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  1. I have worked with abused children for over 20 years- and each new case I deal with, whether it's sexual abuse, physical abuse or neglect, makes me sick to the stomach, even after all this time. This sort of adverse childhood experience has a massive effect on the child for the rest of their life- strong evidence shows that it actually shortens their lives. So never forget that by far the most important issue is helping the victims of abuse- and as horrific as it may sound, that comes before anything ,even punishing the abusers. Of course we have to punish the abusers and more importantly stop them from wrecking the lives of more children, but we always have to put the children first. That is why I absolutely hate it when some of our supporters try to weaponise the abuse of children to point score against the Taigs. Please believe me that that can only lead to further hurt for some of the victims. I am now sick that we will have a tit for tat campaign with those from the east using the same tactics against us. Lastly, no matter what you believe about this story, please never attack the victim- you have no idea what the real circumstances are and what trauma has been experienced- each child is different and will react differently to different levels of abuse. It is NEVER right for the abuse of the most vulnerable members of society to become a chant at a football game to score some sort of stupid points against the opposition- we are better than that.
  2. The LC will be the first piece in a new jigsaw- hopefully the treble this year
  3. I am no snowflake but I have to say this one really did surprise me- I cannot imagine what is going on in the mind of someone who would post something like this- complete and absolute scum
  4. At the start of the window I thought success would be managing to hold on to Alfredo. As much as I dared to hope, I thought Kent was gone for good. With the addition of strength in depth as well, I think this has been an excellent transfer window.
  5. I so want him to stay for another season, primarily because I don't think we will be able to replace him with anyone as good. I also think that another season, winning silverware, a decent performance in Europe and a years more maturity on his part can only make him a more valuable asset for the club if we do cash in next year.
  6. At least it is an opportunity for the bears to get their hands on some strips, but it is an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment that we, one of the biggest clubs in Europe, has to resort to this - it is time we either make friends with MA or pay him off once and for all- surely neither can be beyond the skills of our board?
  7. I doubt we will buy a striker as good as Morelos if he leaves, so I think it is essential we keep him for another season. If we loose him and don't get Kent on loan, then I don't think the signings so far will help us be any better than last season, especially as the septic appear to have opened the biscuit tin a bit
  8. At the start of June I fully expected that we would lose Morelos- if we don't sell him, that is equivalent to a £30m + on our first team sheet- we won't get a better marquee signing than that
  9. Whilst we would all like a marquee signing (Kent fits that bill for me, even if a loan for a further season) I think no one will disagree that we start this season in a far stronger position than last year. Add to that Kilmarnock , Hibs and Motherwell will start in a far weaker position, and septic are having to sell their best players to keep the lights on - maybe ahead of some big legal bills they are expecting. We on the other hand have improved our team and are now effectively debt free. Personally trust DK to manage the financials and SG to manage the performance on our way to 55 this year
  10. Did we not have this debate last year and it never happened? Won't happen this yeAr either
  11. I think the important thing is that they were never winning the game in December- we actually demolished them in that game. When was the last time we could say that? I also believe we are not far away- in touching distance of 55- and they are going into melt down
  12. We have absolutely no option but to give Gerrard another two seasons. Hopefully he will stop 9, but if not the thought of a change next year, with another 'rebuild', will gift them 10. I still believe he is the right man for the job, we just have to be better at managing our short term expectations.
  13. I love him, I hate to think what the table would have looked like this season without him. But I also hate him for this game- I believe we could have won that today if we had 11 players on the park, especially when they went down to 10.. I believe there are very few players on that park today who know how much a win would have meant to the support, and even less know the pain we suffer from a defeat against them - the next week at work will be virtually unbearable now. I believe he is a £20m + player, I just don't believe any other club will now pay that for him because he is seen as a liability- What are the odds of us letting him go for next to nothing in the summer and trying to replace him somebody who is cheap or free, but not able to tie his boot laces.
  14. The squad is just not good enough full stop. Gerrard knows that as well, hence the promise of 'marquee signings' in the summer. I still believe we will get there next year if he gets the backing he is asking for from the board
  15. I don't think this should even be discussed until this time next year- this rinse and repeat shite every year is never going to work until we have serious money available to build a team
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