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  1. I would agree with that but would play king or kamara for aribo so he’s ready for Thursday
  2. Laudrup1690

    Left back

    Limited also but better at tackling
  3. We would of all taken 7-3 agg before this tie. very well played over 2 legs well done Rangers. rest our main players at weekend and go over to legia and bang some away goals in thur.
  4. Laudrup1690

    Left back

    Halliday is a limited footballer just saying
  5. The problem is we are going to find it hard to attract a decent striker to our club to be 3rd choice simple as that
  6. Struggles to beat a man 😂😂 have you watched last 2 games 😂
  7. He was steady today and he’s the best option at moment! whos better Borna?halliday? We know what ya get with Flanagan a good hard tackler and limited going forward.
  8. I honestly don’t get why people thought he was a terrible signing because every time I watched him against us I thought he was dangerous.
  9. If a winger gives one assist per game I will be ecstatic with that. Ive said it since he signed that for a free he will be very useful for us.
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