret location where they compete in a head to head that will be screened live on BT Sport.
  4. thebluedoo


    Not to mention at least 2 good goals getting chopped off him, all that combined is going to affect anyone never mind Alfredo, hope he snaps out of it soon, starting on thursday
  5. Every year since 2012 to be fair
  6. You cant defend the indefensible and that game I just watched was as low as I have felt since the days of taking an absolute tanking off them 5-0 and 5-1. This group of players have undoubted individual qualities that occasionally come together to deliver great 1 off team performances, especially against opposition that tries to play open attacking football ( see Europa League and them twice at home last season and once away this ) but it is never really consistent and when it doesn't go their way early on start to wilt under the pressure. It is nowhere near good enough and the manager has to take a lot of that responsibility on himself we have no god given right to win things but we must always feel even in defeat that these guys have left everything out on the park that they are willing to fight for everything. Its just not happening for Stevie G at the moment as it stands his European adventure should serve to remind him its the only thing keeping him from the chop, because to be honest I would gladly give up that for a Walter Smith side getting knocked out of Europe by Kaunas on the first qualifier and going on to win a League and Cup double
  7. Fearful and talent less performance sad to watch in all honesty
  8. The last time I saw such an incredible dribbler with those legs that look like they could go any way, they were attached to this man Ted McMinn T
  9. So it has spread to Kilmarnock now so that rules out sectarianism again, this is exactly what happens when some one has been demonised so openly by so many people in the media that the hatred for that player then seems to justify racism, every chance the cunts shouting it wouldn't have been aiming it toward Tav or any others in our team. This in my opinion has been brought about down to the amount of vitriol perpetrated by media in this country against one individual Alfredo Morelos. You have created a level of hatred against a young man from another country that racial slurs have become common place in our football stadiums, well done Scottish media you have managed to drag us back to the 80's, country sickens me at the moment tbh
  10. They will get paraded around the pith at half time
  11. We have always been Darth Vader in this country mate, that is never going to change anytime soon no matter how good we behave we will always be the evil in their eyes. In this instance they have picked on a black catholic with a heart of gold, for the crime of wearing our blue jersey and being good at his job. That in itself is absolutely shameful and proves beyond doubt that this has nothing at all to do with sectarianism and everything to do with hatred, I don't believe they are all racist but I do think this has everything to do with hating anyone who wears our colours even if that player shares the same faith.
  12. Disjointed, lacking pace and skill, hoping for a far better second half
  13. For me it's been obvious that the quality crosses into the box has been significantly poor since he got injury, had we had a player of equal ability not just a good deputy. I certainly think it would be worth looking at
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