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  1. Cheers mate. I hate friendlies, but it's another ideal opportunity to take my young grandson (he's 4) and get him used to the lesser games, rather than maybe missing part of an important one. I'm sure others will think likewise.
  2. Thank fuck we weren't needing to win that to take 55. At least the beastality boys will be gutted. Small comfort I suppose. Poor stuff Rangers and it's now clear for SG who just isn't up to the standard we need.
  3. He's some piece of shit that guy. I think there's a party going on inside his head every day of the week, more so with his recent articles. He's not right in the head. Your so right mate, Michelle and Helene are easily more than a match for this rat. They're outstanding. It's a good job too. I have nothing but total respect for them, Kenny Campbell and every single one of the victims who have stood up to the constant barrage of put downs and disappointments through the years, yet hung on there. Strong people and I applaud each and every one of them. I just hope they get everything they seek from this. They certainly deserve it.
  4. It may only be a 'little thing' but it's a great gesture by the club. I wish the young lad well and I'm sorry for the loss to him, family and friends.
  5. He does appear to be like a dog with a bone and respect to him for it. Hopefully the victims who have suffered at the paedo harbourers get the closure and financial reward that so decent human being would deny them. As for that vile club, they should be closed down. Nothing less.
  6. That'll explain a lot then. The times he's cut in from the wing in the first team he's been decent in his attempts at goal when we're not trying to walk the ball in. Maybe his form in the more central position will give SG options.
  7. Cheers again Elfideldo. Appreciated Middleton certainly seems to be scoring recently and creating chances too. I wonder if we'll see him back in the first team before the end of the season. He's certainly a decent finisher when he gets the chance.
  8. No mate, I just notice a quality job (pun intended) and that's obviously shite (pun intended again). I know, I'm just ripping the arse out of it here (saying nothing) 🙂 They're not normal people. WATP.
  9. That's so classy. It's almost got as much class as their captain and manager. They're just wired up wrong (even the paper hasn't been plumbed and is a mile out). Scum bastards.
  10. Thanks again for the report mate...appreciated. We sure have some exciting players in that team and that pleases me a lot. Many of them seem to have great futures ahead of them. Well done lads!
  11. Love it. That would have made the wee mans day...again. Same again on Sunday would be more than nice.
  12. Hopefully he's okay (and his wife) and they get the cowardly arsehole responsible for it. These clowns are everywhere as I experienced after the last scum game. Awrabest to the big man.
  13. 😄 Sounds like a done deal. Don't know whether to lump on Rangers -1 or -2 goals now. At least the scum won't sit in and frustrate us (spoil the game) as we all know we struggle against those teams. The last game was first class, in every position on the park. It's asking a bit much for the same and I'll settle for a hugely controversial goal to win it for us at the death. One to get right under that obnoxious cunts skin. Maybe that would even be better.
  14. It only goes around in circles though, same as his fire engine. One of the worst 'players' we've had, even in recent years and that's saying something. He could be including in the other thread entitled Wage Thief because that's exactly what he was.
  15. This guy is yet another arsehole, in a long list of arseholes. Rangers fan...no more. Jim...
  16. That's a bit over the top...only slightly though 😄
  17. RIP Eric and condolences to his friends and family.
  18. I think most Bears can relate to you mate. We're so desperate for success after all of the years walking about talking to ourselves (and being bounced about from pillar to post) that it's more difficult to actually believe that we can achieve it. WE WILL, but it's a real strain at times. that'll make it worth even more in the end. We all feel it and we have one of the best, if not thee best, support on this planet (well proven). It's only a matter of time mate and take support from every other Rangers supporter. WATP.
  19. What a shit standard of football for any neutral watching. So glad we got a chance to win this at Ibrox. Crap game. As for that complete and utter fucking arsehole McCoist, he's now an embarrassment to us. He's even trying to find things against us that nobody else sees...wtf? I loved this guy as a player and rightly so, but as a 'pundit', etc, he's a 100% arsehole and one of the biggest brown-nosers out there. It's truly cringeworthy. Seriously, what the fuck happens with some of our ex-players? That rancid mob have a vile and disgusting history that nobody would wish upon themselves, yet they still stick together. We don't. Some of ours think the tainted pound is more important. That speaks volumes to me. As for the fans, nothing but total respect for them turning up to support the team once again. If it was all relative and based on that, we would deservedly romp this league year after year. I applaud you guys and girls, especially after watching that performance today. WATP.
  20. Signed. The guy's one of the biggest rats in the nest. It's bizarre that he has an influence in this and in anything else in general. Ludicrous.
  21. Good post mate. They're rarely on the back foot as nobody seems to call them out on anything, even when it's staring them in the face. We're always on the back foot as a multitude of arseholes with the most ridiculous statements accuse us of everything bad under the sun. We spend virtually ALL of our time trying to defend the ludicrous statements. It's long overdue, but we really should be going for their throats.
  22. Cheers for that. If it was up to me, he would have been chased a long time ago, but that's excellent. He hits the mark.
  23. Aye, they're mental. Wade in first and ask questions later (they may skip the second part). I'd a rifle pointed at me from no more than 10 feet away from me when I was just a boy over for the Super Cup Tournament in '73 as I walked between two pillars in Barcelona and many Bears obviously had problems with them in '72. I didn't realise it was a government building, but even so, wtf! They're still the same hotheads today (to much sun maybe).
  24. I like your posts mate and that's bang on. I'd like to know exactly when this h** crap actually started towards us as we always sang that to them when telling them "to go home".
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