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  1. Cancel that clowns loan and use whatever we are giving him on wages towards whatever extra we might need for the transfer fee for Walker
  2. great goal from Krannycar,,, thats what the Portuguese commentator is calling him on my stream lol
  3. Anyone know yet if the game is on RTV? Just looked on KODI Sportsmania's listings for today and nothing on there yet.
  4. He is utter guff. But an AM as a position we genuinely need someone decent in. Our team has no creative spark at all, and hasn't for awhile. I dont know if Dorrans will play that role or even this Pena guy but Niko hasn't got the legs / fitness for it and could drop out again during the season like last yr. Who else is there then, Holt and Forrester
  5. The thing with playing a 433 is how you use the three in the mid. You either go with 2x CM's and one AM playing behind the striker getting forward in support,, or you play x2 CM's with one DM in behind holding. We seem to be playing x2 DM's in the CM role and our guy in the AM role doesn't have the legs or the fitness to play there ,, for 90mins anyway. The fact we tried two DM's in the mid against a team like that last night was even more worrying. Why as well have we bought x2 strikers a big target man (Herrera) and a wee man poacher type (Morrelos) and not try playing them together ? Esp against a team like that where you are expecting to get goals. Should have just went 442 and used two midfielders , one attacking and one defensive minded ,, either straight across the mid or in a diamond formation. The fact he didn't have the balls to try that against a team of that calibre (at least in the home leg) proves he hasn't got the bottle to me a Rangers Manager imo.
  6. Tonights equivalent to that would be like pulling a stunning Page 3 Bird, taking her home (sober) and not being able to get it up ,,,,just because you haven't had the time to get to know each other !! Seriously its a team of part timers from Luxembourg
  7. No real pre season ,, and it showed , players looked like they hadn't been introduced. And who's fault is that? I thought when he came in that it was a major gamble,, and even when we have all been getting excited with all his signings and the Portuguese influx,,, I remembered thinking similar when Paul Le Guen came in with his so called French Revolution. But I never seen anything like this coming,, losing to a team of part timers from the footballing joke of Europe!! His tactics and selections look dodgy as well,, Morrelos the only player we have brought in with a proven goals record and already match fit due to his prev clubs season - 15 mins last week and taken off tonight again when he hadn't even been given a sniff from or redundant midfield. Jack and Rossiter playing the mid ,, both Defensive Mids,,, surely one DM against a team from Luxembourgh ,,, if ye cant get away with one DM then when the fuck can you? And we all know Niko wont last 90 mins as our main creative spark Lets look at his signings with Brutal honesty as well Morrelos the one we are the most excited about,,, recommended by someone else Ryan Jack and Dorrans, again prob recommended by someone else who knows Scottish game and had a word The Managers choices,, , never heard of any of them ,,,,, Dalcio from what I have seen so far,we be better keeping McKay tbh
  8. KODI and Sportsmania is the way to go. Perfect never buffered once and have the back up of having all the Rangers TV games on there as well.
  9. Cheers guys will look into that
  10. Was thinking about asking about any upcoming Armed Forces day plans. I'm in the RAF and based just over the border. There quite a few bears down here and would be great to see if could get them all up for the next one. Anyone know who to contact at the club or have an email address etc ? Cheers
  11. Naw mate,, nae such luck. I would just be watching it in the pub. Still its a hard choice eh,, run 26 miles or sit and get pissed and watch the game lol.
  12. I see the first Old Firm has been scheduled for 23rd Sep. I was considering doing the Loch Ness Marathon on the 24th but haven't registered yet. It would be bad enough not being able to have a skinful the day before the race ,, but unthinkable if they move it to the Sunday for TV. No way I want to be running a Marathon knowing I am missing the first Old Firm game,,, talk about hitting the fucking wall right there !! Anyone know how soon after dates come out that these things get changed? I guess it will have to do with the English Prem games as well,,, are they released yet? Think I will probably have to just play it safe and re-look at my racing calendar lol,,, at least I have already got the time booked off work tho.
  13. Would have thought they would have changed the pricing as soon as the ink was dry on the new retail deal. They didn't ,, so I would expect them to keep the price as is. Would be really cheeky if they doubled the price just because of the demand,, not sure it would violate consumer rights tho as they do reserve the right to change the price as they see fit. But if SD are trying to re-build any bridges with the fans then pumping it up double wont help.
  14. Ordered mine last night as soon as I heard the King interview saying it was a defo for the same home top this season as last. Was £4.99 for standard delivery that could take 3 to 4 days or £6.99 for next day if ordered before 7PM. No brainer ,, went for next day as knew they would be flying off the racks plus I live in England so standard could have taken even longer. Sitting wearing it now.