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  1. Tavs assists is usually down to a ball between keeper and 6 yard box. Whereas playing in the left his crossing would be coming in between the 6 yard box and the 18 yard box, 2 different type of balls the 2nd one being easier for the keeper to defend and harder for the attacker. The easiest solution to this is buy a replacement lb and you stick to the paedo forums
  2. So move a rb that can't defend to lb that can't defend? And move a rb that plays lb that can't attack to rb that can't attack?. Where in any of that is the issues we currently have solved. Stephen hawking got nothing on you for the brains department
  3. That's what rape looks like. Alfredo made a mug out of them
  4. The sun is shining, the beers is flowing and the paedos don't know what to do with themselves hahaha
  5. Stupid bastard mcgregor is. Could have cost us the win now
  6. Can see they bastards sneaking a goal, and we fail to hit the back of the net
  7. The sheep are playing with 3 strikers, Cosgrove, may and wilson
  8. Fucking riding our luck,can see these bastards scoring from a corner
  9. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/41765/Hamilton_vs_Rangers.html
  10. Need to. Lay off the crack, was never a leg breaker ffs. For 1 mckennas legs aren't wrapped around Alfred's leg
  11. congrats and couldnt ask for a better result for it to happen
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