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  1. Just had a message from Walters son saying he’s sent him it so he can see it 😳
  2. Finally got round to finishing my painting, a cracking day all round WATP F5EEF818-088D-4D4D-95D0-D5946B56F00B.MP4
  3. That’s awesome mate.... congrats. How did you go about getting it in there?
  4. Just had the man himself comment on my painting on Instagram...... my mrs can’t understand why I’m shaking like a shitting dog 😂😂 proper made up WATP
  5. Haha, thanks mate, really appreciate it. Just looking at your avatar and I painted this one for someone a couple of months ago
  6. thanks for the great comments and apologies for the feet!! My Twitter has gone insane today, woke up to a load of notifications that Michael Beale and Alex Rae had retweeted my painting...... then topped off with our win and the current score for that mob WATP
  7. Thanks mate, really appreciate it
  8. How the Sir Walter and Stevie G split painting will look made up.... just need to get a proper frame fitted round it 8693FC2F-3FAD-41E9-B710-6AE6ECA26D0A.MP4
  9. So that’s both sides of my Sir Walter and Stevie painting done. 🔴⚪️🔵 Just need to get the bits of wood put in a frame on the slant and hope it works 🤞 WATP
  10. Thanks for all the great comments, really appreciate it. I’m working on the other side on Stevie. Will share the finished piece when it’s done WATP 639A25D1-ABD8-4647-A104-3650815D47C9.MOV
  11. Jus finished this painting of Sir Walter and going to paint The Gaffer on the other side. Hoping it’ll turn out as well as the Adele one in the video ABD89374-41C3-43DD-AC41-2CADC3313F3D.MP4
  12. Thanks mate, yeah happily take commissions on
  13. No probs mate, might have to wait a while.... think the celebrations could go on for some time!! Will do bud
  14. 😂😂😂 thanks mate
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