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  1. We go 2-0 up and think the game us won and stop doing the things that got us into that position. we should of been 3/4 -0 in first half then game would of been over. fuck knows even when it goes to 2-2 with most f first half to play we decide to play like fucking aberdeen. MUST win on Sunday now
  2. Get this candieas talk to fuck,he wanted to go and more to the point he was bang average. we need a upgrade on ojo and candieas hopefully the gaffer gets sorts it in jan!
  3. Dave king has done far more good than bad for our club and anyone who says any different well knows fuck all about football tbh.
  4. If fit goldson,tav,barasic,McGregor,jack,kent and Morelos(bar time game) will all start it’s what happens in every team ya main players play a don’t really get your point tbh. flanagan is back up for barasic
  5. The gaffer said he wanted 2 players to each position so we play 3 mids so he has jack,Davis,aribo,kamara,king,docherty to choose from. i personally would have arfield in mid but at start of season gerrard classed him as playing further forward. going by Ross Wilson saying squad will be trimmed I would be surprised to see doc or king go.
  6. Cover and back up a don’t get why people can’t understand this,if we have injuries and suspensions they would get minutes! simple fact is and hope it continues we haven’t had many injuries in midfield for them to get a look in.
  7. Goldson has had a very good week, another very good performance today.
  8. Sure you on the wind up but I will bite. No you said it wasn’t a ‘masterclass’ I replied no one said it was a masterclass performance apart from you and stated you can win a game of football without it being in your words ‘a masterclass performance’ simples really isn’t it...maybe not for you My opinion for what it’s worth is we were good today not excellent but not poor and as I said earlier 3-0 flattered hearts.
  9. No one ya said it was a ‘masterclass’ ya moron. you can win a football game without putting on a masterclass performance you know.
  10. You do talk some pish. no one is claiming a football masterclass,we won 3-0 and that flattered hearts tbh. Why the fuck you are trying to be negative today a really don’t understand.
  11. Scum good going forward but utter pish at the back
  12. If we play like we did against Ross county we win. no excuses tomorrow the team know what’s at stake
  13. Do you even watch Rangers games???? baffling comment
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