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  1. Fast as fuck, genuinely never had a clue he was that fast
  2. My god I fucking hate journalists
  3. I’ll never sing it, but this one time I’ll applaud it if it’s a gesture to fernando.
  4. Seeing the man get weaker and weaker was nothing short of devastatin, rest easy. My favourite player as a boy.
  5. Hope so. Direct and what we need, better than Ojo, that boy is either badly lacking confidence or just not good at all.
  6. Fuck I’m getting hounded😂 if it’s an ira song he can fuck off. Simple as that. If it was a celtic song, aye it’s bang out and would never be doing it myself but I’m seeing it now from the prospective he was at killie, different situation if he was playing with us when he done it. Edit: and now knowing it’s an ira song, if he sang that, I don’t want him at Rangers.
  7. I don’t know the meaning off a lot their songs I thought it was just a pro celtic song. If it’s an ira song then aye fuck him. My mistake Edit: and still a scum move move I’m not defending it for anyone else, I’d just ignore it if it was a Tarrier song.
  8. Then personally I couldn’t care. Greg Taylor has probably said fuck the pope and whatever else and he is with them now. Shit happens.
  9. What an idiot he really is. If this was while at killie fair enough, but if it’s recent then fuck him.
  10. Why have i never seen this hahahahaha
  11. Still fucking raging with those tactics.
  12. Naaa, so they cunts in green can have a banner about a “fenian army” they are apart off and we can’t call them it? Fuck off mate it’s becoming a targeted joke against Rangers fans now.
  13. Corrupt fenian cunts. Fuck them.
  14. It defs is mate Rangers are the ones that won the rights to it.
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