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  1. oor Derek just can't help himself
  2. Halliday looks a physically different individual already, more muscular and lower body fat on an already lean frame. I have no problem with this guy, looks like he's getting a season to prove himself.
  3. Ipswich website reporting an undisclosed fee with several Clubs after his signature. I sincerely hope we have - at least - clawed back out outlay and the days of writing off failed experiments are long gone.
  4. Wife bumped her gums throughout that game at our pishy seat allocation, 3 rows back from the corner Lovenpants ran to. Now regarded in my household as probably the best seats for that moment. Closely followed of course by another pish seat allocation, right behind Douglas's goal at Hamdump ... '... and Konterman looks as though he's going to take a shot from the half way line here ...' :)
  5. Our guests from the east end don't exactly look over the moon either. One wonders how much SKY will continue to punt into this non-spectacle. In 36 months I've went from 20 year season ticket holder in the Govan Front, to payg, to armchair loyal. Now the latter is even losing its appeal & I'm not alone amongst my mates and family either. FFS King enough is enough. Fungus made running the Dhims his daily priority and moved to Glasgow to do it. Do you really think 42K fans have £500 to piss away these days on this shit? As for Caixinha - he would be better off handcuffed to a desk with a copy of the Qatari phone book.
  6. Now TV have a free PS4 app. Just download via the store. Edit - sorry misunderstood question
  7. I'm still unclear about what he brought to StJ, let alone us. Physically fit, but clearly cannot cope in a footballing environment where virtually everyone else is better than him. Needs moved on - and quickly.
  8. Well respected ex player / internationalist who lives a settled life in Scotland. Connected to scandinavian international scene. Welcome back JJ.
  9. Thanks for post OP ... awesome
  10. Still unclear on who 'renewal' is the patron saint of?
  11. Pedro will be well briefed on the half-wits that operate here in the media. If we start winning consistently / convincingly (which will come) I'd be quite happy if he actually does more just to amuse himself and us.
  12. Der Hammer
  13. A picture tells a thousand words. In this case 'sorry boss feeling a bit under under the weather' will result in 10 mile run for you to ponder them.
  14. I'm in. I also think we'll win every match, SC cementing Pedro's arrival. No reason why not.
  15. 33yo with an elevated reputation for mixed performances, limited appearances, big money and a medical history which now includes cruciate ligament damage. Suspect signing to begin with (I mean come on) wage needs freed up, come and get him Mr Warburton.