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  1. I didn’t put the commentary on ‘til 2 mins to go. Glad I did as the Bears sounded in fine voice.
  2. Been struggling to put my finger on it, but 'energy sapping' is probably the best description so far. Scunnered. It's been fucking horrific since the Winter break (including the 60 mins mid-week). Wish we had someone in the team to grab everybody and give them a shake, but that person just doesn't exist. I still think we'll turn this game around, but fucking hell we should be seeing teams away in the first 45, not relying on a half-time team talk and then turning it on. Scunnered. Again.
  3. https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/18224404.boy-12-charged-alleged-racist-incidents-towards-Rangers-player-old-firm/ More fake news? Surely can’t be true, both celtic and Stewart have said there’s no evidence. Scumbags the lot of them...
  4. Will take that, great finish. Really need to go for them in the second half though.
  5. 20 minutes in and half our team are blowing out their arses. Walking to take take corners, hesitating to take free kicks. Fucking turgid stuff.
  6. Pretty sure it’s this, seen the Catapult branding on the training photos. https://www.catapultsports.com/
  7. Agreed, but McGregor needs a included also, has made some outstanding saves from the beginning of the Qualifiers to keep us in it.
  8. Really hope we have Barisic back in for Sunday. We're basically a man down with Flanagan. Absolutely no point when he can't take anyone on as he has to check back onto his right foot every time we start some build up play.
  9. We are constantly giving others the ammunition to do us over. We're not helping ourselves in this whatsoever. The Team entered in the first qualifying round, now lead our Group and need a point to get through to the last 32 where there's every chance we will get a glamour tie against decent opposition, and instead this is what fills the papers/sites (and I know there will be shouts of bias, fuck the Sun, fuck the Record etc.). We need to smarten up sharpish. The revenue we will lose if the stadium is shut for YB or the knock-out game is unrecoverable. If we do have a closed stadium we as a support are getting lumped in with racist fans from Eastern Europe etc. The damage is getting worse and worse. I'm all for getting steaming and having a sing-song, but there's a time and a place and it's not inside the stadium.
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/RFC_Youth/status/1193555863681810433 Good result for the Youth Team!
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