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  1. Excuse my ignorance, but where would this have been taken from? Ibrox Primary School? That'd be some view to look at from your office everyday!
  2. Just jizzed in my pants
  4. What's new? At least we can get the one we have now and he club gets the money, that's the main thing at this point in time. We will probably have a new manufacturer for 2018/19 as there's only a year left on the Puma one.
  5. King did say that, but Robertson corrected him. 23mins21secs into the above video he clearly states there won't be time to get a new one.
  6. 23 mins 21 secs into the video, Stewart Robertson says we will be using the same kit as last season for next season.
  7. One swallow does not a summer make. However, this Summer transfer window has been more than I had hoped for, the launch of the new advertising packages by the club, the appointment of a DOF and now this. Have to say it feels good! Still got a way to go, but when we finally lift title no.55, I will feel normal service has resumed. Cap doffed to King & Co, but I don't think I will ever be able to trust those in charge 100%.
  8. “Communication in the team is key. So that will have to be addressed. But if there’s an understanding of what we’re trying to do, if we’re all on the same page, it’ll make it a lot easier. “Some teams gel rapidly, with others it takes longer. “Is it ideal bringing in 10 new players? No, it’s not. But if that’s what the manager feels is right at this time, we have to roll with it and make it work.” they don't even try anymore, I would say that first bit is pretty key to giving context to what Miller was talking about. Scummy pricks. The full interview is in the other rhag, and is actually worth a read with some of Millers thoughts on the new boys. Can someone else copy and paste?
  9. Handled that well, the constant questions trying to trip him up about Aberdeen will hopefully stop sharpish. I liked the reaction to the question at 7mins 48secs re McInnes, the eyeroll and the reply showed he's bored of the journos already.
  10. Could always go for a beer to get the locals onside...
  11. It looks like whoever drew the text on in paint was using their feet to control the mouse!
  12. Aye very good...
  13. Slipping RFCRobertson. Slipping.
  14. training today features the new boys. looks like Pedro is wanting quicker distribution...