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  1. Drum

    Gascoigne Bites Back

    Agreed 100% But we need 55. From there Rangers please Charge the dregs of humanity a massive commercial bounty for Press Conference access (EDIT: actually no fuck them) Free access to proven Rangers social media channels
  2. Drum

    Gascoigne Bites Back

    Well done Number 8 🤩
  3. Drum

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    Gazza is my hero. Fuck the SFA.
  4. Drum

    New partnership with Montreal Rangers

    Have any of these arrangements with other Clubs ever delivered anything of note?
  5. Drum

    David Bates

    Thought Bates was a decent CB but we'll never know whether he would have sunk or swam in SG's Rangers. I am in no doubt SG would still have signed Katic and Goldson had Bates stayed. Whether Worrall would be here is debatable.
  6. Drum


    Wrong match bud. Nov 24th 1998 Rangers v Parma UEFA Cup. Wallace equaliser 1-1.
  7. Drum

    Edmiston Drive

    Went through with my Dad. Hope ED pulls through.
  8. Drum


    I still remember him still sitting in his goal after Wallace scored AND we'd re-centred - pissed off to f*** 😀
  9. The teams sitting above us in the league have squads that have been together for 2+ seasons. Euro footie after xmas & wins over the hivs/dhims will send a signal to our squad that they are more than capable of winning medals this season.
  10. Drum


    "even the keeper goes the right way, he ain't saving that"
  11. Drum

    Magnificent Morelos

    If the wee man gets us 55 / into the CL / leaves for an eye watering fee - that would be superb business. But you never know ... SG and several of his Staff have now talked about the importance of happy players / higher levels of belief / building a fortress. I honestly believe that's what now separates our dressing room from the dhims who are struggling on all 3 of those fronts.
  12. Drum


    Tav pen "the keeper dived the right way as well". Err ... no he didn't. Ally's love of us is not in question, I'm sure his local bank manager would concur. But honestly he needs relegated to the radio these days.
  13. Drum

    Honest Man

    Noone likes us ... we don't care
  14. Drum

    League cup semi moving

    We will chase them everywhere