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  1. The petrol station could make a fortune charging for pictures.
  2. That was in Holytown , fenian c*nt using his mobile and the engine running. Fine and points.
  3. Don't remember that when doing the tour. How long have they been there and what size?
  4. Doubt if there is anywhere it could be. Remember the days in the east enclosure you could look down through the windows and see them warming up.
  5. Anniversary is the 10th July. Sad day.
  6. I thought that before, it show's sold out till the club finds out how many seat's are available for the public sale.
  7. Last season the group stages and a league cup game came off practically at the same time.
  8. Problem is the msm undervalue our players and pump up the value of bheast fc players.
  9. Email the ticket office say you will collect the tickets.
  10. The problem is every fenian scum in the area will be looking for us as well as the way down and back up for our buses. Same as happened in 84 went we went to Dublin.
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