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  1. Laudrup1690

    Quickest Rangers goal you’ve seen

    Ness v scum
  2. Laudrup1690

    6 wins out of 6 required during October

    Would love to win then all and it’s a possibility but if we weren’t to win just one of them games it would be Spartak for me. We need to put pressure on domestically and turn up the heat but hopefully we win them all
  3. Laudrup1690

    Games of two halves

    We weren’t rubbish first half against Vienna,it’s was 2 evenly matched teams going at it but second half we turned the screw and were excellent. today game was over by half time and of course we would of liked more goals but it was obvious the last half hour we were probably abit tired physically and mentally so dropped off a bit. if anyone had asked us on Wednesday would we be happy with two 3-1 victories on nexy 2 games I know what the answer would be.
  4. Laudrup1690

    Joe Worrall.

    Very very good tonight
  5. Best performance of season by a mile,that is the standard and we need to play with same tempo and passion against hearts on Sunday,if we do the 3 points should be ours
  6. Laudrup1690

    Kilmarnock 1 Rangers 5 May 2011

    Was nervous as fuck all week...3 goals in 7 minutes certainly calmed my nerves
  7. Laudrup1690

    Us vs the sheep shaggers

    Do they not have to play first because they were drawn first???
  8. Laudrup1690

    We need to keep this run going

    We have a good run of very winnable games and need to keep up the monument,Sunday won’t be easy on that pitch so just get out of that place with the win and no injuries
  9. I would agree with that line up tbh give some players some much needed minutes on the pitch. 3.0 to the famous
  10. Laudrup1690


    I know the cunt fucking loves it when they score
  11. Laudrup1690


    You taking the piss?
  12. Laudrup1690

    Rangers Cult Heroes

    Big Amato
  13. Laudrup1690

    Playing out from the back

    We will in Dec
  14. Laudrup1690

    Graham Dorrans

    A fully fit dorrans could be a big asset in this team. look how much Halliday has improved so I’ve got high hopes so will dorrans
  15. 2 and half hours later and £130 down I’ve got the home and orange top. Happy days