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  1. howey80


    Thanks mate, yeah happily take commissions on
  2. howey80


    No probs mate, might have to wait a while.... think the celebrations could go on for some time!! Will do bud
  3. howey80


    😂😂😂 thanks mate
  4. howey80


    Thanks bud, probably around 8 hrs ish
  5. howey80


    Thanks, just sorting a FB page atm. Putting them on insta and might try Etsy? Tried twitter as well but seems like hard work !!!
  6. howey80


    That was my preference mate 👍
  7. howey80


    Thanks mate, yeah every thing I paint is for sale. It’s just a hobby I fit in around work. I now have occupational asthma and potential COPD, so may have to change career paths. Would love to do this full time but it’s got to be able to pay the bills. Or possibly get part time job along side painting. It’s something I love doing so would love to take it on another level
  8. howey80


    Thanks for all your great comment. I did think about the colour but didn’t want to ruin it? also thought about something in top left corner.......possibly the club crest, ‘Let’s Go’ or even 55 (once it’s official)
  9. howey80


    Haven’t painted for a long time and just getting back into it. Painted this one of the main man, what are your thoughts? Also painted the Liam one a couple of days ago. Any feedback would be much appreciated WATP
  10. This season and the next few are going to be electric, really can't wait. I live In Skegness and you never hear about the Rangers where I live, my mates just take the piss ,the only 3 Rangers fans anywhere near my home are me, my dad, and my bro and hes a dick. (my cock of a brother that is) I'm surrounded by tims, and I can't wait for this season to start its the most I have been READY for years. WATP.
  11. Just spraypainted this canvas Thoughts please. WATP.
  12. My uncle and cousins have season tickets and kindly gave them up for us to go and see the match as it isn't that often that we can get up there. So my uncle being the great man that he is, is why myself and my good lady were there
  13. Thanks everyone What a dream that would be, dont think anything would make me happier
  14. Cheers guys, it was immense, just cant wait till the boy is old enough to take him
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