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  1. First half we were shite, and Morelos goal was a cracker to give us optimism for the second half. Instead we were just as shite as the first half. Dire from Tav and there’s no excuses for him. YB were there for the taking and we didn’t do enough.
  2. Absolute shite. Singlehandedly thrown away a great opportunity.
  3. That’ll do. Dont give a fuck if we play like that and come away with 3 points after 90 mins. Love Morelos!
  4. http://www.6aght43s.realstream.cc/en/player/05a9ddca734fad807b3bcdb54ebd3400c9235ba7e07ceddc2670a010c119f33f/5d9626c3c86ec sorry, in Arabic...
  5. Don’t think so mate, pretty sure BT now cover all the rights from the group stages onwards for Europa and Champions League.
  6. Horrible disease as many others have said. Thoughts are with his family and friends. Rest easy big man, a massive figure for me growing up a Gers fan.
  7. Laziness was what pissed me off the most. Second to every ball (Davis the exception).
  8. Football’s been shite, but Tom Miller’s ability to read a flag has been top notch tonight. 🇬🇧
  9. Thanks for all effort put in over the last few years GB 👏 Top man
  10. Cracking day for it in West Calder 🇬🇧
  11. Need him to stay another season at least.
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