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  1. Alves doesn't get it

    I think Alves is a good guy & a good player but he simply hasn't settled here. His quality on the ball is obvious and I would play him against the FOD but if we can re-coup/profit thereafter both parties should be happy with that.Danny Wilson is our best CH. Put any thug you like in beside him and we'll be fine. I think.
  2. MOH

    Michael Francis O'Halloran is actually a good footballer right? But one would have to question why the Gallowgate Galacticos have not hoovered given his alleged allegiance. Or maybe its because, he's errr actually not that good. And has a poor attitude. And is a poor ambassador to ANY club blazer.
  3. May today inject doubt, humiliation and under confidence into the minds of everyone at Breezeblock Boulevard.
  4. Murty and these December games

    Its a fair point but by the same token Ally was clearly piss poor at managing before he even got the job. Watching Walter charge down the stairs to correct his blunders was embarrassing. Murty on the other hand appears to be a success at whatever challenge is placed in front of him. Is there a 'proven management team' (by proven I take it you mean successful track record in management) beating down our door right now?
  5. Mark Allen

    Allen looks to have been recruited to re-build the foundations of our football operation: scouting, youth / coach recruitment and enforcing the Club's values across all levels. I have no idea whether Allen is a vanity appointment. However given recent events I really do question the judgement of current Rangers Directors.
  6. "Just now"

    Get well mate. You can do this, together we’ll beat it.
  7. Parkhead for Scotland

    Indeed. But why pay your spiralling maintenance costs when the SFA will do it for you? Honestly these people are unbelievable.
  8. Aberdeen Chairman calls for apology?

    Isn’t Milne nearly 70 and worth something like £100M? You honestly wonder how someone who behaves like a complete fanny is able to accumulate such wealth. Oh wait ... of course ... tell a bunch of other fannies that their miserable existence is a by-product of Glasgow Rangers. And get them to pay you for the advice. Simple really, I mean no one would ever suss that out.
  9. Graeme Murty

    I thought Nemane looked ok, but yes the prospect of a navigating a transfer window without a permanent manager making the key decisions is ridiculous
  10. What's their problem?

    LOL K.A.I - that’s like a management summary of the entire boardroom sub-form
  11. This year being a write off

    Liking this thread, a bit of positivity at last. I did note one pundit (Richard Gordon) yesterday who at least had the balls to point out that celtic are starting to look a little ropey.
  12. Derek McInnes

    McInnes will regret this. All that soundbite pish last week will never hide the fact that his name could have been on that door. If you don't take your chances when they appear, prepare to be forever haunted by them.
  13. The 3 Game Jinx...

    Cant recall the exact words, but said the Club's statement was symptomatic of how badly run we currently appear to be. To be fair that's true, but I just wish these guys would realise that the mhedia will splice them together to make it look as though our own are caving in on us. Dodd's yeah, completely agree. He was panting with excitement at the opportunity.
  14. The 3 Game Jinx...

    Just the usual. Tuning in like opening the door to a Rangers bashing party. Close the door, come back an hour later and experience the same wall of nasal whining noise about us. It’s our own joining in that does my head in though, noted Stephen Thomson Billy Dodds at it this week as well (and not for the first time).
  15. The 3 Game Jinx...

    Mate, we could be double winners of the CL / fuel a WC winning Scotland squad ... and the millstones would still be endless. My wee one (13yo) made me laugh today. Both too lurgy'd to attend the game she timed 60 seconds exactly of Snyde coverage from the final whistle. You could not make it up, even from our alleged own.