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  1. Thought political statements weren't allowed in Football grounds ,, ?
  2. Because if they are going to go for a Manager like FDB or GVB there is no way they would likely want to come in now and have to play with the current squad. FDB already said apparently the other day he is happy having some time off from football and would be against taking a job role now at this point in a season,,,, but would look at working again in the summer when he could go to a club and have a transfer window etc to be able to start his own squad.
  3. He is definitely a glass half full guy if he can put a positive spin on that performance ,, jeez. Can you imagine the same interview with a Walter Smith or Alex Ferguson type,, the players would be rightly getting their arses kicked,, not kissed
  4. Was going to add him to the list as well. According to footie manager he is a rangers fan as well lol. And although he's in the championship would have another look at that Craig Sibbald. Another thing I was wondering about Warbs,,, he signed that young CB we had on loan from Raith,, but has the young lad actually played for us yet? I mean you bring him in on loan to have a look at him and try before you buy sort of thing,, so why had he not even had one game before being signed,, I cant remember him playing yet,, correct me if I'm wrong there tho
  5. Vip Box link above there not working for me neither is any of my others,,, anyone got any more?
  6. Reports of non recent allegations. Think we all know what club this might be.
  7. I have been on night shift for the past few nights so may have missed something,,,,I read before that the leak said something about Halliiday calling him by the F word in some kind of bust up, to witch Joey retaliated with the Orange comment and then Andy smacked him ,, Warbs then intervened and something then happened between him and Barton???? Although what happened between him and the mgr is what will be the reasons for whats followed,,, if Andy did throw a punch and they both used similar sectarian language ,, then he may well pursue why he is the one being singled out on his own and try to embarrass the club into some sort of pay off. Or leave it for a snide chapter in his wee shite book. Can hardly use Black as an example of being treated differently, as Black never had the same previous and the club can argue when this came to light Barton was already on a final warning so to speak
  8. Is Rossiter injured? not even on bench
  9. krancjar and Barton sadly have taken our midfield back a step from last season. Its too obvious , too slow, too laboured and they just dont look comfortable ,, we would have been miles better today with Halliday and Holt in there,,,, Rossiter looks like he will fit in to previous system and Windass too looks a player,,,,, the other two look like they are on game time promises
  10. Kranjar needs taking off before he is sent off,, Barton has also given away the ball too often, he looks like this game is too fast for him would rather see Halliday in there. Kenny Miller has played well but later on when he tires would bring on waggy
  11. Just seen on Facebook Rangers News Feed linking to an article from the Scotsman saying Senderos expecting to sign before Saturday and Rangers linked with Josh Meekings,, ?
  12. Dont think Dodoo had many chances tbf ,, by the time he came on we where playing more safe and not going for it as much,, he did play a nice ball into McKay that should have resulted in a goal tho
  13. Warburton on Gardner "Its another conversation we have had",,, so not an out and out denial then that we are in for him
  14. Rossiter looks class, never a stray pass once. Loved his post match int ,, wait to he picks up a few Scottish words and gets a bit of the twang lol