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  1. Will wait to see what Mehmet stocks first...
  2. There was a feed on that AztecGodStreams Twitter the last time there was a blackout. Give him a google nearer the time and see if he posts any links. Worked quite well last time, only went down for about 15 mins. edit - scratch all that, his twitter account is gone. Fucked it.
  3. Cheers, I'm over in the US just now trying to get it on RTV but can't see a link/page anywhere. I'll have a look for a freesports/Premier Sports stream.
  4. Genuinely scary how toothless we are as a team without Morelos. Turgid stuff.
  5. There’s a proper laziness in our approach today, aimless balls punted up forward with no real target. Hairdryer treatment need at halftime. Again.
  6. Very well done to the lads, what a great experience for them. Hope to see some of them breaking through in the next few years!
  7. Kick off 14.45 GMT Live stream here: Pre-match has already started, reviewing the tournament so far. 3rd v 4th tie to be played just now. Good luck to the young Bears ⚽
  8. First British team into the final. Well done lads
  9. I don't actually remember the opposition, I think it was Dundee United. My Dad took me along when I was about 10, packet of crisp and a coke and stuck in the corner of the pub. My main memory was walking up the stairs and out onto the stand, and I was completely awe struck with the noise and the amount of people. Still don't think I'll ever have shivers up my spine like that again. Felt nervous as fuck the whole game, and it felt like it only lasted 20 minutes. Drove home in the back of the car with the scarf flying out the window. Hooked.
  10. Didn't even discuss Defoe's goal, and completely brushed over Morelos' strikes. The bitterness is dripping out of them. I love it
  11. Away and take your face for a shite McIness
  12. Tav’s tackling today was the best I’ve seen from him. Managed to get the ball off Sinclair every time to the point they moved him off the wing. Cracking game from all 11, but great performance from our No. 2
  13. Halliday and Grezda on at half time please. Coulibably and Flanagan off. this is dire to watch at times. So many petty free kicks.
  14. Forgot they went on sale this morning 😔 Fud.
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