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  1. TopCat liked a post in a topic by Jimbeamjunior in Patterson   
    And Patterson is an untested youth player being touted to play in our biggest, most important run of games for nearly a decade 
    He will get his time, just shouldnt be now
  2. TopCat liked a post in a topic by graeme_4 in ***** The Official Rangers v Stranraer Match Thread *****   
    Imagine being Murphy or Doherty and watching Barker get game time while you’re being punted.
  3. TopCat liked a post in a topic by Straight-Edge-Loyal in ***** The Official Rangers v Stranraer Match Thread *****   
    We're through with a less than full strength team. 
    Halliday, Barker, Ojo are all awful. 
    Nathan Patterson was excellent in the first half and good too see young Kennedy get some first team minutes. 
  4. TopCat liked a post in a topic by BookWorm in ***** The Official Rangers v Stranraer Match Thread *****   
    On to the next round and a much better performance.
  5. TopCat liked a post in a topic by thebluedoo in ***** The Official Rangers v Stranraer Match Thread *****   
    Its great to see us progress into the next round with a team that is nowhere near our best 11. well done Rangers 
  6. Zetland liked a post in a topic by TopCat in Bobby Brown   
    Sad news.Thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.
    R.I.P Bobby Brown.
  7. Bobby Hume liked a post in a topic by TopCat in Bobby Brown   
    Sad news.Thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.
    R.I.P Bobby Brown.
  8. TopCat liked a post in a topic by MisterC in Bobby Brown   
    He was the oldest living ex player as well. 96, what an innings 
  9. TopCat liked a post in a topic by TamCoopz in Soy Alfredo on YouTube   
  10. TopCat liked a post in a topic by pcbear in Soy Alfredo on YouTube   
    Everyone has probably seen this but I stumbled on it tonight, his story in his own words (subtitles) its brilliant, just when you think you cant love the wee man any more.
    He had a sister that died and promised his mum he would look after the family, boy has he came up trumps there,
    If someone can link it just in case others have not seen it, it was an eye opening half hour.
  11. TopCat liked a post in a topic by Leeds_Bear in Tav out till february?   
    No not confirmed, just rumours at the moment fortunately. Although seems to be something to it. 
  12. TopCat liked a post in a topic by Misteral in Tav out till february?   
    I had my appendix out and the stitches were removed on the Wednesday before Big Tam's cup final in 1973. Despite being banned from going by the folks (I was 16), nothing was going to stop me getting to Hampden.   When Parlane equalised it went mental (of course) and a few minutes later I felt liquid on my t-shirt.  Looked down to see my appendix  scar had split about an inch. Got down to the front and went to First Aid under the main stand and looked like a scene from M*A*S*H. What did they do? They they put a plaster on it and told me to go to the Royal!  I watched the rest of the game sitting next to the photographers at our end. What a day that was and I got away with it with the parents after I told them I fell off a bus and we went to hospital the next day and got a few more stitches.  😀
  13. Bad Robot liked a post in a topic by TopCat in Bougherra Article   
    I loved him as a player so I tend to overlook his behaviour off the park during his time with the club...........
    Some kind words in this decent wee article...... which is nice to see.
  14. TopCat liked a post in a topic by dougie76 in Bougherra Article   
    He was class for us on the park off it not so much and l will leave it at that.
  15. TopCat liked a post in a topic by falkirkNS in Bougherra Article   
    Boughy was class, good period then with Davie Weir bring on Cullear, Boughy and Danny Wilson
  16. TopCat liked a post in a topic by BridgeIsBlue in Bougherra Article   
    MADJID BOUGHERRA left Scotland with Rangers as reigning champions. Now he hopes to return having seen his former club reclaim their crown nine years on.
    The third title that Bougherra won in season 2010/11 was the last that Rangers lifted and no major silverware has been placed in the Ibrox trophy cabinet since. The reasons for that, of course, are well told.
    It is a story that has saddened Bougherra as he has watched on from afar, but he was back in familiar company on Saturday as Steven Gerrard’s side rounded off their training camp in Dubai with a friendly victory over Lokomotiv Tashkent.
    The former Ibrox stopper spent five years in this part of the world after leaving Glasgow - turning out for Lekhwiya and Fujairah – before hanging up his boots following a spell with Aris in Greece.
    And he is pleased to see the huge progress that has been made in a short space of time by Gerrard as the Liverpool legend looks to become the first boss since Walter Smith to lift the league title.
    “I have never been back to Rangers since the day I left,” Bougherra said. “I just never had the time and I heard they were coming here so wanted to come and see the game and see my friends such as Steven Davis, Allan McGregor and Jimmy Bell and other members of the staff and it was a pleasure.
    “I miss the place for sure, it is something special - the atmosphere around the club, the fans, everything is amazing. In my career, the best experience at any club for me was at Rangers. I want to go back and see one game at Ibrox.
    “I left very fast. I didn’t get the chance to have a proper goodbye and this is why one day I hope to come back. It would be perfect to return on the day Rangers win the title again and I’m very happy about the situation around Rangers at the moment because the club have suffered these last few years.
    “Now you see they are coming back and can return to the top of the league if they win their game in hand. The comeback is amazing because they were so very, very down and no-one could have expected they would return this position so quickly, especially without a significant budget.
    “The club and coach have been doing very, very well. In the next two or three years I can see Rangers returning to the Champions League.”
