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  1. Bheast FC: Statement

    Good statement from DJ,,, however I dont know what cetic fans he knows if he actually believes the majority of them are happy or would like to move on. In all honesty I haven't ever met one who thinks like that. I am in the forces and work with a few that you might call more moderate celtic fans as they happy to serve in HM forces ,,and work for that matter lol,. Every one of them (confused as they obviously are) always gives it the title stripping / EBT pish whenever it comes up I honestly dont know any that would be happy to just move on, its not in them,, more a minority than majority if indeed there are any,, prob more giant panda's in Scotland.
  2. New winger signed on loan

    You never play footie mgr then lol,, been one of the highly rated wonderkids on there for a few yrs now lol, ,, as is that fucking big Norwegian defender they managed to get as well, Ajier. This lad tho,, honestly never heard of him ,,,,, that said will reserve judgement until seen the lad play,,, surely cant be much worse than the Dalcio and who knows if he turns out awrite his contract is due up at the end of the season. At least he will be playing for his career one way or another.
  3. Pena

    Do we have a scouting network at the moment? This is reason you have one. It seems that Pedro may have just snapped up some players based on what they were like a year or two ago when he last worked with them. A lot can change in a couple of years,, in football and in a players personal circumstances. Would like to have thought if he was going to part with around 2-3 mil when we haven't exactly got that kind of cash to just throw around,, he would / should have been scouted first.
  4. Next Manager? (Options)

    Me neither ,,,and what if,, then all your Portuguese players brought in by Pedro suddenly lose interest as well feeling he's been hard done by. A new mgr would have a tough time with little budget to do fuck all,, but still think we would be better off in the long run tho
  5. Next Manager? (Options)

    De Boar or Van Bronckhorst would have been my choice in the Summer if we knew we were going to give someone around 8-10 mil to spend. Too late now with the budget spent ,, your best bet would be likely McLeish,,,and he may well say no after being snubbed before
  6. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Caixinha is the worst thing to come out of the Middle East since ISIS
  7. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    Just a thought,,, Has Pedro actually signed anyone since the Board sorted out the retail deal with Sports Direct? I remember the interview with King saying that the manager would now have money that he didn't have yesterday,,,but has he actually spent anything since? Maybe wishful thinking here but perhaps the Board / King have the cash now but have held back a little on giving it to him to see how things play out Maybe even that extra dosh we never knew we had from retail, can be used to pay this dud off
  8. Morelos

    Would still like to see us bring in another striker tho. If Morelos picks up an injury I wouldn't like to have to depend on just Kenny and Herrrera for all the goals,, granted we have goals in our midfield. Has Hardie been sent out on loan to anyone yet? Perhaps they plan to bring him on this season .
  9. Kenny and Morelos next week ?

    So will we just say ,, maybe playing Morelos and Miller might work then for now? Was surprised when I saw the amount of negative posts for Miller in favour of Herrera tbh. After tonight Miller 2 assists and 1 goal,,, Morelos 1 asst and 2 goals ,,, surely for Saturday we just have to go with these two ???????
  10. Kenny and Morelos next week ?

    IMO Kenny should feature as he will and can get goals,, you can rely on him for that. Wither you start with him or bring him on later for his energy when the game slows I think the point is the same,, Herrera and Kenny should be the ones rotating at the moment ,,,and give Morelos a run at least.
  11. Kenny and Morelos next week ?

    Not sure why the manager waited until 83 mins to give Morelos a run ,, esp as for the most part Herrera was pretty much not in the game. In all honesty I noticed more of Morelos in 7 mins than I did of Herrera in 83. Perhaps the boss is thinking Morelos lack of experience was the deciding factor in team selection. I know they both are still settling in and ideally having a big target man linking in with the wee man nippy man would be ideal,, so perhaps he intended to bring on Morelos for kenny when he started to tire,,, but for me thats a hard call as we all know Kenny can come good anytime and Herrera as yet we dont. So should we try Morelos and Kenny together next week in the same formation? Morelos for me, looks at least the hungrier and has shown he can score goals as opposed to Herrera only getting 4 last season ,,,,
  12. Just keep getting a flash player enable msg even tho when I check it is :( ,,, not on SportsMania and cant find on any free addons. Been so long since I used the internet link sites most of them now either dont work or are blocked,,, oh well hope its a good game
  13. Watched it in full HD last week on a KODI paid sub and the game never buffered or stopped once,, and yet on their page I heard that the RTV stream had gone down.
  14. Hibs at Ibrox on General Sale

    Still a couple left in the Clubdeck,, mostly right up the back. I went for a restricted view in the Main stand for £25,,, imo the restriction will likely still be less than the restriction of sitting on the back row in the CD watching sensible soccer. Looking forward to it.
  15. ***Official Rangers V Marseille thread***

    Cancel that clowns loan and use whatever we are giving him on wages towards whatever extra we might need for the transfer fee for Walker