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  1. I'm in. I also think we'll win every match, SC cementing Pedro's arrival. No reason why not.
  2. 33yo with an elevated reputation for mixed performances, limited appearances, big money and a medical history which now includes cruciate ligament damage. Suspect signing to begin with (I mean come on) wage needs freed up, come and get him Mr Warburton.
  3. Caixinha will have undoubtedly presented his philosophy / strategy for scouting during his interviews. The board have put their faith in Caixinha, it makes sense not to immediately undermine him and appoint a DOF. Given we've only recently appointed a Chief Executive, it would surely make sense to let Caininha settle then ask him to be part of the appointment process. After the Summer would be my guess.
  4. Just had a quick look at Forest's April fixtures - I wouldn't put any money on them staying up. Seven matches, 1 (v Reading 4th & well in line for promotion) - 2 ( v Wolves / Blackburn) that will be ugly, relegation dogfights. Three at home and four away!
  5. We shouldn't underplay the U20's coaching role (I'm sure noone at the club is). Given we appear to have zip in the way of a scouting system, I'd be more than happy if Caixinha is priming him with a philosophy to take to the U20's. De Boer had a rant about this whilst at Rangers - a lack of playing philosophy & system which youngsters could aspire to.
  6. Ah .. ahh .... aaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhh
  7. At 25 its all about whether Pedro Caixinha thinks he can improve Andy as a player. I'd like to think thats possible and he'll become an important part of the squad.
  8. Hindsight is of course a great thing, but looking at it now W&W seem to actually epitomise how low we'd sunk. With a very limited pedigree, they managed to sell themselves as the level of professionalism we'd been missing. The problem of course was that W&W quickly they hit their level. The players have clearly known this for a while. Lets hope Pedro installs a bit of 'victory or die' in them until the end of the season.
  9. I like Warburton, he was and is a self-made guy. I respect that. I also genuinely believe - at the beginning - he had our best interests at heart. Its imperative all humans find the thing they love to do and try to make money from it, but I strongly suspect Warburton/Weir will regret their abuse of power at Rangers. If their new employers are stupid enough to accept this, that will most certainly be their downfall.
  10. Management 101 is about getting the job done though others, delegating tasks carefully to experienced resources. Dave King delegated the recruitment of Rangers Manager to an Executive Team he personally appointed. Am I missing something here?
  11. Single football philosophy based on hard work, agression and attack. You know I'm starting to like this guy.
  12. Brand Brenda will run of steam very shortly. There will be plenty of EPL teams willing to give him his next shekel.
  13. Wee patrick went down of course as if train has struck him, clutching his knee in apparent agony. 30 seconds later he is up and running about like nothing happened. Holt's tackle was perfectly fair, as was Hill's in the last minute. Get over it timothy, your team (and your friends in the mhedia for that matter) are overhyped drama queens.
  14. I thought the most pleasing aspect from today was seeing us (finally) re-composing ourselves after a 2nd half dip. Something we have sorely lacked this season. I'll be sorry to see Murty go actually, no wee favourites just a cool head combined with an attack minded mentality. By all accounts the core ethos of Pedro Caixinha. Long may it continue.
  15. Brown is an overhyped journeyman. I hope the unwashed have him captaining their side for years.