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  1. Not sure they were actually that bad in the LCF- I think it was us being so good and not giving them a chance to play, and Lennon not having the intelligence to be able to change things. They were lucky- plain and simple. If we play the way we did last time, they cannot be that lucky again, and we will hammer them
  2. I still think he is the best player in Scotland right now, and he is still young. I wouldn’t expect him to say anything else other than he wants to progress and be the best player he can, and that means playing at the very top level. I don’t think there is any player in Scotland ( or probably any manager) who would say that If a ‘better offer’ or the chance to progress their career came along they would’t seriously consider it.
  3. Top of the league on Saturday morning, and staying there for the rest of the season.
  4. Agree there have been plenty of decisions in recent times that are highly questionable, but cant blame the ref for their goal (Linesman yes). Also, we should have been so far ahead of them yesterday that that goal would have been insignificant.
  5. Ladytonbear


    Alfie is the best player in Scottish football right now - bar none. If, as an earlier poster suggested, he leaves us in January because of this game, we wont be buying anyone better. Over the next few games we need to remind him how much he is loved at Rangers.
  6. Completely gutted, particularly since we should have won the game by a mile. Not looking forward to going to work tomorrow, but I said after the Aberdeen debacle that the league game against them is fa more important than this one. My main concern is that I don't know what else we could have done today to beat them.
  7. You cant deny that AM was quiet last night - had he been playing as normal we would have won the game. I just continue to be amazed by some on here whose opinions swing by almost each kick of the game. Our manager has given us the best season so far for years, and I still believe he will win us the league but the abuse directed towards him on here last night was unreal. When we win on Sunday the same posters will be calling him a hero.
  8. He has to start, but watch this space - if he has a game like last night there will be people on here calling Gerard out for not starting Defoe....
  9. This all day. Gutted tonight but doesn't change the Sunday game imho. We can beat them. And as much as I want that more than anything else right now, even if we don't it won't define the season. The most important game will be the league game against them- that one could make or break our season.
  10. Corbyn supports an independent Scotland but cannot say it out loud just now for fear of upsetting labour supporters in the south of England. He also supports closing Faslane, but his manifesto says no to that as well. It will be right up his street if Jimmy Krankie holds the balance of power - he would be able to do both of them and blame her. The Province would also go under the nearest bus. Luckily, for us, it looks like BoJo is going to get a majority - and its a sad day when that is the best we can hope for!
  11. The latest opinion polls would indicate that the SNP are going for a another clean sweep in Scotland, with maybe just an Edinburgh seat going to Labour, and the tories struggling to hold on to theirs. They don't do that with only tarrier votes...
  12. When we win the league this year, DK will be remembered as a legend who saved our club
  13. I have worked with abused children for over 20 years- and each new case I deal with, whether it's sexual abuse, physical abuse or neglect, makes me sick to the stomach, even after all this time. This sort of adverse childhood experience has a massive effect on the child for the rest of their life- strong evidence shows that it actually shortens their lives. So never forget that by far the most important issue is helping the victims of abuse- and as horrific as it may sound, that comes before anything ,even punishing the abusers. Of course we have to punish the abusers and more importantly stop them from wrecking the lives of more children, but we always have to put the children first. That is why I absolutely hate it when some of our supporters try to weaponise the abuse of children to point score against the Taigs. Please believe me that that can only lead to further hurt for some of the victims. I am now sick that we will have a tit for tat campaign with those from the east using the same tactics against us. Lastly, no matter what you believe about this story, please never attack the victim- you have no idea what the real circumstances are and what trauma has been experienced- each child is different and will react differently to different levels of abuse. It is NEVER right for the abuse of the most vulnerable members of society to become a chant at a football game to score some sort of stupid points against the opposition- we are better than that.
  14. The LC will be the first piece in a new jigsaw- hopefully the treble this year
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