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  1. Laudrup1690

    Ross McCormack

    If only there was another thread about him 🙄
  2. Laudrup1690

    *** The Official Kilmarnock vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    My point is he done better than ok today,even greegs would of been proud of that first half save!!!
  3. Laudrup1690

    *** The Official Kilmarnock vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Wes did ok???did you not see his save in the first half,he’s not as good as greegs but he did better than ‘ok’ today
  4. Laudrup1690

    Gerrard: Post Match Reaction

    Anyone got a link for his bt sports post match reaction?
  5. Laudrup1690

    Mark Allen Interview.

    Your wrong,we/Allen knew of him before we played them,we didn’t just sign him off the back of 2 games
  6. Laudrup1690

    What is still required?

    I’m not his biggest fan but he will do a job as a squad player for a couple years for us no doubt about that
  7. Laudrup1690

    The Rangers Are Back

    Absolutely buzzing with how quick the gaffer has moulded this time so quick,we are so so hard to beat already. still feel we are 2/3 players away from winning league but hopefully we will sign em in next 2 weeks
  8. Laudrup1690

    Morelos bid

    ‘Even taking 50 mil’ quite possibly the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard
  9. Laudrup1690

    Morelos bid

    Also if we do keep him and he keeps this form up and actually scores against the scum then come January then we would get offers north of £8 million no doubt.
  10. Laudrup1690

    Morelos bid

    He’s playing superb at the moment but I’d take 6/7 million if the offered that.
  11. Laudrup1690


    Can’t judge him at all until he gets a few 90 mins in his locker. my view from the little I’ve seen him is he will be a world beater one minute then bang average the next
  12. Laudrup1690

    The tides turning

    We can start getting excited because we have played the ‘supposedly’ 2nd best team in Scotland away from home with 10 men for nearly all the match and were so unclucky not to win and just beat 2 very decent European sides. hey it’s early but fuck it we’ve been shite for years so I’m getting excited.
  13. Laudrup1690

    The tides turning

    We are so so close to a massive challenge for the title,we are 2 quality players short at the moment but I’m sure Gerrard will sign em before end of Aug! our games against them are so important because I feel we will win most against the rest
  14. Laudrup1690


    I think it’s the same deal as Murphy and Cummings where we have a option to buy at end of loan with a set price already agreed,I’m sure that’s what someone said on the heart and hand podcast.
  15. Laudrup1690


    No idea bud all I know is Angers bought him for £2 million