    It was in that very competition where Bougherra made his final appearance for Rangers. A qualifying defeat to Malmo got the campaign off to a dreadful start but by the end of the season there were far more worrying matters at Ibrox.
    Rangers would survive, and now they can thrive. With Gerrard at the helm and the supporters behind him, Bougherra believes the remarkable recovery can be completed.
    “It was hard to see Glasgow Rangers going down like this, especially when I was there, but this style of club never dies,” he said. “You never know how long it will take - two, five or 10 years, but clubs like this, they always come back.
    “We can soon forget the past in football and this is a new team coming, the fans are ready to enjoy the next few years. The fans are the key to all of this, you can see them all around the world. They are the ones who support the club, who pay the season tickets, buy the shirts and make income from the clubs and bring the passion that makes players want to sign for them.
    “Rangers made a good choice. He (Gerrard) is a young manager with a modern football philosophy and identity. He’s doing very well. He’s close to the players, he knows their mentality, especially the new generation.
    “He can stay as long as possible and in the future bring in even bigger players when the money is back because he can attract the best with his name and create a good project. It’s a very, very good choice.”
    Bougherra was a surprise face in the crowd at the Sevens Stadium on Saturday and he would warmly greet those that he used to share a dressing room with at Ibrox.
    The influence of McGregor and Davis is perhaps even more important now than it was during that successful spell. With players, and characters, like that on board once again, Rangers have a real shot at title glory this term.
    Bougherra said: “It’s important and for me they are key to the success of the club because they have the experience and they can manage the other players around them.
    “Steven Davis is having a very good season and Greegsy is Greegsy, a player with so much experience around the big games. They are important players.
    “It was David Weir who helped me when I first arrived. He was a very important player in the dressing room and also Lee McCulloch had leadership experience and those two really took the squad under control and every team needs players like that.
    “The Scottish league is very tough, especially when you play away from home - you can lose, you can win. They have their destiny in their own hands and if they finish champions it will be deserved and even if they finish second it can still also go down as a good season.
    “I’m confident, yes, because mentally they must have more confidence than celtic because they have come from so far down and now they have reached this point.”
  17. TopCat liked a post in a topic by Blumhoilann in Bougherra Article   
    Once a Bear,always a Bear....Bougie the Bear 
  18. TopCat liked a post in a topic by Marky. in Five times Rangers waster Alfredo Morelos slouched around hating his job   
    Well done Old Firm Facts and Glasgow Live for publishing this article. A truly well researched and well written piece.
    Others, take note.
  19. TopCat liked a post in a topic by BearInTheToon in Shameful article on Morelos   
    I don’t really do Twitter but I messaged The Scottish Sun Facebook page earlier with the following...
    Truly shambolic piece by Bill Leckie in the Sun this morning regarding Alfredo Morelos. Utterly xenophobic, biased with accusations made about the character of someone Bill, I’m certain, has never even met. It makes a mockery of the Sun’s own #RespectOurPlayers campaign. Furthermore, it’s a really disgusting, shameful piece and an abomination of opinion, never mind ‘journalism’. It’s shocking, in the true sense of the word, that it was allowed to even be published. 
    I don’t purchase print newspapers but I completely stopped reading the Record online about a year ago because of abysmal content that was clearly agenda driven. When I began to then read the sport on Sun, I was pleasantly surprised by the greater degree of impartiality and fairness. 
    However, I’m sorry to say, I won’t be giving The Scottish Sun online any further clicks and certainly won’t be buying the print edition. And I know I’m not alone. This is a real, watershed piece of gutter-level journalism. Quite frankly, it’s a hate piece.
    I don’t expect to get an answer but it has been seen. However I’d encourage anyone else who feels strongly about this to contact them too.  No more clicks from me for transfer news etc.  Have to say, I’d love to see the ex Rangers players who have opinion pieces printed  on it stand up against it too (fat chance, I know). But it really has crossed a line.
  20. TopCat liked a post in a topic by Blumhoilann in Shameful article on Morelos   
    Where's Leckie's article about the diving cheat Christie who not only has been sent off for real dirty challenges but has been banned for brutality towards Morelos in the act of grabbing his genitals? Does Leckie consider that Christie has let his team mates down or maybe that's just acceptable because he's a white Scot?
  21. TopCat liked a post in a topic by MidWalesGer in Shameful article on Morelos   
    Would this happen if Morelos was Scottish? No
    Would this happen if he was a t***. No
    Would this happen if he was down south? No, at-least not to this extent.
    Fuck the Scottish media. Im glad i live away from it. I feel for Morelos. Yes he earns a-lot of money. But nobody should have to put up with this shit
  22. TopCat liked a post in a topic by KingKirk in Shameful article on Morelos   
    The article is bad this is fuckin horrendous tho
    With his Resting Bitch Face pout, his flailing elbows and snide off-the-ball kicks, the way he’d rather fall over to get a fellow player sent off than take a shot at goal, he seems hell-bent on making as few friends as possible in our game.
    Wtf the club can't let it go this time that's disgusting journalism 
  23. TopCat liked a post in a topic by middli in Shameful article on Morelos   
    Morelos spends his spare time establishing a charitable foundation to help people and this cunt calls him a 'waster' in a national paper. This article, if you can call it that, is a fucking disgrace. 
  24. East Enclosure Row N liked a post in a topic by TopCat in ***** The Official Rangers v Stranraer Match Thread *****   
    I actually think Greg Stewart is arguably the most under rated player at the club at the present time. I rate him highly and feel he could do a job through the middle as you say Sasa.
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