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  1. stevotrueblue

    John McGinn (Hibs)

    Regardless of his background he is a very decent player. Sometimes as well players who come from the other side of the coin become even more determined,, as if they constantly feel they have to prove themselves. Scott Brown is an example of that. celtic will probably come in for him tho,, as they see him as the long term replacement for Brown. Knowing Hibs as well they will probably ask for 5mil from us and offer him to them for 2mil. celtic could even afford to buy and loan back to them. Wouldn't have thought anyway that he would even consider signing for us if the clubs did agree a fee,,, that said Gerrard could play a part in his thinking. Most tims love Liverpool as much as their own club and I wouldn't be surprised if he even had pics of Gerrard on his bedroom wall growing up along side Larsson etc. He might fancy playing under a real icon and hoping to make a mark and one day move with Stevie onto his other club down south . He is an ugly fucker tho lol.
  2. stevotrueblue

    Return of Pena

    Dont expect those kind of comments from a Rangers supporter,, even joking. Have you forgotten Arnold Peralta ?
  3. stevotrueblue

    SPFL trying to cash in on Gerrard

    SPFL and Doncaster hoping to double their money on new TV deal now Gerrard is our Manager. Not surprised really. Can anyone remember what the current deal gives us? I recall the tv deals got restructured when we went into Div3. The other clubs out with them were demanding a more even share having most money previously been dished out between us and celtic. Dont remember now what the final outcome was and what we get as our cut. I'm sure we will be committed in the contract to go along with whatever "new deal" they can scrounge up. I hope we are not missing an opportunity tho, what with us having our own TV channel etc? Perhaps even just outwith the UK as there will be interest from Gerrrard fans now globally watching on. https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/spfl-hope-to-almost-double-tv-revenue-with-the-arrival-of-steven-gerrard-at-Rangers/
  4. stevotrueblue

    Dave King Press Conference on Monday

    So was there no mention then of who is taking up the spare seats on the Board ?
  5. stevotrueblue

    Dave King Press Conference on Monday

    Hate to disappoint anyone but he didn't die in 1981,,, that was just the assassination attempt
  6. stevotrueblue

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    If he signs wonder how long before wee Vlad will be back on twitter
  7. stevotrueblue

    Paul Murray and Barry Scott Resigned

    I know but it was his dosh that kicked on the revolution,, that being my point
  8. stevotrueblue

    Paul Murray and Barry Scott Resigned

    Just a thought ,, what IF SDM was wanting back,, was it not rumoured not long ago and that he was wanting his son placed on the Board ? He steps back in to the mix and we appoint SG as manager,,, the whole thing sounds Souness esc . Perhaps out of guilt or wanting to make amends ,, or out of pure ego as 9IAR was his biggest achievement and he cant stand to see them get 10IAR either Imagine tho the timplosion that would cause. Its my Birthday the day so excuse the over optimism lol
  9. stevotrueblue

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    With our Board,,,, I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be Ali G we have hired, no stevie
  10. stevotrueblue

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Nah mate, link up men have to be able to hold it up for teammates and play them in,,, Morelos hasn't learned yet that there are 10 other men on the pitch with him that are allowed a crack at goal yet
  11. stevotrueblue

    Major investment?

    Cant see where this money is coming from myself,,but if Stevie G is going to be our next Manager (and its looking more and more likely he will) ,, then he must have been promised something or he wouldn't be interested. As much as appointing him is a risk to us,, it is also as a big a risk for him coming to us in our present state,, he is an ambitious type and driven and I doubt would risk his reputation and ambitions unless he has some assurances beforehand. People down here in England think the gap between us and them is actually much bigger than it is,, so he will have asked for dosh for players no doubt. IF he does sign then there must be something coming from somewhere
  12. stevotrueblue

    **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    This all day,,, take Morelos as just one example,,, if ever there was a young player that needed pulled to the side and told to stop being such a greedy wee bastard in certain situations its him,, did it again today,,, show him some past clips of Laudrup and explain that a truly great player knows when and were to take it on himself. He has bags of potential the lad, no doubt ,,, I just dont see Murty as the type to pull anyone (never mind a fiery wee character like him) to the side and say anything that might cause confrontation.
  13. stevotrueblue

    Murty Reaction

    I wouldn't even let him back near the youths after his performance and comments today. Starting to see why so many of our recent youth players breaking into the team over the past few season have had attitude and fucked off first chance they got ,, Discipline obviously not being enforced from the get go,, if he's too scared of confrontation and causing conflict then he is the wrong line of work.
  14. stevotrueblue

    What is required

    Agree ,, but think with Walter on board would be all that is required to assist Murty ,, and then he could leave him to it after 10- iar is halted
  15. stevotrueblue

    What is required

    Whatf Dont think we even need that much in the form of money or signings (keeping the loans) to be competitive next season. Where would be now if not for all the points dropped by Cainxha ? New Manager is too much of a gamble,, could come in with their own new players and set us right back again IMO Ask Walter to come back in some form of Staff role,,, its win win,, Keep Murty and let him learn his new trade from one of the best,, all the while Walter ensures we get the best out of the team. Walter is Rangers through and through and wont want to see celtic run away with 10 iar any more than any of us. If the Man is interested in working with us (and he can pick his hours lol ) then its a no brainer ,,, him and Murty nest season and we would win 55 celtic and Brendan are shite ,,