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  1. Katic did lose he place but you can’t say he wasn’t a good signing and Goldson and him will be our c.b pairing next year. davis and Defoe both took time to get up to speed(not our fault) and we excellent last couple months. we signed about 15 players in summer only ones who didn’t really work out who cost money were grezda,Laff and barasic(good player but made of chocolate)
  2. I liked Barry Ferguson’s and Andy Gormans buy wasn’t so keen on Ricksen’s and Negri’s. obviously not anything about Rangers in it but the gaffers book is good also
  3. Gerrard will give some players at rest who are carrying niggles and I wouldn’t want to risk our better players on that pitch,players rested will be arfield,defoe,jack at least with McCrorie,Morelos and Halliday coming in,possible might give tav abs Goldson a rest also. i would like to see some minutes giving to mcpake.
  4. No you said we haven’t really improved and we weren’t that different to pedro’s team. i remember you saying that
  5. Laudrup1690


    Don’t think you can say that to be honest our problem in a lot of games was breaking teams down and he wouldn’t of helped that
  6. @Jimbeamjunior still no progress no??
  7. Correct it was always going to be very hard for us to win league in his first season when he had to change a whole new team while the scum had a settled team,a cup would of been nice but wasn’t to be. he has made mistakes this season but the thing with gerrard is he will learn,he now knows what it takes to win this league and how teams are going to play against us. recruitment needs to be spot on this summer we have no room for error.
  8. Bring a defender to defend a corner,isn’t that what your suppose to do? anyways I’ve said it since start of season gerrard will be the man to land us 55 I’ve no doubt about it today confirmed that again.
  9. I know what your saying but can’t see arfield going gerrard loves him and he’s settle,tav is 50/50 for me but I honestly feel he wants to win something before leaving,Morelos will be away and will be difficult to get Kent back. difference is if Morelos goes we have at least £15mil to spend plus season ticket money. we have the core of a good team and as I see we need to add quality...I have faith we will 🇬🇧
  10. @Jimbeamjunior still no progress and we aren’t much better than we were under warbs and pedro?
  11. Great performance from start to finish and totally deserved. we are 4 quality players(depending who leaves) away from winning the league next season imo. i remember arguing with idiots on here just a few weeks ago who said we haven’t improved from last season...don’t see them commenting today. 🔴⚪️🔵
  12. I agree completely with what your saying,for me to have a real chance to win league and these additions need to be first team quality we need a new right mid,a number 10/creative player,a left back (doesn’t seem to fancy borna) and if Kent and Morelos leave they need replacing. so important we get the recruitment right this summer. for me I wouldn’t break up Goldson/katic partnership either they are good enough c.b to win the Scottish league.
  13. Massive overhaul?i know we won but lay off the drink eh
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