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  1. stevotrueblue


    Turned out to be great player,, but holy fuck that first season and some of the blunders he did,,, was always terrified when he got the ball that he was going to pass back to another attacker and let him in,, did it a couple of times. Once he got over it and got his confidence tho it was night n day. But those early days,, i was a new RAF recruit at my first unit and kept fucking up, getting caught out drinking it up and such when i was supposed to be in training,,, earned me the nickname from a Scottish JNCO as LAC amoruso lol.
  2. stevotrueblue

    CUP Semi KO time

    Is it 1630 or 1730? Everywhere online is saying 1630 but on Rangers site is 1730. Just wondering if the 1630 is just on air time,,, im working nights that night but if its a 1630 then i will be able catch whole game.
  3. stevotrueblue

    Pubs in Budapest

    Its still fairly busy,,, although that could be down to a lot of runners in for the marathon. Havent been on any of the tours yet (other than what the mrs dragged me around on) so will get a better idea next couple of days now . The Parliament tour we tried to get in on Friday there was sold out mind. Palinka tom night i reckon ?
  4. stevotrueblue

    Pubs in Budapest

    Just wanted to let you all know that I completed the run ,,, and got back to the hotel in time to catch the Rangers game today as well. Honestly it was the first thing I did as soon as I got back,, cracked open a can or two of the local Beer and logged in to Badger Loyal,,, even before I let friends and family know I was back and done lol,, what a game too. Was really hot one out here today,,, 24 Degrees and probably higher at times with the glare coming off the Danube. Was a little slower than my prev full Marathon 3 yrs ago, so came in at 4hr 46min. Pleased at least to get under five in the conditions. In hindsight I dont think letting the mrs come along and drag me around the first two day sight seeing helped lol,,, we clocked up 9 miles on Friday alone wandering in and out of places on both sides of the Danube. I was probably the only runner the day that started with blisters lol. Anyway,,, big big thank you to all of you for support. Made me really proud to call myself a Rangers fan when total strangers will chip in to help the Armed Services,,, no other club like us. WATP
  5. stevotrueblue

    Pubs in Budapest

    Very much appreciated
  6. stevotrueblue

    Pubs in Budapest

    I am meeting a civi mate from back home who will be doing the run with me. The Mrs is coming along too after she heard it was the Spa Capital of Europe ,,,so yeh will have to try and no get caught eyeing up these supposedly hot Hungarian burds then lol
  7. stevotrueblue

    Pubs in Budapest

    Awesome guys cheers,,, there is always someone who has been,,, hoping to catch game tom,, and if finish in time catch the game on sunday too,,, even if i need carried in,, be a change fm carried out lol
  8. stevotrueblue

    Pubs in Budapest

    Prob a bit of a long shot but you never know on here. I'm travelling to Budapest tom and was wondering if any bears have been and might know of any bars that might have the game on ? Expecting to be a bit of an outcast as well as with their History I would expect the locals all to be cheering on Rapid lol. Also in case anyone is interested,,, reason I am going is to run the Marathon on Sunday for the Royal Air Force Association Wings Appeal. As I'm in the RAF and its the Service 100 yr anniversary year,, thought I would try and do something to mark it. Any donations most appreciated and go to a very worthy cause. Just hope I don't get beaten up by some mad Hungarians before even getting to the race lol. https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/johnsteven1
  9. stevotrueblue

    Armed Forces Day at Ibrox

    Mixed feelings the day watching at home. Contacted the SLO at start of the season and asked about any plans to mark Battle of Britain Day on the 15th Sep,,, as it is the RAF 100 yr. Tbf he replied a couple of times and forwarded on the emails to the charity foundation,, then never heard anything after that. I couldn't have made it up the day anyway once it got moved to the Sunday,, but have had lads at RAF Boulmer asking if I ever got anything back. Missed last year as well as had to go short notice to the Falklands,,,, maybe next year then. ?
  10. stevotrueblue

    Are we back to long ball punts.

    Exactly mate. In the Russian game when we were leading I kept thinking,, just roll it out and pass around a bit and take the sting out the game. We were in a comfortable position and had no reason to be punting it long. I can only guess as he was constantly doing it that he has been instructed to do it.
  11. stevotrueblue

    Are we back to long ball punts.

    Now the dust has settled a bit from Sunday and we can start thinking more about moving on and the games ahead. The one thing in all the games recently I think that has me the most concerned is that long punt up field we seem to have gone back to. I know we lost the midfield battle and a lot of tiredness was clearly visible,, but how can you win a midfield battle or gain any possession or a rest bite when you bypass then completely by knocking it over their heads? We did it too in the game against the Russians. Its no surprise then that the opposition will then just keep coming back at you. Now we have defended for the most really well, but at times I think we are making it harder for ourselves than we need to. I watched Shagger on Sunday and the Russian game and he was terrific,, dont get me wrong. But I dont think I seen him roll a ball out to the defence once. At every opportunity it was a long punt.
  12. stevotrueblue


    Tbh Morelos doesn't even have to raise his hands or do anything to be accused of descent,,, one look with them crazy eyes of his is more than enough.
  13. stevotrueblue

    UFA game - TV blackout, any rumours?

    Check PM
  14. stevotrueblue

    UFA game - TV blackout, any rumours?

    Mate you have to be friends with someone on Facebook who is on there for them to be able to add you. Otherwise you would have to get someone on here thats on it to add you on their facebook friends list first,,, assuming you are on facebook.
  15. stevotrueblue

    UFA game - TV blackout, any rumours?

    Have only tried them the once,, was the St Mirren game I think,,, was like 15 mins or even more that day in starting,,, and then when it did it kept freezing up and you could see the guy switching the feed to another stream link. That one always started a few more mins behind and forced u to watch what you had already just seen. Was like watching on the worst acid trip ever. Put up wae for another 5 mins then logged my VPN and jumped back over to RTV. Haven't used it them since,,,,, although one of my mates swears by them so maybe just got them on a bad day,