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  1. Josh Windass GTF

    would be surprised if he ever plays again tbh
  2. Question for Coaches here: Rossiter/Halliday

    Is the insurance paying out?
  3. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Armstrong is absolutely shite haha
  4. Fraser aird

    I'm sure Warburtoners will be getting reports on his development.
  5. Danny Boyle

    Trainspotting 2 research maybe.
  6. The Other Semi

    I think that might be the best thing I've ever seen. Amaaaaziiing.
  7. Gostomski Offski

    Legend. Will be missed. Testimonial against Lech?
  8. One Way Street

    I though the word 'Fenian' was a purely political thing? How do you know their opinions on a united Ireland?
  9. utterly utterly shite patter from the sun there, to no-one's suprise
  10. Law And Clark To Leave ?

    Given Kevin Kyle's comments about his wage, maybe Law / Shiels / Templeton etc are on fairly big money. Which they aren't worth imo.
  11. Stoke have some really good players though. Stil hilarious stuff mind.
  12. Waghorn Not Good Enough

    Waghorn is clearly a really good player. The best thing about this season, even when we're misfiring., is that I'm just positive about us in general. I dont dread playing any teams anymore. Even playng hibs soon, while we might not be on good form I think players like Wahgorn et al can do some real damage, so bring them on.
  13. Rangers Set To Introduce The Living Wage

    Utterly fantastic thing to happen. Very, very proud just now
  14. ***official Livingston V Rangers Match Thread***

  15. Challenge Cup Final

    I dont think they would get money would they?