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  1. I’m gutted with the effort he’s putting in. I can’t dislike the guy, but it’s better for both parties now to part way as long as our club get the price we want. We have a league to win here and can’t afford players to slacken off.
  2. Need to really pick this up again they are slacking off
  3. Aye Ano he’s a tarrier, but I still have a small glimmer of hope he won’t be a one sided cunt. I could be wrong, probably will be. Fuck it.
  4. I’m interested in seeing fletcher, I honestly imagine he will be more like Commons who actually wasn’t that bad.
  5. Good performance. Mcgregor is still a much better keeper.
  6. Cunts can’t stop talking about us no matter what platform it’s on.
  7. As much as I’d take a player with grit like Milner in a heartbeat, that’s never going to happen while he is earning the money he is.
  8. Just thought I’d give you some interesting info on what you said, I know for a fact Finland is mostly Evangelical and in Nigeria Protestant is the biggest christian religion. Not every country is majority catholic mate.
  9. I hope he fucking chokes
  10. I was slightly sympathetic to the cause. I hate racism, generally thought it was America’s problem and would cause police reform over that side of the Atlantic. But when I see what these rats over here are doing to our war memorials I really hope Rangers take a step back from it. I am starting to hate everything this country is turning into.
  11. I wouldn’t sign Scott Allan purely because he’s not good enough. we need as others have said 3 solid players who should be in the starting xl, preferably a right winger and centre mid being one off them. Again as others said we need the quality hagi brings.
  12. This. I could see that boy shining behind a striker, slipping players in, taking defenders on, scoring goals, instead we would waste him out wide.
  13. Honestly, if it fixes the way this league and organisation is run then yes, that’s what all the statements were about was it not?
  14. We can last longer than them yeah. We have a boardroom with money who can pump it in and take it back when prize money is given out. cool.
  15. Take legal action just to hold up the money for the rest off those scrounging cunts. Bleed them dry. Fuck them.
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