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  1. Looks like he studied the players towards the end of last season and has identified the one's that didn't have the attitude he felt they needed. It's interesting to see that he feels Windass can have potential to be a Rangers player and has given him a chance, and cleared the rest of the deadwood. I'm hoping that the guys left from the Warburton era will kick on now and start busting a gut to get into the team. Saturday will be a good acid test of the dressing room spirit. I'm expecting Alves an Candeias to get stuck into them.
  2. Has already happened and feck all was done about it... No doubt when one of them ends up with a sore face, it'll be time to take action and a line has been crossed etc. Thanks to The Moonlighter et al. for getting all this work done and continuing with it in the face of such disgusting behaviour from others.
  3. Are the words 'sporting' and 'integrity' flashing away on the SFA/SPFL switchboard? Methinks not.
  5. It's fucking mind boggling, where the fuck is Wallace? Failed to show up on and off the park. I seen more talk and orders coming from Rossiter and Jack tonight than from Wallace.
  6. ah well, see you all in a few weeks...
  7. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
  8. Thank fuck the sun has gone and I can see the pitch now. This is finishing 3-0 Gers.
  9. Frustrating. Good first half followed by a second half that was typical of the shite we watched last season. Would have liked to have seen Morelos play with Niko. Just doesn't work with Waghorn, waste of a jersey really. Cardoso and Jack both had decent debuts, Dalcio has glimmers of a decent player, not seen enough to judge Candeias and Morelos though. Glad to see Rossiter back.
  10. Right, get Morelos on and Waghorn off, give Niko someone to pick out. C'mon Pedro.
  11. I usually advocate for RTV but my stream has been buffering all night. The above seems pretty good (4K in comparison to what I was watching)
  12. It's mental to think we still have Pena, Herrera, Moreles and maybe a few more to come still to feature. Even Rossiter (who I'd like to see replace Holt for the second half)
  13. I hope we have a buyout clause in the loan, although I can't see it. Great replacement for McKay if he is indeed off.