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  1. **Rangers v Heartz Thread**

    This all day,,, take Morelos as just one example,,, if ever there was a young player that needed pulled to the side and told to stop being such a greedy wee bastard in certain situations its him,, did it again today,,, show him some past clips of Laudrup and explain that a truly great player knows when and were to take it on himself. He has bags of potential the lad, no doubt ,,, I just dont see Murty as the type to pull anyone (never mind a fiery wee character like him) to the side and say anything that might cause confrontation.
  2. Murty Reaction

    I wouldn't even let him back near the youths after his performance and comments today. Starting to see why so many of our recent youth players breaking into the team over the past few season have had attitude and fucked off first chance they got ,, Discipline obviously not being enforced from the get go,, if he's too scared of confrontation and causing conflict then he is the wrong line of work.
  3. What is required

    Agree ,, but think with Walter on board would be all that is required to assist Murty ,, and then he could leave him to it after 10- iar is halted
  4. What is required

    Whatf Dont think we even need that much in the form of money or signings (keeping the loans) to be competitive next season. Where would be now if not for all the points dropped by Cainxha ? New Manager is too much of a gamble,, could come in with their own new players and set us right back again IMO Ask Walter to come back in some form of Staff role,,, its win win,, Keep Murty and let him learn his new trade from one of the best,, all the while Walter ensures we get the best out of the team. Walter is Rangers through and through and wont want to see celtic run away with 10 iar any more than any of us. If the Man is interested in working with us (and he can pick his hours lol ) then its a no brainer ,,, him and Murty nest season and we would win 55 celtic and Brendan are shite ,,
  5. We need a manager

    Does anyone else think Murty would even consider working either with or under Walter if he did return? For me that would be the best scenario possible,, keep Murty and let him learn from the best all the while Walter helps ensure we get the best out of what we have?
  6. We need a manager

    Murty has the potential to be a good manager,, he just needs to learn his trade. Unfortunately we simply dont have the time to just sit around and wait on that,, not if we want to stop 10- iar . Bringing in a new manager tho has major risks as well,, a new guy could come in and change things and if it didn't work out set us right back again,,, again we just dont have that kind of time for risks like that. We need to make the right decision this time for the club going forward. Caixinha was the last gamble we should be making at this stage, as I honestly dont feel we are that far off from what would be required for 55. As much as the man has done more than enough to deserve to be left alone, I really feel honestly asking Walter to come back, in some sort of role (perhaps not even Manager but a staff role of some sort) really needs to be considered. Can anyone on here think of anyone better who could come in and work with that current squad,, who could act as some kind of mentor for Murty,, and above all who would get results ??? He is a Rangers Man through and through and as such like the rest of us I am sure will not want to see them get 10 in a row either. He was recently linked with the Scotland Job ,,so perhaps he has hinted at being prepared to go back into some form of management. If the man is prepared to and is interested,, then get him in for next season ASAP. Keep Murty,, bring in Walter,, and next season we win the league. Anything or anyone else is a gamble IMO
  7. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    anyone got a decent link ? My VPN is playing up after paying fpr the match ,, all other inks keep dropping out ???
  8. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    Any links? Should be sat right now in the Club Deck,,, missed ma train ,, got there with it sat in the platform but guard said doors shut and wouldn't let me on :( Coming up on the next one after the first half so will only see one half of the game but still make my mates birthday night After 4 months in the Falklands was really looking forward to this
  9. The Neo stream at top of thread was breaking up a lot and pixelating when I was on it. I went onto KODI and got a stream through sports devil in the Supremacy addon,, (haven't used any of the free addons for awhile as I used to be on Sportsmania) think it was one of the firstrowsports links , thats been spot on since I went onto it for the last 10mins of the half
  10. Collum

    I worked with a ref, a wee while ago that knows him,, and I know for a fact you right,, he is Catholic, supports them and is a Religious Education Teacher at a Catholic school. Should that matter? Probably not in most games,, but should he be refereeing a game between two teams of known opposite religious backgrounds in a high profile match,,, esp after the last fiasco at Ibrox and Lennons antics? Put it this way,,, if it was celtic playing us or hearts at home and the ref was say a music teacher or something at a non catholic school,, know Rangers fan and played in a flute band at weekends ,,, would they be ok with it????
  11. kranjcar

    Was only the sodden pitch slowing everyone and everything down that slowed things down enough to his current level
  12. **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    Dont know what was more surprising ,, the fact nobody broke an ankle on that horrific pitch,, or Krancjar actually playing 90 mins
  13. Jason Cummings baby

    I'm no sure about all these pop song do'overs tbh,, ,, why dont we just have a EBT wan to a pop tune then and wind everyone up ,,,, I propose the Jackson 5's ABC, just change the letters and add a few addons and away ye go,, easy as EBT. Back to ma beer now
  14. GM..Has the answer been right under our blue noses

    Really impressed with the performance last night, and really hope things go well for GM. I really like the signings he has brought in as well,, just the kind of players our team have been crying out for. I reckon the fact that they were mostly all brought in on loan with option is in no small part down to the Board watching this space and seeing how things go,,,, hopefully all will work out
  15. **Official Rangers v The Sheep Match Thread**

    Is everyone's else pic clear as fuck one min then keep blurring up every so often??