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  1. Everyone has an opinion I suppose. I feel he deserves recognition as a legend, a player who stood by us thick and thin from the highs when he joined to the lows when admin hit us. A true servant if Iv ever seen one.
  2. Ah fair enough, just had not heard anything about it. Hope the lad kicks on this season.
  3. No Rossiter which is interesting, other absent players on international duty obviously.
  4. Still can’t believe we have a system where the compliance officer is a fenian loving scumbag. Corruption to the absolute core.
  5. I’m 24, my old man raised me to hate them, and I’ll teach my kids aswell. I’ll never go a week without being buzzing for an old firm game agains they cunts.
  6. As asked above what no go area? Other than that, if they hypocrites are marching the same day All the better.
  7. Don’t mind Defoe, give him a chance and he will usually finish it, just need a way for him to work in our system, not too sure how. Davis however I’m not keen on but hold no grudges with him.
  8. I think the timing is wrong. And there are other ways to go about it. Don’t get me wrong. I like the UB for what they are trying to do making the atmosphere better, but demanding the club give them seats where other bears have sat for a very very long time is not fair at all, my opinion and not everyone will agree obviously but quite clearly that would not be fair on them. Regarding safe standing, it’s another thing I am for, If costs is a reason and the club don’t want to spend on it, I reckon if the UB did a fundraiser all next season, they could maybe hit that target off 150k.
  9. Me personally have accepted he will be gone in the summer to the highest bidder, and I’m sure they have a replacement lined up. Hope we get good money for him.
  10. Would be slightly different if they called him a catholic bastard but they didn’t, they called him a fenian bastard. Difference. Hes a snowflake prick who I actually used to like, faster he fucks off to England the better.
  11. It does talk I guess. Wish young guys were patient and enjoy what they have.
  12. Amazing player, can honestly see him playing under Simeone one day, his type off player. So I do believe he will go to the highest level one day. i often do wonder if he will be with us after this season, why not develop even more under Gerrard, infront off 50 thousand every other week.
  13. “Player leaves catholic country to join Rangers, and practices catholic religion” fuck the media, absolutely pathetic.
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