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  1. We're still going to win this 2-1 🇬🇧
  2. I wouldn't stick more than a quid on it...
  3. had a dream the other night, may as well put it on...
  4. well that took a turn... what a mental way to try and make money.
  5. Spoke well again. The defensive comments are especially welcome, although I don't think we are going to get away with another slow start. Pished all over their baiting with the referee questions. Whinging bassas.
  6. He is Super... in all honesty I don't think he'll ever hit the heights of last season, he pished all over most defences in the Championship and the onus on him getting back wasn't so strong. He's great going forward, but sometimes he looks like he's running through treacle to get back and cover in this league. I'd keep him for next season, unless we bring in someone better (which I don't see happening).
  7. looks like they blew out the window with a firework/firecracker.
  9. does anyone have a Sky stream so I can watch the analysis?
  10. Well done the fucking fans! Magic!
  11. Weird one, but he has always spoken well on the co-commentary on RTV. He has experience at Morton and Motherwell the past few years so he's maybe not as much of a wildcard pick as people think.
  12. Horrible game. Not looking forward to the game against the sheep. I thought we would see players step up and play for a place in the team with a new manager, but they look like they can't be arsed. Hopefully Pedro gets a chance to clear out the deadwood.
  13. Dodoo screamer coming up...
  14. Can I change my username?
  15. Beerman making good runs ahead of McKay, but McKay looks scared to pass to him...