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  1. These are good game to slowly introduce him and give him some great experience with the first team. Hope he comes good eventually.
  2. This on Rangers tv? edit: just seen Twitter it is.
  3. Can’t wait to get in my car this sounds fucking incredible
  4. What time is this on till? Finish at 7 and want a laugh driving home.
  5. This is going to wind the sfa up so much and I fucking love it. Hope sky sports have some off it on a report tonight for the uk to see. Corrupt fucking cunts the lot off them at the sfa.
  6. Unless Morelos leaves in January it isn’t happening. Giroud made it clear he wants to play football.
  7. Always love seeing the donations from the charity alongside the faces off these unfortunate young kids idolising their heroes. Amazing.
  8. Naw I know that man I just mean quality we are sometimes bringing in.
  9. I honestly don’t get why we don’t use our own young players. I’m very confident we have youth wingers better than ojo and barker, a centre mid that can thrive working with the first team instead off king. I’m not saying start all these young boys but introduce them to the bench, let them want it more and more, because ojo looks like he doesn’t give a shit.
  10. That would make sense. sikhs are famous for their warriors in the British army who we obviously support. jews as you said obvious reasons due to celtics anti Semitism towards Israel. muslims I’d say are a mix, I know more Muslim Rangers fans than celtic, but I’m sure a celtic fan would know more Muslims tims than Rangers ones.
  11. I just can’t see this singing going away, and it’s really going to fuck us big time eventually
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