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  1. https://panzoid.com/ Really good, free site. You can look up other ppl's designs and use them as inspiration or a base to do your own. It's super cool, takes a LITTLE bit of learning but for what you can do with it it's great. Massively easier than using AfterEffects or something like that.
  2. Strachan seemed an utterly disinterested, passive aggressive cunt by the end of his last spell. He'd be a disaster too, he'd be taking the job again in the absence of anything better to do. Clarke won't take it, unless these celtic and fulham rumours don't develop into anything. McInnes won't take it either, he won't want the stress and according to the BBC he'd be taking a pay cut anyway. Might be time to dip into the foreign market again, but a disinterested journeyman that we'll likely end up with wont be any better either. And it better not be fucking Mackay either.
  3. Stoke have some really good players though. Stil hilarious stuff mind.
  4. Collins' face is just... just so so perfect there. Delighted.
  5. Yeah hilarity apart, that was a very strange decision. With us coming up next season, it's panic stations at the girodome I think.
  6. it'll get abandoned due to the weather now
  7. Mohamed Elyounoussi was an utter legend for me in FM 2013. Singed when we were in the 3rd division and he won the UEFA Cup for us more or less single handedly in our second year in the Premier. Love the man. Love him.
  8. https://vine.co/v/ejn15xTupDQ That's really, really nasty. Do that to someone in the street and it's assault. No justification for it on a football pitch.
  9. I see the first goal on the onscreen graphics was credited to Celtic. Match void, automatic 3-0 win to Celtic.
  10. Foster has been dire. But our best player today as well Miller has had the worst game of his whole career I think.
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