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  1. Just heard him on POTY interview(s) today. When asked about next season response was 'not here to talk about that'. Fair enough, but sounding even more unimpressed as some of us with his 'capture' might have helped. I have a bad feeling about this.
  2. Drum

    Joe Worrall

    Worrall and Morelos are 22. Neither should be carrying the expectations of Rangers at that age. Surrounded by pretenders and wannabees. Baffling that posters on here criticise the potential signing of Hastie and Stewart given the lack of muscle power on show from their team mates today.
  3. Drum

    Ryan Kent

    What was the score today anyway? Who cares, I find these images most pleasing indeed. #CaptainRangers
  4. McGregor deserves nothing less that 100% respect. He's served his sport and country with pride whilst putting up with mhedia vermin. Watching him lift the 55th(+) league trophy above his head will be a fitting highlight before surely moving onto being our goalkeeping coach.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47329293
  6. Unknown to us at the time, best bud of dhildo rhonnie
  7. Andy Halliday. Will probably get lost in tonight's Alfredofest but what a brilliant goal from our own. Well done Andy.
  8. We've signed some cracking players from Dundee. Hope Kamara proves to be a hidden gem.
  9. Morelos stamping on the testicals of overrated SPLhaters pleases me enormously. I’d personally double his wages tomorrow.
  10. SKY post match with Kent looking like their representing the Marine Corp Come on Rangers WE CAN DO THIS
  11. I find it odd that some fans seem to remember Davis as some sort of world beater? He was a competent/experienced player and chipped in with a few good goals, most notably a cracker against the dhims at Ibrox. Thomson, Ferguson and Reyna were far better players.
  12. A clear SG signing, so no complaints there. If he brings a similar standard to Bocanegra (likely not but who knows) we have won a watch.
  13. Thomson all day long, a superb athlete and highly intelligent player. Was highly rated by Arthur Newman I seem to recall, which speaks volumes.
  14. The official Millwall website says he's signed a long term contract. Where did u hear otherwise?
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