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  1. Correct can only be candieas and McCrorie tbh. good problem for the gaffer to have though
  2. Laudrup1690

    Forward Line

    He will rotate Morelos and Defoe and when he played for Sunderland he played on the right of a front 3 and drifted in.
  3. Laudrup1690

    Forward Line

    We needed another striker and Gerrard got one it’s simple as that
  4. Laudrup1690

    Which players will leave as a result of signings

    There is no evidence that Rossiter is actually a good player tbh. get rid if possible
  5. Laudrup1690

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    You must be the only person who isn’t
  6. Laudrup1690

    Welcome To Ibrox Jones + Kamara

    Comparing him to wright 😂
  7. Laudrup1690

    Left Back Position

    Not even up for debate.. if barasic is fit he starts simple as that
  8. Laudrup1690

    Which players will leave as a result of signings

    Middleton out the door are you being serious? docherty will be here next season but it will be make or break for him.
  9. Laudrup1690

    Jordan Jones

    I don’t see the problem with this sighing because it’s very very low risk because he is only going to cost us wages. he will be a good addition as a squad player and is actually different to most our wingers that he can actually beat a man and is direct. yes we also need a high quality player but he will do as squad player.
  10. Laudrup1690


    Yeah I think so,even on the odd occasion he’s played I haven’t really been that impressed tbh. we can’t really rely on him so would get rid at the soonest possibility
  11. Laudrup1690


    True I read somewhere few years back he cut out meat to prolong his career and doesn’t drink and at end of each season when most players are on holiday he goes to France or Italy and does he own mini pre season with some fitness fanatic. he is going to be a good signing for us and is clearly coming here to play,win things and score goals or he would of stayed in England on more money. give defoe service and he will score simple as that really
  12. Laudrup1690


    He’s actually not slow it’s one of plus points he’s quick over 5 yards. anyone turning their nose up at this signing need to lay of the drugs
  13. Laudrup1690

    Joe worrall

    I’ve noticed with Worrall he plays better in the big games like against the peados and in Europe league etc but when we play livi etc his concentration levels are lower. He was immense against them no doubt about that
  14. Laudrup1690

    How Do You Judge SG So Far?

    You talk some pish btw
  15. Laudrup1690

    How Do You Judge SG So Far?

    This all over. If people can’t see how much we have improved with 1 window and 6 months together well they are bloody morons tbh. Stevy g will bring us 55