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  1. Probably get Donald Findlay to defend his ‘high jinks’ in court
  2. I agree with all of this other than selling Morelos. I know he has been off his game this year, but I still believe when he is playing well, we will struggle to buy anything better, and this is not the season to take a punt on a "prospect". I know it's unlikely, but I would love to keep him for another season - he is still young enough for that to be a good investment choice as his value can only go up from where you value him just now. If the reports around Hagi are correct, I think that is fantastic news. For us to be able to add that quality of player at this particular time is a massive signal of intent from the board
  3. If Rangers fans didn't vote SNP we would not have an SNP government in Scotland - fact If Rangers fans stop buying or clicking on these papers, they would both go out of business very quickly - fact Sometimes we don't realise our own power, or are our own worst enemies.
  4. If there had been an Independent Investigation that provided evidence of what was alleged in our dossier, then I would agree with you with regards ND. However, there wasn't as we all know. The majority of the shareholders in the SPFL business, and the vast majority of their directors, gave him what amounted to a vote of confidence. If I refer you back to Leslie Dean's statement - Hearts and Stranraer can show clear financial detriment by the decision to relegate them - that would get them to court. He said words to the effect that "maybe" Rangers could as well. However I would go back to the balance of probabilities when they get to court. Was it probable that Hearts would get relegated this season had it been played out? Yes. Same for Stranraer. The best case for legal action remains Partick Thistle - nothing probable about their outcome, however, I think the likely outcome of any legal success for them would be financial compensation, not avoiding demotion.
  5. I asked about I asked about 1000 pages ago on another thread about what our grounds for legal action were and still haven't seen an answer. I think anything criminal has been disregard or Police Scotland would be investigating that - no need for the club to get involved. It therefore comes down to civil action, and for that we would have to demonstrate detriment. Whilst EUFA had a threat of exclusion from European competitions if a league was called too early, I think we could have shown clear detriment there. Not sure we can now. However, if we could demonstrate detriment, that only gets you to court - in a civil case, including I believe CAS, it is decided on the balance of probabilities - not what might have happened, but what would probably have happened. Don't think we would have much chance proving that we would probably have stopped them winning the league this season. Time to move on, let them have their tainted moment in the sun, and get behind the team ahead of 55 next year, whilst making sure we give the haters f*ck all in the process.
  6. You shouldn’t post in the Club Statement, Resolution Not Deemed Competent thread unless you have something new to say that hasn’t already been said in the preceding 14,486 posts. How’s that for an unpopular opinion?
  7. I hope we have a few legal brains working on this and not depending on a PR guy to come up with a legal strategy
  8. So many plans such as weddings and holidays going for a burton just now, but all are inconsequential compared to the loss of a loved one and not being able to attend the funeral. When this is all over, let 55 be his memorial next year.
  9. So based on last years accounts, our non playing staff costs are just short of £1m per month. Even if this lasts just 3 months, which I doubt, that is £3m x 80% , (£2.4M ) that some are proposing we don't accept when other clubs are taking it. Stand aside the rights and wrongs of the scheme, the over inflated wages of players , and whether we want to make "them" look bad, does anybody honestly believe that we can afford to allow any other club in Scotland that size financial advantage going into the next season?
  10. This is the missing jig saw piece. I have said previously that any legal action by our club would have to demonstrate detriment- anything else is just bluster. Depriving us of EUFA money next year is clear detriment, and as you say, a game changer.
  11. Think everything will very much depend on the numbers over this weekend- in particular the number of new infections. In reality we are no where near the level of lock down that other countries- particularly Spain and Italy- are currently employing. If the numbers don't at least stabilise this weekend, I think the lockdown could actually get worse rather than better. Not a chance football is going to resume in the foreseeable future.
  12. He has been one of the few players of real class we have had in recent years. He is worth that all day long, but as others have said, fuck knows what the state of football will be when this is all over
  13. Therefore hie replacement will be cheaper as well
  14. General consensus on here (with maybe one or two dissensenting voices...) is that the current season should be null and voided. I agree, but don't really know what the consequences of that would be in terms of European places etc. However, I think there is a realisation that the powers that be are going do to everything they can to gift them the title. In that circumstance the majority of posters would expect the club to take some form of action, be it going to court / CAS or the like. Indeed the club has already stated that it would take some action. My (genuine) question is- what actually does that action look like? I think we would have to show that we were in some way ( financially) disadvantaged by that compared to the null and void option to even get to a civil hearing, much less win one. Am I missing something?
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