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  1. No. FOD has improved every season with us. We can't ask anything else. Is he the same as Shagger at the same age? No. Will he become a better keeper overall? Evidence suggests yes. But we are unfortunately living in times where logic ie. tie down ... goes for nothing.
  2. This summers rebuild mk5

    We stand on the cusp of two realities. Murty will take every failure as a learning experience and likely go onto brilliance with someone else We stagger on like embarrassing drunks, pretending its 1997 Appoint a series of expensive, mediocre management duds A smart employer would recognise these scenarios and intelligently plan what to do. Unless of course it mattered f*** all what you do because one banks the same money regardless ...
  3. Murty has to play the cards he's dealt: interim, balls out, living day by day. His contractual situation should be an irrelevance given where he's brought us. To lose him would be an absolute embarrassment. He is The Rangers Manager.
  4. shitebags today

    Completely agree but we need to give ourselves a break here. In 6 months we've came from a position of Killie/Hibs expecting to beat us to where we are now, looking good for 2nd and still in the SC. Today was pish, but at least we know Cummings will be the first name of the team sheet next month and we still have a chance. I'd rather we die in our boots and Murty get the job, than capitulate and end up in moonbeam street again this summer.
  5. shitebags today

    At the end of the day, we are lightweight. Certainly fast and unpredictable but out-gunned by bigger, more organised units. Today is a disappointment but at least we know where we stand.
  6. Warburton - "I received death threats"

    Its not the country. A minority of mentally ill tarriers in the press and similar minority in the professions is promoted to make you believe this. Their behaviour when they achieve or establish anything ALWAYS comes back to bitch slap them. Chin up mate, their little holiday in the sun will soon be over.
  7. Rumour by ID10 from ff

    Niko's contract is up, Alves has a year to go and if (IF) plays a part in fairytale ending to season we should have no problem re-couping costs. Regards rumours about 30+ McArthur? Lego basher, no brainer.
  8. Strange thread this. Statistics do not reflect the fact that Murty has taken us from laughing stock to formidable unit. Signed / promoted quality along the way and he behaves in a manner befitting of the Rangers Manager. He is up against it in these games, the dhims will be frothing at the mouth to win these fixtures and have the quality to do it. We need a bit of luck and true grit.
  9. Scottish Cup Draw

    I love skelping them at Hamdump. I have a good feeling about this,.
  10. Caption this picture

    we have a winner. Close thread :)
  11. Warburton thought he could build a team round this guy. Closely followed by the next manager pissing our salary & transfer budget away on Pena et al. At least Niko IS leaving. Murty & Allan have plenty to do ejecting the remaining chancers.
  12. Murty

    Murty has kicked the circus out of our Club. For that alone I will be forever grateful.
  13. Starting to look an outfit

    Because of Murty.
  14. scotland manager

    Jungle Jim will be gutted. Perfect.