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  1. She drinks in the Loudon. Have spoke to her a couple of times. Bumped into her when I got my season ticket back when we were in Div3 and she was there every week,,,, . Thought at the time fair one as a lass she travelled up on her own all the time to games ,, prob no many lases do that,, a Huge Ally McCoist fan,, but that was about as nuts as she seemed then lol. Was just as pissed as the rest of us. Cant really say I know her as I a married dude and it was more just a hello in passing ,,, I too was travelling up then on my tod and trying to get to know the loudon regulars .
  2. The only way I think will be to watch the delayed coverage. At least this time RTV are showing the delayed match on the same night,,, last time it wasn't on until the next day. At the moment tho I didn't see an option to buy a PPV game for the delayed,, it was only there for ongoing subscribers,,,,not sure if you can sub to RTV and then use a VPN and watch then just cancel the sub,,, in theory you should be able to as when You pay for a PPV match they accept UK Bank details etc then allow you to watch through the VPN. The other option would be to watch delayed again on a Rangers page on facebook if you are on one,, however logging in to watch a delayed game on facebook you are guaranteed to know the final score before you even get to the match screen.
  3. If and its still a big if,,, we can go to their place and turn them over,, then with a 5 point gap or less and them knowing the last OF game is at Ibrox in front of a full house of bears where they have already been beaten ,, then maybe then they will go into full on panic meltdown,,, would be a hell of a run in
  4. Wont do himself any favour acting like this at Kiliie either really. Of all the other Scottish clubs its fan base is 70% not them at heart,,, they even copy our songs. A lot of their fans come from up the Irvine valley and are lets just say,,, not a fan of this kind of shit. Killie has 5 secondary schools if you include Loudon Academy and only one is RC,, so edit that 80% not them.
  5. Having said that Negri had the likes of Abertz and Laudrup playing balls in for him
  6. Marco Negri,,, scored 5 in on one game,,, had Alfie got the one more tonight he be up there lol.
  7. RTV not even able to show it until thursday night,,, might have watched on facebook on badger,,, but chances are as soon as i log into fb there will be something at the top of my feed showing the bloody score
  8. £10 for a ticket to a day out at the footie and all the beer that goes along with it = bargain. £10 for a meaningless friendly , sat in my house streaming on a dodgy RTV Stream, for a 12pm KO = no so much lol,, no even worth gettin the beers in ffs lol
  9. Just seen that,,,, £10 for a mid season friendly . Thats more than they charged for some of the euro qualifying games if I remember right. Oh well ,, have my other sources anyway.
  10. yeh,, was hoping by now they would have sorted something out so they would be in some shops so I can have a look,, like to try the Med ad Large ..see how they are
  11. Live down near Newcastle. Where about can you get the tops? All I have seen is JD Sports online. Always like to have a look at them first and not sure if the Metro Centre shop will have them in stock,,, going into town tomorrow tho. Is that it,,, nobody else selling them?
  12. Thing is if a bid like that from a club like that did come in,,, then if we just knocked it back he may well just down tools and not be the same player anyway. We would be effectively blocking a dream move for a young up and coming player. Lets just hope we dont get put in that position ,,at least to the Summer,,,, knocking back Russian lg is one thing,, a top lg well,, he would want it for himself. You can tell from his attitude that he is very ambitious.
  13. Just hoping nobody comes in with a serious bid in January for him. If a club like Athletico or the likes in La Liga came in with a 15-20 mil bid then he would be away simple,, lets be honest.
  14. He is the best player in this backwater by a country mile. Lets just enjoy him while he is here because I think its only a matter of time before someone comes in for him. He is the one player we have who honestly has class about him,, not just in his goals but his first touch ,, his strength and actual footballing ability are miles ahead of most around him. I think he will go on and make a real name for himself if he gets the right club in his next move. A move to a club in La Liga I think would be the best for him,, language wise and playing style. I can see a young aguero in him lol . At least a 100 mil dembele dollars as well lol.
  15. I liked the little dig Gerrard still got in during the interview ref that tackle,,, he did say "had that challenge been made by one of our players and we are down to 10 men "
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