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  1. Tactics

    Brown, ntcham and that kbossi cunt
  2. Tactics

    Mulumbu, Mckenzie and dicker in the middle of the Park yday
  3. Tactics

    Unless u are Barcelona u can’t afford to give teams and extra midfielder. Win the middle of the park u more than often win the game
  4. Goss

    Glaring obviously Holt and Goss were getting completely out numbered because it was 2 v 3. Could have hooked Windass after 15 mins to put an extra midfielder on.
  5. Jamie Murphy

    Put him on the right hand side so doesn’t need to check back constantly and close the space down
  6. Home Disadvantage

    Fans were brilliant. Got back to 1 each the place was rocking and we would have went on and won that if Tav had half a fucking brain and didn’t sell himself and give that cunt Collum the chance he was probably waiting on all game
  7. Dalcio loan

    Fuck me
  8. Josh Windass

    Hope I never see this cunt play for Rangers again. A lazy fucking bastard
  9. Busses getting pulled.

    Dirty fucking bastards. A new fucking low even for them.
  10. Daniel Candeias

    Good to have pace and out and out wingers on both flanks now. Thought we broke well last night when the sheep were exposed. Candeias was excellent.
  11. Scummy Evening Times

    Not enough of this alledged singing gos on
  12. McCrorie Ankle Break???

    Give him a shout and ask him
  13. McCrorie Ankle Break???

    That’s the one
  14. McCrorie Ankle Break???

    See someone asked that Scott McDermott chief sports writer of some rag who’s in America and he said it isn’t true
  15. Black and Asian managers

    The money that’s involved in the game now, I’m not having a board is going to turn down any candidate if they are the best because of race etc.