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  1. In the 70s when a big centre forward needed supplied then wee Tommy McLean down the right wing , a great dribbler and crosser of a ball.
  2. The tunnel area that it re[;aces was done recently as in days gone by the way it used to be was nothing like the past 20 yrs , so I don't think its historic at all. Directly under the terracing of the old enclosure was a open area running the full length of the stand where the players would warm up before going down the tunnel.]
  3. The front row behind the goals then was the same distance to back of the copland/broomloan stands that's how far away you were behind the goals.
  4. The roof is held up by steel in the corners part of the goal frames of the three stands , so to take away that steel we would need to have external cantilever roof supports at the two corners. Do that and you could get approx. 2500-3000 more in each corner when you consider the corners hold about 1000 then above them is easily three times the space. Look at images of Dortmunds at the corners that's what needs done. Would also fill the open corners with large digital advertising screens for inside and outside viewing that would get funded easily and also block those gaps and get a real sky /b
  5. He will see out this season and get his league winners medal and leave a hero.
  6. The touchline would have to come in too much for top tiers to see , the pitch would be the size of a juniors football , already been done and it only gained about 1500 seats so a no go. If this is real info then can only think it is because its the cheapest with no real structural construction required.
  7. Tough tackler maybe but creative and skillful then forget it, tough tackling and skillful then Ryan Jack type and quality is where we're at now and he will never be our team now quality.
  8. Will never get the image of him getting sent of at porkheed and him putting the shirt in his mouth , never really rated him certainly not for this current squad Gerrard has created.
  9. It is not a coincidence that the defence looks the part again . Since Katic has come back in gives more confidence than Helander who is a good centre back but think Goldson was used to being the senior centre and mentoring Katic . Don't like seeing players getting injured but when Helander went knowing Katic was coming back in was a major bonus, He is faster and braver and has to keep the jersey this time. Well done to the TEAM for making life at home and work a pleasure .
  10. Lowering the pitch was done years ago , can't be done sight lines on top tiers would not see touchline etc and would end up with 3 rows empty for euro games just like them. When the corners were done , we all expected fully seated and ended up with screens. Would like to see an extra tier on the SJ giving an extra 8000 as long as the symmetry remained. Iconic the way it is but today 50000 is too small , getting left behind, for the stature of Rangers it has to increase.
  11. Aye better way us than against , getting slaughtered on here just think what would happen if it was their top he was holding.
  12. The lad ? that's Kai Kennedy a superb player .
  13. 6ft 4" and took him 6 month to get down to save , grew up with him and Stewart Kennedy who kept him out of the first team in the seventies which says it all , played 10 yrs TOO long.Remembering how bad he was . Jim Stewart took over from him thankfully although we just didn't have a good keeper until the likes of Chris woods then Goram.
  14. As a defender Tav is Warburton class not good enough for Gerrard class but fear that Tav arranged a deal of playing when he was the subject of transfer speculation early in SG management career, he also was made captain , not captain material, would a captain mess up for their equalizer and then blame Goldson? The amount of mistakes leading to goals and lost games he has caused is a concern. Rest ,sell or move to wing as cover.
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