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  1. stevotrueblue

    Dominic Solanke (Liverpool)

    Will prob be morelos, sadiq, lafferty and for back up / cups and subs zak rudden
  2. stevotrueblue

    Kyle Lafferty

    Reading this wae a couple a cans in me,, ,the only thing I am wanting right now is some punctuation !!
  3. stevotrueblue


    Hope its an option to buy with a set fee pre agreed between the clubs,,, first option is all well and good, but if he just keeps getting better and better and having a great season with us then his value will rise along with it also
  4. stevotrueblue


    ROBERT BERIC I remember coming across this guy when he was still at Rapid Wien and he kind of reminded me of a Jelavic type player. I mentioned him on here just out of interest and people where quick to point out how much that kind of player cost these days. They weren't far off as he moved on to St Etienne for around 7mil `in 2015. Anyway it hasn't quite worked out for him there. He got a knee injury 2 yrs ago and has struggled to get back into the team,,, he was even loaned out last season to Anderlecht . He was signed on a 4 yr deal in 2015 so will be on the last year of his contract now. Perfect age at 27 and was a goal machine in Austria and at Maribor. Good height as well at 6ft 2 If we have 3.5 mil to offer for back up CB's ,,,Is this the kind of player we should be at least looking at? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Berić
  5. stevotrueblue

    If these chances fell to morelos

    Some of the shite Morelos is getting its little wonder he would want to go or his confidence is low. The lads a kid, who is still learning ffs,,, its not his fault he is our only main striker and a whole team is depending on him, quite a lot for any young lad to take on at a big club tbh. Why as a support are we always so quick to jump all over strikers. ,, and yet some that just run around get away scot free,, remember Sebo?,,, Morelos last season was one of the few that did run around all game and try, but still got stick and yet unlike Sebo was top scorer. Fuck even Marco Negri got shite because he didn't smile enough when he scored. We do need another striker to take some of the pressure off,,, hope this Sadiq will help but would rather someone with a bit of experience up there to help them both out.
  6. stevotrueblue

    Rangers 'win' UEFA licence battle

    Saw an article on FB that says the absolute maximum is a 10k fine and a one year suspension from Football. You can bet if there is any chance in hell they they could ban us for a year and help their beloved club onto yet another tainted title closer to 10IAR then they will.
  7. stevotrueblue

    John McGinn (Hibs)

    Regardless of his background he is a very decent player. Sometimes as well players who come from the other side of the coin become even more determined,, as if they constantly feel they have to prove themselves. Scott Brown is an example of that. celtic will probably come in for him tho,, as they see him as the long term replacement for Brown. Knowing Hibs as well they will probably ask for 5mil from us and offer him to them for 2mil. celtic could even afford to buy and loan back to them. Wouldn't have thought anyway that he would even consider signing for us if the clubs did agree a fee,,, that said Gerrard could play a part in his thinking. Most tims love Liverpool as much as their own club and I wouldn't be surprised if he even had pics of Gerrard on his bedroom wall growing up along side Larsson etc. He might fancy playing under a real icon and hoping to make a mark and one day move with Stevie onto his other club down south . He is an ugly fucker tho lol.
  8. stevotrueblue

    Return of Pena

    Dont expect those kind of comments from a Rangers supporter,, even joking. Have you forgotten Arnold Peralta ?
  9. stevotrueblue

    SPFL trying to cash in on Gerrard

    SPFL and Doncaster hoping to double their money on new TV deal now Gerrard is our Manager. Not surprised really. Can anyone remember what the current deal gives us? I recall the tv deals got restructured when we went into Div3. The other clubs out with them were demanding a more even share having most money previously been dished out between us and celtic. Dont remember now what the final outcome was and what we get as our cut. I'm sure we will be committed in the contract to go along with whatever "new deal" they can scrounge up. I hope we are not missing an opportunity tho, what with us having our own TV channel etc? Perhaps even just outwith the UK as there will be interest from Gerrrard fans now globally watching on. https://www.sundaypost.com/fp/spfl-hope-to-almost-double-tv-revenue-with-the-arrival-of-steven-gerrard-at-Rangers/
  10. stevotrueblue

    Dave King Press Conference on Monday

    So was there no mention then of who is taking up the spare seats on the Board ?
  11. stevotrueblue

    Dave King Press Conference on Monday

    Hate to disappoint anyone but he didn't die in 1981,,, that was just the assassination attempt
  12. stevotrueblue

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    If he signs wonder how long before wee Vlad will be back on twitter
  13. stevotrueblue

    Paul Murray and Barry Scott Resigned

    I know but it was his dosh that kicked on the revolution,, that being my point
  14. stevotrueblue

    Paul Murray and Barry Scott Resigned

    Just a thought ,, what IF SDM was wanting back,, was it not rumoured not long ago and that he was wanting his son placed on the Board ? He steps back in to the mix and we appoint SG as manager,,, the whole thing sounds Souness esc . Perhaps out of guilt or wanting to make amends ,, or out of pure ego as 9IAR was his biggest achievement and he cant stand to see them get 10IAR either Imagine tho the timplosion that would cause. Its my Birthday the day so excuse the over optimism lol
  15. stevotrueblue

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    With our Board,,,, I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be Ali G we have hired, no stevie