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  1. Tavernier.

    Here here. There's glimpses of the confidence he had in the first division coming back. Long may it continue. mental how weak our left side has become in comparison. Hopefully Nemane can come in and link up with John.
  2. Butcher

    Halfway through the first half he said "Pena for his thoughts" I switched over to the Arabic commentary after that. He is dire as a pundit.
  3. Dirty lego eating bastard

    Chances of it being shown on Sportscene or picked up by compliance officer = 0 Just wait for the 10 minute discussion on Morelos' temperament instead.
  4. Pedro (gif)

    Someone get a gif of him going mental at the ref at half time.
  5. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Rodgers caught telling porkies... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41347321 I'm sure the Record will pull him up for it.
  6. I've been made to look a fanny on both points
  7. Why the fuck are Dalcio and Nemane on the bench and Windass still on the park. Fucking hell!
  8. Thistle will go through and we won't recover for Saturday. Unbelievable.
  9. I'd like to see Namane on for Windass. Or Dalcio. Or Foderingham. just no Windass.
  10. Fairplay to them...
  11. Levein has a swipe at Rangers

    Trying to satisfy the Hearts fans who already want him gone. Problem is they'll get pumped at Murrayfield and all that gum bumping will count for fuck all.
  12. Ally and Butcher

    After all the shite we've had thrown at us the past 5 years you would think those that have worn the jersey would stick up for the Club at any given opportunity. Tripping over themselves to win Uncle Tom Of the Day.
  13. Looks like he studied the players towards the end of last season and has identified the one's that didn't have the attitude he felt they needed. It's interesting to see that he feels Windass can have potential to be a Rangers player and has given him a chance, and cleared the rest of the deadwood. I'm hoping that the guys left from the Warburton era will kick on now and start busting a gut to get into the team. Saturday will be a good acid test of the dressing room spirit. I'm expecting Alves an Candeias to get stuck into them.
  14. The Peter Campbell Memorial Plaque Vandalised.

    Has already happened and feck all was done about it... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-31091808 No doubt when one of them ends up with a sore face, it'll be time to take action and a line has been crossed etc. Thanks to The Moonlighter et al. for getting all this work done and continuing with it in the face of such disgusting behaviour from others.
  15. Hearts away

    Are the words 'sporting' and 'integrity' flashing away on the SFA/SPFL switchboard? Methinks not.