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  1. Again Dornan repeats the line ''people who were closely associated with the club''. McCafferty was their kit man. He was employed by the club!There is no ''close association' here. If sexual abuse took place in the confines of Parkhead, or at the hands of an employee, and their was knowledge of this and it was never reported to Police or the appropriate protection service, then employees of celtic are complicit in a cover up at the very least.
  2. Reading through his replies/tweets it is clear he sees this as a problem with the Boy's Club. There is no mention of the fact that Cairney has just been convicted of crimes he committed under the employment of celtic and within the confines of Parkhead. This has to be watched very carefully as he tries to peddle the myth that celtic are "not to blame" in all of this.
  3. Mr. Dornan has already made his mind up that celtic are 'not to blame'. This is nothing more than lip service, a discussion with Mr. Lawwell to discuss how heinous the crimes are and how awful celtic feel, but no actual admittance of fault, guilt or accountability. I'm sure there will be a commitment to safeguard children in the future, but there will be no admission of the lies and the irrefutable cover ups that have taken place over the past decades. It's genuinely sickening that those that lied, protected and re-employed (for fuck sake!) known peadophiles will not face a criminal investigation.
  4. We've hit the post 3 times and the bar. Should have been 7! Well done to the Bears for not letting the heads drop after going behind
  5. Look forward to getting a left-sided player with a left foot. Quite annoying that we haven’t had a good left side partnership since Wallace and McKay.
  6. We were all loving it when he got away with it after the old firm earlier this season. There’s no excuse for it, it’s stupidity, but change that mentality and you change the kind of player he is. Rush of blood to the head and he misses 3 games probably. Doesn't stop me liking him as a Rangers player.
  7. McGregor is genuinely nuts, but that’s why I love him.
  8. Ordered. Good to have it out for Summer for once, the way it should be. Although our marketing/merchandise setup is really weird, nothing about it on the official site or twitter etc.
  9. https://www.thegersstoreonline.com/ Pre-order queue is up...
  10. Chris Burke Lewis Macleod John Fleck or am I way off? I can only remember Burke from Blue Heaven, sure a few more must be in there with him.
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