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***Official Soccer Aid 2018 Thread***

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This is how desperate it has gotten in terms of wanting to watch football :lol: 

ITV 6:30 this evening.


The teams...


Paddy McGuinness,

Michael Owen

Mark Wright

Joe Wicks

Mo Farah

Olly Murs

David Harewood

Damien Lewis

Jamie Redknapp

Danny Murphy

Phil Neville

David Seaman

Wes Brown

Robbie Fowler

Myles Stephenson

Lee Mack

Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff


World XI:

Yaya Toure

Gordon Ramsay

Brendan Cole

Kevin Pietersen

Dan Carter

Martin Compston

Eric Cantona

Ashley Fongho

Hayden Christensen

Robert Pires

Robbie Keane

Ioan Gruffudd

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3 minutes ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

"It's like a who's who of cretins". 

He'd be the perfect cretin to manage them, arsehole of a man :wanker:

He didn't say that mate...

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7 minutes ago, MrMckee said:

I swear the woman hosting asked cantanoa if he would get involved if need be and I swear he said ' yes remember that time in kicked that person in the stand' am I going mad or did he just say that :lol:

He just walked away at the end :lol:

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