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  1. Don’t know how half the folk on here are being touted for next big managers job that comes up.
  2. Kent is out of our price range but he isn’t a ‘luxury’ player. hopefully candieas is our back up r.m next season because we need better. would definitely keep him because when on form he’s a good player but unfortunately for us he’s to inconsistent.
  3. Kent isn’t not a luxury and he also works hard. top and bottom of it he is a better player than candeias
  4. Laudrup1690


    Didn’t want him to stay a few weeks ago but he is playing well now in that sitting in front of defence position. would take him on for another year to be honest
  5. Yeah but we haven’t improved from last season 😂
  6. The difference is we as a team are playing much better recently than we have for a long time. its just coincidence with Morelos being out and their has been many time Morelos hasn’t played and we have been crap. if team keeps playing like this I don’t see how we can drop Defoe for Morelos because on current form Defoe shouldn’t be dropped. only change for sheep game for me would be Kent for candieas
  7. Season would be the same if katic had played instead of worrall but I do think katic is better than worrall. for what it’s worth katic is also better than souttar
  8. King and all of us know we all renewing
  9. Would sell for 4/5 million and don’t think you could turn that down after arriving on a free. think the story is a load of pish for what it’s worth.
  10. You do spout some utter shit. you actually comparing gerrard to pedro 😂 you say this isn’t a defence of pedro when actually you have just been defending him. anyways your boring me now so have a good night
  11. Well it actually does 😂 are you saying Pedro would of turned it around???
  12. Not the 4th best team in Luxembourg you absolute rocket. im not even going to get into this debate as I feel you are a lost cause
  13. You have just lost little football credibility you had by sticking up for Pedro. i actually don’t know if you are on the wind up or actually just clueless
  14. Lay off the jimbeam whiskey eh
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