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  1. Olson doesn’t play in midfield he’s a right attacker
  2. Get this windass chat so far to fuck..if people want him back they must enjoy winning fuck all. bang average heartless player
  3. Yeah we are going to re-sign Wilson now we have a injury 😂
  4. No other positions need money spent on way before c.b
  5. Ffs why is it always one of our main players to get injured and not pish like barker. would’nt spend any money to replace Katic would like to get a loan in maybe.
  6. He’s not good enough end of ffs. im sure folk like winning fuck all because every time we let a bang average player go they always come up with pish like he done a decent job or never got a chance.
  7. Not what we need on that showing then?
  8. Few on ff said he was cut above his team mates 🤔
  9. That Kent will be much more productive with better players around him. teams knew if they stopped Kent and to lesser extent borna and tav then Alfie would get no service so they always made sure Kent had to beat 2/3 players.
  10. He pointed out no neck gets doubled up on by 2/3 players was just asking how he knew that,simple really.
  11. Well we will just have to disagree on that,last season teams doubled up on him all time because they knew he was our main attacking threat bar Alfie,plus Gerrard not playing him in wing didn’t help. next season he will flourish when hopefully we have more good attacking players so most focus won’t be on teams stopping kent.
  12. It’s exactly what we need tbh
  13. He’s one of our main attacking players I don’t get how people don’t rate him.
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