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  1. Hope they get relegated next season.
  2. They wear it every other game. Will they have it on the strip at the Scottish cup final?
  3. Why did Hearts not have the Save The Children logo on their strip?
  4. Sky Sports Football Channel Saturday at 4pm. Faces of football past reminisce about their playing days with Jeff Stelling. Kings of Ibrox: John Greig, Sandy Jardine and Derek Johnstone look back over their time at Rangers.
  5. It did happen, sure it ended nil nil. We then played Hearts on the Saturday and won the treble.
  6. That was my thought's, standing off them. Murtys tactics. Ffs.
  7. Free to subscribers it looks like. will probably get streamed elsewhere for non subscription holders.
  8. Its not on any of there schedules, maybe because of the Champion League games.
  9. In previous years the police have said no, the teams come out together. The phaedos gave us a guard of honour at the piggery in 76 after we won the league.
  10. Go for a p*as. That's were I'll be.
  11. Opposed the scum since mid 70s, used to be thousands against that vermin. Pastor Glass to the fore.
  12. Discussion in the pub mate says it was Clydebank and Cooper scored a hat trick.
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