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  1. Drum

    14 Minutes

    Tav was the one getting the most amount of stick around me last night. Gobshites nowhere to be seen when he scored right enough.
  2. Drum

    The Ibrox Tour

    Done the tour a few times, but seeing my kids faces in the Trophy Room & sitting at the desk in The Manager's Office was just something else. In the last 2 years have taken in the Wembley & Millennium Stadium Tours (the latter skewed toward odd shaped balls obviously). Impressive each, but nothing compared to the history oozing out of our spiritual home.
  3. Drum

    Alex Gilliead (Newcastle)

    Ticks all the boxes of a Gerrard steal, but seems too good to be true (22yo / youth multi-intl / 6ft+). Big plus if link serious though.
  4. Drum


    Did Alves not check the weather forecast before getting dressed!!!
  5. Drum

    City chambers George square..

    You and dickie think I’m a tim lurker. We get it. I’m not.
  6. Drum

    City chambers George square..

    I didn't say that? GCC bid for the games to attract East End investment, which was deemed as retuning to its 1970's slum status. There was far more money sunk into other areas than the immediate one surrounding breezeblock boulevard.
  7. Drum

    City chambers George square..

    Take the Chambers Tour, wall scratchings of our WWI & WWII soldiers preserved as part of its history. GCC reputation as the unwashed employer of choice bit of an urban myth, Council is simply the city's biggest employer and accordingly has a bigger % of them doing what they do everywhere. Plenty of Bears on the payroll.
  8. Drum

    Rangers Legend Walter Smith sues businessman

    I've met Walter. I suspect Mr Alexander wil settle quickly.
  9. Drum


    Poll results thus far sum up how tough this is. To be fair Cummings hasn't exactly been given a platform to showcase his talents, surrounded by disillusioned players of a mediocre standard. On the other hand, 4 months is a reasonable period of time to see the cut of someone's jib. Gut feeling on this guy is that he'd genuinely improve with better quality surrounding him. We cannot ignore the the fact that he knows the score here and wants to be at Rangers. I think he senses what is ahead of him if a Club like us says no thanks. I think he is absolutely worth 600K if that is indeed the asking price.
  10. Drum

    Martin Bain

    If he wants to buy his place back onto the Board, then why not. Just one wee caveat, a £10M cash injection. Pretty much what he pissed away buying out the contracts of our mid-career seasoned internationals. #nob
  11. Drum

    Jordan Thompson leaves Rangers

    Thought he was one of Warburton's shrewder moves, big news at the time (came from Man U did he not?) Oh well, good luck Jordan.
  12. Drum

    MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Are you watching some other MOH? I could not give a monkeys about MOH's personal and private life. Every employee of our Club has a responsibility to act as an ambassador for their employer. Sitting amongst the fans of your greatest rivals (let alone at a CF) is both disrespectful and unprofessional. MOH either knows this or is arrogant / stupid. This isn't the first time his behaviour and judgement have been brought into question. He needs to leave, the sooner the better.
  13. Drum

    MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Agreed 100%. The mere fact that MOH is accepted sitting amongst the dhims sums up this guy as a person as well as a footballer. Our best hope is to swap this guy for someone. We have no chance of getting a fee for this idiot.
  14. Mo Edu ... always looked like someone from a school football team to me.