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  1. Don’t think u will struggle. Every man and their dog will get allocated one.
  2. When Halliday comes back

    Not good enough. I don’t think he even knows what position he wants to play and it shows
  3. Mark Allen

    Interesting to see if he is getting backed by the board. Can identify players and processes to improve us all he wants. But they need to back and finance it. Either way can’t see him being here for the long term
  4. Murty Reaction

    What a difference having a man at the helm, albeit temporarily that doesn’t talk in fucking riddles. Really growing on me.
  5. Danny Wilson

    Outstanding last night. Composed on the ball and won nearly everything in the air despite that prick of a ref trying to give a foul when he went up for a header every time. Man of the match by a mile imo
  6. Barjonas

    Thought he did fine. Tough place to get thrown in and well improve with experience. Boy will be a good player
  7. Ross McCrorie

    What a fucking player the boy is
  8. Alves

    Thought he was slow as a week in the jail. Danny Wilson next to him was immense tonight
  9. Ross McCrorie

    Even if we could get an hour out of him it would be worth it
  10. Development Side Edge Out Saints

    How is Aidan Wilson getting on with the development squad? Thought he looked a decent prospect and would have went out on loan
  11. Moult to Preston

    Let’s face it recruitment isn’t exactly our strong point. He has been staring them in the face for over a year now
  12. Junkies vs Rangers

    Fucking never fails with us and injuries
  13. Dorrans

    Think he will be struggling for the Tims game if there is still no sign of him
  14. This year being a write off

    Cunts a roaster. Claimed they should have been 4 or 5 up at half time and they only had 2 shots on goal. As u said soon as things start going against him he will crack
  15. This year being a write off

    I like Candeias but I don’t think he is the quality required if u are talking about challenging they cunts for the league though