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  1. Cumdog

    It's shite footballer lad-patter, but as far as that goes it's not bad I guess.
  2. Josh Windass GTF

    would be surprised if he ever plays again tbh
  3. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Armstrong is absolutely shite haha
  4. Stoke have some really good players though. Stil hilarious stuff mind.
  5. The Europa League Thread

    Collins' face is just... just so so perfect there. Delighted.
  6. The Europa League Thread

    Yeah hilarity apart, that was a very strange decision. With us coming up next season, it's panic stations at the girodome I think.
  7. The Europa League Thread

    Good, good, good times.
  8. The Europa League Thread

    it'll get abandoned due to the weather now
  9. The Europa League Thread

    Mohamed Elyounoussi was an utter legend for me in FM 2013. Singed when we were in the 3rd division and he won the UEFA Cup for us more or less single handedly in our second year in the Premier. Love the man. Love him.
  10. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    https://vine.co/v/ejn15xTupDQ That's really, really nasty. Do that to someone in the street and it's assault. No justification for it on a football pitch.
  11. I see the first goal on the onscreen graphics was credited to Celtic. Match void, automatic 3-0 win to Celtic.
  12. ***the Official Rangers Vs Raith Rovers Match Thread***

    Foster has been dire. But our best player today as well Miller has had the worst game of his whole career I think.
  13. ***the Official Rangers Vs Raith Rovers Match Thread***

    what the fuck was the point in that wall?