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  1. Drum

    Smoking at games

    We are piloting this in the Sandy Jardine Stand. The SANDY JARDINE Stand? 😮
  2. Drum

    Jordan Jones

    Jones is a very good player and (at least for what I've seen) no shrinking violet. Given the circumstances (our need and his contract) this is surely a win/win.
  3. Drum

    People who think....

    Yep, said this for a while. MA & SG were lauded for the last transfer window and on balance we have very good forwards and excellent defence. Our goal difference stats confirm these areas are doing their job, We simply do not have the same quality in our midfield to boss domestic games. SG keeps saying it's the job of the players to 'get the fans off their seats' but what a difference modern day equivalents of Ian Ferguson & Stuart McCall would make right now.
  4. Well done Rangers for standing firm on this. They won't be missed.
  5. Drum

    3 games against them this season

    Yep you are right mate. By way of example, Ryan Jack appeared on RTV last night and announced he feels he is playing very well this season(!). Apparently square passing for 89 minutes and a couple of balloons over the crossbar is Ryan's idea of a Rangers midfielder.
  6. Drum

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    Not really sure why Ejaria hasn't spent more time on the bench, especially given the ruthlessness by which we bench central defenders for a dip in form. We have a serious lack of quality in our midfield though.
  7. Drum

    3 games against them this season

    Spot on. And more specifically our midfield needs beefed up as a matter of urgency. We will be bullied for the rest of the season if we don't do something in January about this.
  8. Drum

    Tactics vs 10

    The most sensible post likely to be made on here all day. A decent attacking midfield would have torn 10 man dolly to shreds last night. We don't have one.
  9. Drum

    Kyle Lafferty

    Criticism of Lafferty is a bit harsh. We have an over-reliance of goal threats coming in from the wings. Dolly have snuffed this threat out twice with ease. Neither Morelos nor Lafferty will last a game (for differing reasons) by having to double up as attacking midfielders. Our strikers need way more support from a mediocre midfield that neither attacks nor defends well.
  10. Drum

    What A Surprise.

    A sore one. The Sheep's are a gash but well organised. We should have the firepower to overcome across 90, regardless of unfolding drama. We need to put this behind us quickly and just grind out results against Dundee / Hamilton. Fuck Europe.
  11. Excellent article. Factual and well written. The upsurge in drama queen antics laid bare. We have a serious young talent on our hands and suddenly look to have a fist on the bheasts shooty-in years.
  12. Drum

    SG: Rangers has filled a 'huge void'

    Levin:: "we have effectively been playing the match officials and Rangers" Gerrard: "it was a great contest ... Berra stood up to Morelos really well"
  13. Drum

    Levein not happy

    Levin and Steve Clark are the 2 biggest gobshites in Scottish football this season. Which is quite incredible given the usual prize wallopers we have to listen to.
  14. Drum

    OUT: Lee Wallace [Twitter]

    Yep completely agree with this. We've came so far under SG that's its bizarre to see Wallace's wage now being filed in the same 'get rid' bracket as Pena's. He needs to go now but I also wish him well for the future.
  15. Drum

    Dapo Mebude

    I'm pretty sure U21 players only get short contracts unless involved with 1st team. Boy I work with was signed to us until he unfortunately had a serious leg break at just 18 and was quickly out of contract.