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  1. Disgrace that Doddie didn't get a testimonial at Ibrox. He got one at Hearts. There was a massive Gers support at Tynecastle that night, which was only right.
  2. The scum has been anti Rangers for years, worse than the rhebel.
  3. Hope so but I'd imagine Clyde will be doing everything to get the game on with help from bheast fc if required..
  4. Sick of us bending over and taking it. When the fk do we start fighting back?
  5. If we hadn't scored right on half time last night we would not have won. The team would have got Pelter's going off and we would have been lucky to get a draw.
  6. Don't think the Rover ticket from the early 80s would work with size of the crowd nowadays.
  7. Maybe not a conspiracy but I think the refs have it in there mind if they make a bad call against us they will get away with it. The club won't go after them and the Scottish mhedia definitely won't.
  8. That would be the same Sutton who was fined for spitting on someone's face in a restaurant.
  9. I had a badge many years ago Britt Eklands held more balls than Latchford.
  10. My thoughts, stadium opened and supporters buses from all over, fill the stadium.
  11. Broom was referred last season? for kicking a Hamilton player in the face as he lay on the ground with the ball away. Case dismissed.
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