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  1. I knew you had done something like that, brilliant stuff Dude, I look forward to your piece, will it be a YouTube thing or an article ?
  2. I seem to remember you did something for him as he was a teacher at a school near you, is that right?
  3. Its great to see us progress into the next round with a team that is nowhere near our best 11. well done Rangers
  4. Caniggia was a great wee player in my opinion doesn't seem to get mentioned much these days
  5. To be fair I think they are all outraged mate, we had the audacity to play them off the park and beat them in front of their eyes. Also without any assistance from the officials despite Clancy's best efforts. Salty tears don't you just love them when they are draped in green and white we won fair and square and they cant deal with it, tough titty
  6. Goram Jardine Gough Weir Greig Gazza B Ferguson Baxter Laudrup McCoist Cooper Manager = Sir Walter Smith Subs = Albertz, McCall, Prso, Amo and Barasic for when Greig tires in the second half
  7. Oh the young Gers are on fire ooh ooh I will get my coat
  8. The same cunt that couldn't hold his job at Lincoln now that is embarrassing
  9. Apparently Fraser Aird doing the wanker sign to them was a step too far well just in case they missed it, Fraser was right ya bunch a
  10. Let's just be Rangers, strong, determined and clinical play will be needed, you have it in you, we have all seen it, believe in yourselves. Be Rangers, be magnificent
  11. All the best to each and everyone of the RM crew, here's to 55, come on The Rangers 🎅
  12. Papac signed as a centre back only to become a real winner as a Left back under Walter, as solid a player as you will get
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