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  1. Happy for him to go tbh,hasn’t been great this season and we need to start filling our team with well putting it frankly nasty bastards who hate losing.
  2. The dude..piss off and go to sleep your boring everyone now.
  3. Always speak and comes across well on H&H.
  4. He’s utter pish he offers absolute fuck all.i could do what he does pas back to centre backs or hit it out for goal kick to opposition.
  5. Shat it when chance through with the keeper. been pish for 2 months how many chances do we keep giving him. needs dropped for Sunday
  6. Davis is done,Should be no where near our first 11 next season. beaten by a much better team tonight simple as
  7. Would bite your hand of for a 0-0 right now! This is the best team we have faced in years
  8. Fuck Morelos the cunt couldn’t come back in time for one of our biggest games of the season. clearly doesn’t love us as much as fans love him
  9. This his passing and decision making for most of our games are terrible. he was worse than a man down today. this team lacks real winners who care enough
  10. I’ve watched Leverkusen 3/4 times this season and they are a very good team,we will have to play at our very best to qualify. volland being out injured for is a bonus for us. one of toughest teams we could of drawn tbh.
  11. Well I will be watching return leg most definitely
  12. When of best teams I’ve seen at ibrox in a long time no doubt but we were very poor for 60mins! some come back that mind
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